Shiseido The Skincare Cleansing Massage Brush Review

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Since the past week, my skin has been in a really bad state with constant breakouts in the T-zone and dry flaky patches on the cheeks.  So naturally when our skin looks terrible, we have the tendency to apply more makeup in an attempt to cover up the blemishes.  I know this is not the solution but I can't help going out to the public sans makeup or at least some coverage to even out my face.  Result?  The pores get even more clogged and skin becomes worse rather than improve. It's a vicious never ending cycle!  So after a couple of days, I could no longer stand the breakouts and I headed off to my local beauty counter for an SOS session.

What I was told is that the #1 culprit for clogged pores is lack of proper makeup removal.  When foundation has been sitting on our faces for the entire day, it is extremely important to remove them before heading to bed.  Imagine piling makeup on our pillows and rolling on it for 8 hours day after day. Gross isn't it? After the lecture on proper skincare, the SA directed me to a handy little tool that she insisted would help with proper facial cleansing.

After removing makeup with a cleansing oil or your favorite choice of makeup remover, it is recommended to follow up with a facial cleanser.  Most makeup remover contain oil to break down foundation so the 2nd cleanser is to help remove this oil from your skin.  Leaving the build up of additional oil will lead to clogged pores.  This is where the brush comes in especially if you're using a foaming cleanser.  It is a small cleansing massage brush from Shiseido under The Skincare line that retails for $23USD.

The brush comes with a handy cradle where it can rest when it's not in use.  When you want to remove it from the stand, simply turn clockwise and the brush can be removed.  The brush and the stand are both white with a hint of pearl as reflected in the picture.  It is not too small and is long enough to be held a short distance from the face.  The entire coating of the brush is of a smooth surface but is not overly slippery.

Out of the stand, the brush can lie flat on its back with the bristles facing up.  The brush is densely packed with very soft white bristles and 5 coral plastic bristles as shown from a top view.

This is different from the Clarisonic Brush because it is smaller, the bristles are 10X softer, and it is not an automatic brush.  It is very simple to use by swiping a bit of the foaming cleanser onto the back of your hand, tap the brush onto the cleanser, and apply in circular motion on damp skin.  What I love about this brush is its ability to glide effortlessly onto the skin with very gentle swirling motion from my hand.  I do not have to vigorously scrub or press hard on the brush.  It also uses up very little of the cleanser to create a foam on the skin.  Another small quirk for this brush is that the bristles are flexible enough to reach the sides of the nose and can even go up your nostrils! You never know..there might be a need to clean up the nose some day.

Here is a close up picture of the bristles from a side angle to show you how densely populated they are.

Overall I completely fell in love with this brush after using it for the first time today.  I have purchased and used the Clarisonic Brush before but it was way too harsh for my sensitive skin.  Despite using it on the Gentle cycle/brush head, I feel Clarisonic's bristles are too stiff and not as soft or gentle on sensitive skin.  I was left with red, inflamed, and irritated skin every time I used the Clarisonic.  Thus I am ecstatic to report that I have finally found a cleansing facial brush that works and am hopeful my skin will improve. Shiseido's Cleansing Massage Brush is super soft and gentle on the skin.  It takes no effort to use this on a daily basis for proper facial cleansing and it is travel friendly with the stand, which protects the bristles from being destroyed.  You can check out more information on the brush at Shiseido.

What is your favorite method of facial cleansing? Do you use your hands or a tool?


Leenda said...

I like! Ever since I was little my mom had this brush. Maybe it is a sign that it works! lol

Maria Elizabeth said...

I've heard good things about this brush! I might have to check it out someday.

agmini said...

I think one cleanser should be able to remove makeup (except maybe long-wearing makeup & stains) AND clean skin, rather than having to use an oil and then an cleanser to remove the oil. IMO, cleansing oils are only worth it if you have really dry skin--and in that case, something like simple olive oil or sweet almond oil would probably work just as well.
I just use my hands; though I suppose a soft brush would also be good--especially if you have long nails or something.

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Leenda - LoL every Asian mom seems to have one! Shiseido is so popular with the Asian community.

Maria Elizabeth - yep. I didn't think I would ever splurge on a face brush but this thing is soo soft.

agmini - I know exactly what you mean but I have yet to find a cleanser that does both. It's difficult to remove makeup with a non oil-based cleanser. Do you have one you can recommend?

The Beautifier said...

Wow! looks like a great face brush for every day cleansing! I have been using a face brush from a generic brand for a while now and I find the bristles on that to be a bit scratchy on my skin.

Ah, I am tempted to get my hands on this little beauty! xoxo

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Beautifier - it is really soft! Let me know if you get one =) said...

hmmmm i want to try this!

Susi said...

Shiseido is such a good label. Maybe I'll check this out.

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Starcake & Susi - Let me know how you like it!

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