Green Day is Tomorrow 4/22

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tomorrow is Green Day, a celebration of a clean earth so let's do our part and help out the environment! All images belong to Origins.

Origins is helping out by rewarding each and everyone of us by giving out a FREE full size Checks and Balances or A Perfect World face cleanser.  All you have to do is show up with an empty cosmetics container, tube, or jar regardless of the brand.  However, they have to be in their primary packaging and completely clean of product residue such as creams and lotions.
Click on images below for more information on the products.

The following are not accepted as part of the recycling program:
- Secondary packaging of any sort including paper boxes, plastic or cellophane wrappers, shopping bags, etc.
- Samples containers, special/trial size products from promotional kits
- Cosmetic applicators or tools such as disposables, puffs, sponges, scissors, spatulas, swabs, sharpeners, tweezers and curlers
- Makeup accessory items including bags, belts, makeup cases, etc.

I know I'll be there to help out our earth be a little cleaner. What about you?


Rinz said...

Yeah i am all into green now! =)

pumpkinpie said...

Thats awesome. Go green!

lisa (Makeupandlife*) said...

Yep. I am proud customer of Origins too. love thier products =)

just bought the perfect owrld eye cream. works wonders.

Karen said...

That's generous of Origins to give out full sized products. And I think it's a great idea that they're having people re-use old containers to do it.
Thank you for checking out my blog and for saying hi :) Yes, in the last picture I was wearing MAC #4 lashes.


Hurray for green! :D

The staying power of the nail polish is amazing. I've had it on for a whole week now and it's barely chipped or faded.

Me said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by my page :)
Actually the cleansers does not dry up my skin. its make it more smoother and super soft. I love it. I guess it not for everyone :)

I really love how some of these companies are accepting trade-in non-green items for coupon or whatnot for these wonderful green products.

Kay | Letterheads said...

Yay! It's Earth Day tomorrow! I am just glad that more and more people are spending their time to help the environment even in their smallest ways.

Nikki San said...

Hooraaay! It really makes me smile that a lot of people are starting to have some genuine care for the environment. Count me in! :)

I'm glad to stumble on your page. I'll visit you more often.

Yay for going green!

Twinn said...

"Green is good" lol -twilight
I saw this recycled suede jacket from gap yesterday I had to check what is was made of because it was $300 lol completely recycled && I loved it. Too bad i cant afford it great post

Jenny said...

aww that is so generous of origins! happy earth day :)

ps - thanks for stopping by my blog! you have a new follower! please follow back :)

DiWiMakeup said...

Hi dear, I wanted to reply to your question here since I know you would get it.

The lipgloss doesn't have a funny smell to it. A hint of citrus, nothing overbearing.

=) Diana

PS said...

Sucks huh? I didn't as well :( I too went around 3 and they told me they ran out about 2 hours before. I ended up giving them the bottles to recycle so I felt like I was doing good anyways haha! Not a total loss.

Jane said...

They ran out so early in NYC and I missed out :( I love Origins! but so $$$

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