Beauty Blogs Backstage: Seven Questions with Yinka of Vex In The City

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recently I joined Beauty Blogs Backstage, a group that pairs us up with different bloggers each month.   I thought this was a great idea to learn more about the writers behind each blog through our individual interviews. If you are interested in joining BBB, please visit the site here.  This month, I have been paired with the fabulous Yinka from Vex In the City. Here are my 7 questions for her:

1. What inspired you to start a beauty blog?
When I first started to read beauty blogs, I became frustrated that there weren't enough written by fellow black women who could swatch the shades I liked the look of. I figured that if I was looking for black beauty blogs, then there must be other women who were too. I've alway

2. How did you come to choose Vex in the City as the blog name? Is it a tribute to NY?
I can be quite fiery at times (the 'Vex' reference), I'm a huge SATC fan (with the exception of the disappointing movie sequel), love the city New York - and my boyf is a born and bred New Yorker. My blog name is a combination of the lot!

3. What are your must have HG beauty products?

Oooh where do I begin? NARS Gina blush, Estee Lauder Sumptous mascara, MAC Raizin blush, Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover, Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm, Shiseido The Make Up Mascara Base..and more recently MAC MSF in Petticoat & Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara. I could go on and on!

4. Do you think beauty trends are driven by fellow beauty bloggers, fashion shows, or beauty magazines?

Hmmm I still think beauty trends are taken first from the catwalk, determined in magazine and then that is what's force fed to us, the public. A beauty blogger can influence a hundred others to go and buy a certain lipstick shade, but I view that as an enabling recommendation (LOL), rather than starting a trend.

5. As a fan of Sex and the City, which character would you say best describes your fashion/beauty style?
In regards to my make up style, I can't really choose. I go for the natural look for day and vamp it up at night! I own an insane amount of shoes - that must be the Carrie in me!

6. If you had to endorse one cosmetics brand, which would you choose and why.

Recent controversy aside (Rodarte), I'll still say MAC - a large proportion of my make up collection is from MAC and it was the first brand that I really began to take an interest in when I started to experiment with cosmetics. They cater for my skin tone, have a wide range of shades and finishes to choose from and are accessible.

7. What is your favorite weekend activity?

Anything that involves good company and laughter!

Want to see my answers to Yinka's questions? Head on over here!


Hsu Jen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Beauty Blogs Backstage sounds like a pretty cool initiative.

Nepenthe said...

This sounds like such a good idea!

Yinka is all kinds of awesome. :]

mixandmatchmakeup said...

Beauty Blogs Backstage seems like a very innovative concept... I've never heard of anything like it before! I enjoyed reading both your interview and Vex in the City's interview as well! :)

Twinn said...

I love beauty blogs Loved the interview

Dizzy said...

This is Great!

..R May A.. said...

Loved the interview :)
I'm just going to go check out your answers now x

coffretgorge said...

cool concept! and nice Q's kristie! :)

resham said...

You have been blogging for 12 years!! Thats cool!
I am curious to know why you won't buy BB shimmer brick in copper diamond...did it break you out or just was too shimmery...

Kristie said...

Hi Resham, it's actually a combination of both. It broke me out in a little rash and is too shimmery. Not sure why I even bought it..I think it was the CCO talking :)

resham said...

Aww...That Amber Diamond is working for me..I dunno why, its not as shimmery as GOLD shimmer bBrick..infact its good...

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