Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Aqua Eyes: Swatches and Review

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Make Up For Ever is a well known brand amongst makeup professionals for their pigmented eyeshadow, HD foundations, and pencils.  Similar to Urban Decay, MUFE has a vast offering of 25 different long lasting Aqua Eyes pencils (0L to 24L).  What's unique about these formulas is that they are invented to be a two-in-one eyeshadow and liner pencil.  These pencils have been rumored to used by Cirque du Soleil due to the pigmentation and long lasting quality. They can be purchased at Sephora.

                                                      Image courtesy of Sephora

(From Left to Right):
11L is a metallic purple/eggplant color
9L is a metallic yellow that looks like a vibrant gold in the sun. It's a very unique color for highlighting
12L is a metallic teal that doesn't have as much dimensions as MAC's Undercurrent
2L is a pearly dark brown
5L is a golden olive that's similar to UD Stash and lighter than MAC's Black Line
21L is a dark metallic gray/gunmetal similar to MAC GPS Zinc Zone
0L is a matte black but not as dark as Bobbi Brown's Black Line Gel Liner
10L is a metallic bronze
19L is a light brown with no shimmer and more of a matte.
15L is a shimmer royal blue
7L is a bright turquoise with shimmer
16L is a medium green with yellow shimmer. This looks a lot like a grass color.
18L is a deep burgundy that swatches almost dark red. It is an interesting color to pull off
6L is a deep purple that reminds me a lot of MAC's Rave.

                                                        Click on picture for larger view

Overall I like these liners since they are waterproof and serve dual purpose as liner and eyeshadow. One small downside for me is the lack of names for these pencils, making it hard to associate/remember the colors with each number.  I swatched these on my arms and they stayed put for 10 hours without budging or smudging.  Comparing MUFE to Urban Decay, I'm personally more fond of UD because they are more vibrant in color and have more shimmer/glitter.  The stand out color from MUFE is definitely 9L because I haven't seen a gold liner in other collections.

So far I'm very impressed with the lasting power of MUFE pencils and I'm very curious about their other products (blush, foundation, eyeshadows, HD products).  Hopefully I can try them out one day. 

What is your favorite product from MUFE?


Abby Q. said...

I love MUFE's pencils, they're so smooth! There's a light brown/taupe one (forget the number, it's in the 20s I think) that I really like for days when I don't feel like wearing tons of makeup. :)

Lisa Drives A Van said...

thank you :0 wow these colours are so so beautiful.

Leenda said...

Ooo thanks for the comparison between MUFE and UD eyeliners. I've never tried MUFE eyeliners, but I do love the UD ones!

MUA said...

Dugh I must be the only one not liking them or maybe I am not using them the good way. They don't want to stay on my waterline ;-((( I bought a mini set around Xmas and I am so sad because the colors are grogeous : a black, a grey, a plum and a bright turquoise ....Do you have a tip for me to make them work ????

Caro xxx

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Abby - Yep these are real nice pencils. How many have you picked up?

Lisa - Np! Thanks for dropping by. Your profile picture is gorgeous.

Leenda - Me too! I'm a big fan of UD but MUFE is also a great brand.

MUA - Sorry to hear they don't work for you. Do you apply eye creams before applying these? Some times I find that makes the skin around the eye much more oily and as the day progresses, the cream actually migrates upwards into the eye. Have you considered trying MAC Technakohl pencils? These are designed for waterline and are long lasting.

agmini said...

The UD liners smudge on me. Do you think I should give the MUFE ones a try? Is the formula different? Pencils all seem the same to me...

naturalnchicmakeup said...

agmini - sorry to hear UD smudges on you. Have you tried setting the liner with a translucent powder afterwards? I find this helps keep the liner stay longer. MUFE's staying power is a bit better than UD after it sets so you may want to give them a try if the setting powder doesn't work out. Good luck!

tickledP!NK said...

interesting....ill definately have to try those

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