MAC Art Supplies Review and Swatches: Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Along with the Greasepaint Sticks, MAC also released 6 new Limited Edition Pearlglide Eyeliners.  These are extremely vibrant with glitter and are super smooth.

                                              Click on pictures for larger view!

I picked up all 6 of these since I'm a huge fan of Pearlglide liners.  These add a whole new dimension to the eyes since they're so colorful and pretty!  They retail for $14.50 with 1.2 g / 0.04 US OZ. 

Here's a close up picture of the pencils before I went swatching away on them. Aren't they just gorgeous??

Almost Noir is a plum with gold shimmer.  It is a nice color but I wouldn't say it's a must have for me since I hardly ever use plum eyeliners.

Designer Purple is a vibrant glittery violet/purple.  This is for sure a POW! color on the lid paired with Stars N Rockets or any other violet combo.  I like this one quite a bit.

Petrol Blue is a deep navy blue with glitter. This is a nice color for blue combos but again not a must have.

Undercurrent is a greenish teal color that is so unique! If there's a must have in this collection, this is it! I am absolutely in love with this color.  I don't remember MAC releasing anything similar to this so pls pick this up!!

Industrial is a bright sky blue color?  Very glittery and pigmented.  Good again to pair with a blue/teal eye combo

Black Line is like a black base with green glitter.  It comes out almost like a dark khaki that's pretty interesting.  I'm not sure how it would show up on the eyelid.  If you don't have a khaki in your collection, I recommend picking this up.

Now..I know most of you have in mind..well what about Rave and Fly by Blu?  Have no fear, I got you covered!  Here are some of the similar colors I found that you can substitute for these but they are pretty darn unique by themselves.

Rave much much darker than Designer Purple and leans more towards the violet/blue side of color spectrum.

Petrol Blue is not as dark as HIP Midnight Blue but fairly similar from the swatch

Undercurrent is more green than HIP Teal but they can somewhat be dupes

Lancome Khaki is much lighter and more bronzy than Black Line.  In fact, doesn't Khaki look similar to the Below Ground Greasepaint Stick?

Almost Noir is more plummy while Lancome Amethyst has more of a reddish tone

Industrial is much brighter than Fly by Blu.  In fact, take away the blackened base from Fly by Blu and you would probably get Industrial!

Phew! Overall I highly recommend these Pearlglide Eyeliners.  They are gorgeous, easy to use, and don't smudge even on oily lids like myself.  They're so versatile and wearable for both neutral and bright looks.  MAC should just make these permanent so we wouldn't have to buy so many at one time!

Which Pearlglide liner will you pick up?


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