Liberty of London For Target Haul

Friday, March 19, 2010

Did you pick up anything from Target from Liberty of London? 

                                                          Picture courtesy of Target website

So I rushed over to Target and snatched up one of these Liberty of London For Target mugs.  There was a black one with white flowers but it doesn't quite call out to me.  I'm still in search of the pink and blue ones.  The clothes were terrible! Not in the print sense...but in the way it was sewn.  It does no justice to a woman's body...very ill fitting.  There were some purses and bags but they weren't terribly appealing. Everything was sold out online of course and sadly the romper in intimates were out of my size.  

Luckily I knew what I wanted from there but Target made me ran all over the store.  They didn't leave all the Liberty of London things in one place, but scattered all over depending on what category it belonged in.  The gardening gloves were kinda cute but they will get dirty, ruining the prints. They had tons of piggy banks but no white ones.  Overall, I love the prints but wished Target was more organized.

Here's a tip:  Look up!! Wherever they have a vertical banner with the picture of a gal from Liberty of London with the prints, that's where you'll find the stuff.


Abby Q. said...

Cute mug! I would've loved to have gotten my hands on the dishware. I did pick up a couple dresses and a blouse. It's an awesome collection!

Jane said...

A lot of whatever is left is on clearance now. I got a bunch of dresses from the Liberty collection for about 7 bucks! I saw some housewares stuff like the plastic cups and stuff but not on sale. Same with the lamps and boxes. Seems like just the clothes are on sale for now.

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