MAC Pret-A-Papier Swatches and Review Part I

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I got a chance to hit the MAC counter today to check out Pret-A-Papier after my stop at Origins.  The theme was definitely focused on coral but I personally don't see the correlation between the color and paper. I only picked up 2 items from the collection and one of them might even go back so we'll have to see after this weekend.  Any how enough chit chat, onwards to the swatches and review!


          ArcheType is a very sheer light gold color that barely shows up on my hand or my lips.  It is also one of the worst Lustre formulas I've seen from MAC.  I had a difficult time getting this to apply evenly on the lips so it was a definite no on my list.
          Dressmaker, Dressmaker is a light peach that is also a lustre formula.  I had high expectations for this but was terribly disappointed.  I couldn't get it to apply smoothly or evenly on the lips despite trying twice! I really wanted to like this but couldn't get it to work.
          Made To Order is another lustre but surprisingly better than Dressmaker, Dressmaker.  This is a medium to bright coral that applies nicely on the lips.  I think it's flattering for all skintones because it has just the right amount of coral that doesn't make the lips too bright or gaudy. 
          Kraft is a warm brown that is true to its amplified formula.  After the debacle with Archetype and Dressmaker, Dressmaker, I was nearly convinced the problem was my lips and not the lipsticks until I  applied Kraft. It glided on smoothly, beautifully, and evenly!  I fell in love with the formula and how it felt on the lips.  This color would be best on dark skin tone ladies.  For light to medium skin tones, I think you will love it if you're a brown lipstick fan.  The color is too dark for my taste but I love it most out of the 4 lipsticks in this collection.


         C-Thru is a beige color that is similar to Archetype in a lipgloss formula.  It's best to layer on top of a lipstick for some shine but by itself is not as flattering.  I looked terrible with it because it accentuated every line and didn't look very even on the lips.

         Fold and Tuck is a bright coral with pearl that is similar to Made to Order but with a hint of pink/peach.  I like this color by itself because it is nicely pigmented.  It reminds me of a brighter more coral version of Perennial High Style lipgloss.  Definitely flattering for all skin tones but especially for those with lighter skin tones.  This brightens up the face with a nice pop of coral.
         Pret-a-Papier is a dark red bronze with pearl and is quite beautiful.  This is a shade I couldn't stop myself from staring at the swatches.  The red pearl in the lipgloss makes it so unique.  I didn't pick this up because again I'm not into dark shades but I think this will be beautiful for medium to dark skin tones. 

Eye Shadow 

        Tissue Weight is a pale peach with hints of pink in a frost formula.  If you are new to MAC, this is will be a great highlighter color.  I find it similar to Jest and several other colors from the permanent line so it's not a must have for me.
        Bamboo is a light beige peach in a matte formula.  I find myself liking this color for a neutral look and it applies fairly well for a matte but it doesn't seem to show up at all on the swatch. It matches my skintone too well I suppose.  This is part of the permanent collection.
        Cut To Fit - is a bronzy red color in the frost formula.  It reminds me of Cranberry mixed with Twinks.  It's a nice color that applies smoothly but not a must have.
        Gazette Grey is a grey with gold shimmer in a velvet formula.  This has been released before in a holiday eyeshadow palette in 2009.  It swatches beautifully but once placed on the lids, the shimmer is not as defined.  I'm ok with the color but again not a must have as MAC has released much nicer grey colors before. 

         Memorabilia is a medium dirty purple in the matte formula. This was one of the worst colors to swatch because the colors wouldn't show up.  I had to swatch multiple times to see the purple.

Overall the eyeshadows were a disappointment for me because they are not unique or colors we have not seen before.  The lipstick and lipglasses focus on the coral theme but they look so similar to one another that it's difficult to justify picking all up.  I did not purchase any eyeshadows or lipsticks this time so I can save up for To the Beach in May.

What are your favorite eyeshadows/lip products? Which will you pick up?


Catanya said...

I am loving C-thru and Archetype!

coffretgorge said...

yay swatches! thanks babe! :) they all look OK for me, not thrilling like other collections :)

re: blanchir, it works well in making my skin soft, translucent and blemish free. I feel that the clear conditioner cleans while moisturizing ad preparing the face for more moisture and I love that. Same with you, I tried other products before like the diorsnow range and it made me break out and i think its also because of the heavy fragrance. I learned my lesson and im now sticking to what works well for me. ;)

The Girly Tomboy said...

I agree with you - all colors that are nice but that I already have - nothing unique.

But your swatch did remind me how much I love Groundwork Paint Pot!

Madiha said...

looove these colours! gorgeous! just started the blogging business myself. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow if you like it! :)


AnNeTtEe said...

hi love!! thanks for droppin by my blog.. thanks for the very sweet comment!! this collection doesn't interest me at all.. the only thing I would probably consider buying if anything, is the c-thru; dressmaker,dressmaker & the fold & tuck... you are right, the eyeshadows didn't wow me at all.. nothing we haven't seen before... thanks for sharing these swatches though... =)

kali said...

Skipped all of these too! Cut to Fit does look nice though -but not something I'd "need." I'm limited to only buying products I "absolutely need" right nowww!

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