MAC Pret-A-Papier Swatches and Review Part II

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Aside from eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lipglasses, this large collection also includes Chromagraphic pencils, blushes, paint pots and nail polishes.

Chromagraphic Pencil 

              NC 15 / NW 20  caught me by surprise as a great multi-purpose pencil. It can be used to highlight the inner tear duct, rim the waterline, outline the lips to accentuate them, or as a dot on concealer.  I picked up this one and am super excited about it because I've been looking for a pencil to highlight waterline but white was too stark and not as natural looking.  This is the perfect color for light to light medium skin tones as a concealer. It glides on effortlessly on the waterline, doesn't tug or poke and is waterline safe as confirmed by MAC SA today.

              NW 25 / NC 30 is also a nice pencil and very fitting for NC30 skin like myself.  I can see this being used more as a concealer for medium to dark skin tones. I'm not sure how it would show up for waterline and inner tear duct as it leans a tad yellow. I really love how MAC makes the packaging for these look like an actual pencil.

      Here I tried NC15/NW20 on my eyes to give you an idea how it looks
      Sheertone Blush 

                 Instant Chic is a coral blush with a hint of pink.  This is an interesting color because I feel like I've seen it before but can't put my finger to where so I picked it up just in case.  The color is flattering on light to medium skin tones but I'm afraid might be chalky on darker skin tones. I will have to say I don't like the texture of the blush too much because it's rather powdery and not as smooth as MAC's beauty powder blushes.  If you're looking for a peachy pink coral color, this will probably be a hit for you.  This is not fully warm or cold so it's just right for both tones.
                 Garb is described by MAC as light suntan but shows up orange.  This is so similar to Ripe Peach on my hand that I found no reason to pick it up.  The texture is powdery and somewhat chalky like Instant Chic.  It would be flattering on all skin tones similar to Ripe Peach.  Light skin tone ladies should be careful not to over apply or it will look too orange. I wouldn't say this is a must have if you already got Ripe Peach but if you missed out on RP, this is a similar color.

        Mineralize Blush
                    Light Over Dark is an interesting blush in the sense that it is extremely pigmented.  The light side is a glittery golden color and the dark side is a medium peachy color.  I would use a stippling brush with this to avoid applying too much on the cheeks.  In the swatch, I only swiped once to get the colors to show up.  I literally said out loud "WHOA" when I saw how dark the colors came out. Mix the two sides together and you get a dark peachy/brown with glitter.  For those who love mineralize blushes and glitter, this will be right up your alley.  I think the blush is quite lovely and the colors are very wearable for medium to dark skin tones.  For lighter skin tones, it would be best as a bronzer if use lightly.

        Paint Pot  

                    Coral Crepe is straight up coral.  It looked so much like the lipsticks I wondered to myself why it can't be a 2-1 product like Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge.  However, I don't think it is intended for lips since it's so dry.  There is nothing similar to this in the permanent range and it is vibrant on the lid as shown.  I figure a hand swatch would not do Coral Crepe justice so I applied it on my lids to give you an idea how intense it really shows.  I think it will work on all skin tones depending on how much you apply.  It can be sheer out or build up for more intensity.  I did not pick it up because I don't feel that I can pull of this color as I'm more of a nude/neutral type of gal. If you love bright colors though, you must pick up this paint pot. 
        Ground Work is from the permanent collection so no rush to pick it up.  It is a light taupe brown that swatches beautifully on the hand but somehow doesn't show up on my lids very well. I think it would look much more intense on lighter skin tones compared to medium or dark. I often reach for this when doing a basic neutral taupe/brown eye look to help intensify the colors.

        Nail Lacquer  

                 Brown Bag is a dirty beige in the cream formula.  It only took 2 coats to cover the nails and went on very smoothly.  I like the color but don't think it's entirely unique as OPI has released similar colors in the past.  However if you don't have anything like this in your collection and like neutral colors/looks, this will be a good color to pick up.

                Originality is a glittery copper bronze that looks kind of gold on the nails.  Again only 2 coats and the color is more unique than Brown Bag.  This would be a fabulous color for a night on the town or for a cocktail party. It's very Sex and the City to me.


        Overall my favorite product is the chromographic pencil which I love to use on the waterline and inner tear duct.  It really brightens up the eye so much better than the white pencils.  These are soft and creamy to apply and do not irritate  my eyes at all.  I'm still unsure about Instant Chic because of the chalkiness that I might exchange it for the NC30 chromographic pencil.  Don't get me wrong, Instant Chic is a beautiful color on the cheeks, almost like a peachy pink flush that's very cute.  I just don't know if  I can get over the powdery formula on dry cheeks. It looks really terrible and flaky.  Maybe I'll try it again when my skin is in better condition.

        Did anything tickle your fancy from the swatches? Do share!


          Leenda said...

          Thanks for the swatches and great review of the new collection! =]

          Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

          Great review! I'm not amazed by this collection either, I think I'll pick up Cut To Fit and maybe Tissue Weight. I'm not sure about Instant Chic now, maybe I should just wait for To The Beach to come out for Hipness?

          Catanya said...

          Woah! Thanks so much for these useful swatches! This is a very interesting collection!!

          Natalie Nguyen said...

          Hmm.. I've only tried one Fresh cleanser (soy) so far and it's far from being rough on the skin. Not sure what review you were reading on, but the one i use is gel-like. Best way to describe is snot like? XD I know it sounds gross haha. Fresh soy cleanser is the most gentlest cleanser I've used thus far.

          Great review btw, I picked up the Instant Chic blush yesterday. First time I got something on the first day haha, I didn't even know it released on the 22nd!

          Diane said...

          The Stila lip glosses smell really nice actually. it's a little of vanilla with something else.. so far, i am loving Stila. I am not sure of what other people's experiences have been but so far so good!

          hannahh♥s said...

          hey! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. the Chanel Teint Innocence is great! Do you have dry skin? The Vita Lumiere and especially the Pro Lumiere are supposed to be for a more dewy finish. I personally have dry skin, so I use the Pro and I love it. But if you have oily/combo skin, it may not be the right choice. If you were oily/combo/normal you could try the Mat Lumiere. ( : Hope this helps.

          The Girly Tomboy said...

          Wow - I really like that pencil for the waterline. It's natural but brightening. How did it last on the waterline?

          naturalnchicmakeup said...

          Leenda - Np!

          Laura - Hipness is more pink than Instant Chic so depends on which color you're looking for. I think both would look stunning on you.

          Catanya - Np. Hope it was helpful =)

          Natalie - Thanks! I was commenting on the Fresh Cleanser one. I've seen rave reviews but never tried it out myself. Yay for Instant Chic. I'm sure you'll love it.

          Diane - Thanks! I will check these out next time I hit Sephora.

          Hannahh - Thanks for the comparison. I have also tried Mat Lumiere but it was patchy on the cheeks. Still on the search for HG foundation.

          Girly TOmboy - It lasts pretty well throughout the day with the exception of me rubbing my eyes and getting it all over my contacts. I really like them! Let me know if you're going to pick any up.

          Klaudea said...

          Awesome swatches!

          I kinda thought this collection was rather boring.. I'm currently still lemming those darn grease sticks or whatever you call them.... Argh. I made a huge mistake of watching some review videos and now I'm fighting the urge to go to the nearest MAC counter and pick up like 3-4 of them!

          For my waterline I love to use a more shimmery yellow-pencil as I too, find white wayy too stark on me. I recommend the Gosh pencil in Banana. Do they carry Gosh where you live?

          Klaudea said...

          Aha so I quickly took a look at your blog and I'm realizing that my wallet is going to start to hate you very soon!

          I couldn't help myself I had to subscribe lol

          Oh and I also forgot to answer you question!
          I don't have any problems with the hair extensions staying in place, I tend to slide the clips in at an angle so that they grip the hair better. (I could show you a picture if you dont understand my really bad explaination). What kind of extensions do you have? I know some come with different types of clips

          Rinz said...

          whoa it reminds me of crayons!! so neat!!! I am going to get some!

          kali said...

          Nice swatches! I was really interested in the collection months ago before it came out but after seeing swatches on Specktra, interest died. =( The only thing I'm interested in now is the Chromagraphic Pencil -but it's a PRO product so I can pick it up at the PRO store anytime. Instant Chic blush was also something I wanted but I swatched it the other day and I totally agree with you.. POWDERY! Would rather get something from NARS or some other brand for a better finish and better quality.

          naturalnchicmakeup said...

          Klaudia - uh oh lol. Thanks for the extension tips. Mines is this set I got from Asia for my wedding but I hardly ever use anymore. The clips are ok but I think my hair is so thin, it doesn't stay as good. oh well.

          Rinz - ya! Go grab some before they run out =)

          kali - thanks! Yea the blushes are so powdery that I'm going to return it.

          Sandra. J said...


          coffretgorge said...

          hi! love the swatches! thanks! :) hows the wear on the chromagraphic pencil, does it stay on the waterline? :)

          naturalnchicmakeup said...

          coffretgorge - they stay on the waterline pretty well. Check them out when you get a chance! I ended up getting both.

          Jenny said...

          great swatches! the chromagraphic pencil looks awesome for the waterline!

          PS said...

          I love the fact that you swatched the liner in your waterline. I'm now considering getting the pencil....

          naturalnchicmakeup said...

          Jenny/PS - they are great! I love these babies.

          Anonymous said...

          I use concealer NC30
          do you recommend me getting the nc15/nw20 chromagraphic pencil or the darker one? im going to be using it for my waterline? thanks

          naturalnchicmakeup said...

          Anonymous - I would recommend getting the nc15/nw20 pencil for a brighter look. The NC30 is a good pencil for day time but it does lean a bit on the yellow side.

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