Eye Week Edition - Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils

Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban Decay has a wide array of colors in the 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil collection.  Let's see how they compare to the other brands.

Urban Decay has always been known to have these super awesome 24/7 Glide-on eye pencils on display to lure beauty lovers to their line.  Since this is eyeliner week, I figure it'll be a good idea to swatch as many colors as I can so you can compare the differences between each brand.  These run 1.2g/0.04oz for $17USD.

                                                Click on picture for larger view!

Here is an array of colors from their permanent line. There were some that couldn't be swatched because I didn't have a sharpener handy! The pencils were so beat up and in need of desperate sharpening.  There were also a bunch that were missing, but here's some eye candy for ya.

From left to right:
1999 is a plummy color with gold shimmer
Underground is a light brown that's quite muted
Gunmetal is a dark gray that's like its name..gunmetal.
Binge is a navy blue with some shimmer
Flipside is a bright teal with shimmer
Oil Slick is a black with silver glitter
Crash is a dark purple with shimmer
Electric is a bright aquamarine
Bourbon is a brown with gold glitter that's much darker than Underground
Covet is a beautiful peacock green that's very unique. I couldn't stop staring at it!
Mildew is a deep green with some shimmer. It's just kind of strange to say "I have mildew" on my eyes.
Lust is a bright purple with silver shimmer
Stash is a khaki with gold shimmer. Very pretty!
Zero is black with no shimmer. It's your basic everyday go-to black liner
Graffiti is a bright green with silver shimmer
Lucky  is a coppery orange color that's fairly unique
Honey is a super gorgeous gold with shimmer. This was also one of my favorites although I don't see it on the website anymore.
Dime is a silver with shimmer
Baked  is a bronze that's very catchy on the eyes.

Overall I love these pencils for the vibrant colors and ease of use.  They glide on really nicely and have great lasting power.  They looked exactly the same at midnight as when I swatched them at 2pm.  It took quite a bit of rubbing and eye remover to get these off my arm.  If you're new to Urban Decay, I would highly recommend trying these pencils out.  They do not disappoint!

Speaking of removing eyeliners, can anyone recommend a good one to try? I have the hardest time removing eye makeup at the end of the day without having to tug at my poor eyes =(


rainbow st@r! hello kitty p@nts said...

hi doll! great post- i love swatches! Thanks for stopping by my blog-I'm a follower of yours now too!

Lavender said...

There are 2 eye makeup remover that is very good - I have no problem removing Urban decay eye liner and any mascara.
1. Skin Food Milk Shake Point makeup remover
2. Elianto Green Tea makeup remover

I have finished my Elianto and am using Skin Food now.

Stephanie said...

Use the Chanel biphase eye makeup remover. It's gentle and very effective.

Melyssa said...

Hi thanks for your comment on my blog :)

I'm looking to get the black eyeliner and found this post. I was wondering if you also use the UB pencil sharpener or recommend me any that's good?

Kristie said...

Melyssa - Thanks for stopping by. I haven't used the UD sharpener and am using the MAC one. It's not that good so I can't recommend it. I've heard the Sephora one and Laura Mercier is pretty good.

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