Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Microfinish Blush Swatches and Review

Monday, April 19, 2010

Make Up For Ever also known as MUFE is one of the top leading makeup companies that have mastered the art of HD makeup.  MUFE was created in 1984 in Paris by co-founders Jacques Waneph and Dany Sanz-Davalinas, with a store located in the rue de la Boetie in Paris.  The line is dedicated to produce high quality makeup products for makeup artists and professionals.  Recently MUFE has created a new line of HD Microfinish Blushes which included 14 shades ranging from natural to bright, light to deep and with undertones of pink or yellow.

HD Microfinish Blush is a new generation of blush that looks, feels and performs up to the standards that professional make up artists require and consumers desire. It naturally sculpts and highlights the
cheeks for a healthy glow
- The unique and innovative “second skin” cream formula shows no texture to appear exceptionally natural-
- The extremely fine granulometry of the formula allows the product to be invisible to the high def camera and the naked eye.
- A combination of mattifying and reflecting powders create a soft focus effect on cheeks to blur imperfections.
- For the most natural feel on skin, the formula is elastic and supple, allowing it to go on smoothly.
- Thanks to special evaporating oils that disappear on skin but leave pigments behind, the formula is long-lasting and stays put all day.

The blush comes in similar packaging to MUFE's HD foundation with a pump which is great for sanitary purposes.  It is 0.33 fl. oz retailing for $25USD, $29CND.

Here I will be reviewing 3 shades from the line (#4 Walk of Shame, #12 First Kiss, # 13 Smooth Talker).

First off, the application of these blushes require only a very tiny bit of product.  When I say tiny, I literally mean half a pump or less.  The blush is highly pigmented and the consistency feels like a fluffy mousse cream.  It is very easy to apply on the skin using either your hands or a duo fibre/stippling brush.  You can use MUFE's HD Blush Brush #55N which was created to use with the line.  Dab a small amount of the product onto the back of your hand, lightly tap onto the brush, and stipple it onto the cheeks for a flawless application.  

#4 Walk of Shame is a light bumble gum pink that is most suitable for light and cool skin tones.  With a light hand, you can get a really nice healthy flush from this color.

#12 First Kiss is a bright apricot/coral color that may look scary at first glance but is beautiful for medium/dark skin tone.

# 13 Smooth Talker is a light peachy color that is suitable for an every day neutral look.You can also use this for light contouring if you don't want to use a dark bronzer.  

After doing swatches on this product, I forgot to wipe them off and went to wash my brushes for next week's review.  I washed a total of 13 brushes using soap under running water which took me almost 45 minutes.  Afterward, I looked down at my hand and realized I still had the swatches on! So to demonstrate to you how long lasting the HD blushes are, I took a couple of pictures.

As you can see the blushes stayed put even after the large amount of water I've already ran it under prior to the picture taken. I even pushed the envelope further and used my fingers to rub across the swatches as hard as I can but nothing budged. Clearly MUFE  delivered on the promise that "the formula is long-lasting and stays put all day."  

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with Make Up For Ever's new line of HD Microfinish Blush.  The quality is superb, it is extremely easy to use/apply, and the lasting power is phenomenal.  You may be surprised by the size of the blush but rest assured, it will last for quite some time because only a small amount is required for each use.  I made the mistake of using a full pump on the first try and it was too much blush, making it hard to blend and it looked like I had a large pink circle on my face.  Please use a light hand and a stippling brush for this product. HD Microfinish Blush can be found exclusively at Sephora or  There are 14 shades to choose from so I bet there will be at least one that's suitable for your skin tone.  Check these out and you can use the 15% Beauty Insider coupon on them!

What do you think of these blushes? 

Disclosure: This post contains samples provided by PR for consideration.  This does not alter the opinion or views of the blog owner.  My commitment is to provide you with honest reviews based on my experience with the product.  If you're not sure what this means, please visit the Disclosure policy listed here.


rainbow st@r! hello kitty p@nts said...

So tempting...their stuff is pricey but every time I get something, it never lets me down!

Sandra. J said...

I've been wanting to try liguid blushes but I didnt know where to start off. Your review really helps. I think I might purchase one soon. I figure $25 for something that might last me all summer long. Maybe even longer. Thankz alot.

Liza said...

This seems like a really interesting product... especially considering my blush literally never lasts. I'll have to at least swatch it when I'm at Sephora again. Thanks for the post :]

The Girly Tomboy said...

These look great! I'm defintely going to have to play with these next time I'm at Sephora...may even have to get one! ;)

lindah said...

I have #6 since it seems to be so popular on the blogs lol! ^_^ I really like it, but I wish my cheeks were clearer because it kinda takes my foundie off when I apply it. Any tips? :) Other than that, I really love it because it doesn't leave that cream product feeling on top of my cheeks like my mac ones... hm, definitely getting more shades of these though!

As for the beneft, I'll make a mini-review for you on my blog this week! I've only used 2/4 of the products so I'll test out the other ones this week and let you know :) I think they might have that set still on the website! Highbeam is great, posietint is great for fairer skin since it takes a little bit of building up for my tanned skin.. Hope the halfway review sorta helps haha!

VexintheCity said...

Great review! I plan to buy some next month.

naturalnchicmakeup said...

rainbow st@r! - MUFE does have good quality products. Check it out!

Sandra. J - Np. Glad it's helpful for you. Let me know how you like it.

Liza - yep these blushes last forever. It took me tons of scrubbing to get them off. They'll be good for those long summer days.

Girly Tomboy - yay! You can also get some samples at Sephora. I love that place.

Lindah - Thanks for the mini review! I'll look forward to your recommendations. As for application of these, I would recommend using a duo fibre and stipple on the blush instead of swirling or brushing it on. This will help give the airbrush look and not disturb your foundation. Hope that helps.

Vexinthecity - Thanks! Let me know which shades you pick up.

resham said...

I tried these at sephora on my hands and they didn't spread well...they kinda sunk in my lines...i wonder hw they will work on uneven facial skin surface....pretty confused...

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Resham - Did you pump out a lot of the product? I find that's the case when I first tried them out. The more product, the harder to blend.

Leenda said...

Very impressive staying power! I agree that First Kiss did look scary in that jar, but it's a beautiful color. Thanks for the swatches and review. =]

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Np Leenda! These are ridiculously long lasting.

Klaudea said...

OMG I swatched these at Sephora and I was gonna buy some but when I looked up, THEY WERE ALL SOLD OUT!

So sad.

You are so awesome with your swatches lady!

The Beautifier said...

I love MUFE products! Now I am tempted to get my hands on the MUFE blushers! Shade # 12 is gorgeous!! xoxo

Dizzy said...

Love #12 First Kiss, it's such a beautiful color! I’m going to buy!

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