Burberry Cosmetics Part I - Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

Monday, July 19, 2010

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you already know about my mission to uncover what Burberry has to offer in the newly released cosmetics collection.  My dear husband who is extremely supportive of my love for makeup and this blog, offered to drive to Nordstrom San Francisco, 1 hour (56.5 miles to be exact) away.  I came in with a camera and was mentally prepared to be kicked out of the counter/store for taking pictures.  Little did I know, I was about to meet one of the sweetest, kindest, and most helpful group of SAS/MAs I have ever met.  They helped introduce me to the line, test out the products, provided endless makeup remover wipes for the swatches, and answered any questions I had about the products. So here I bring to you an exclusive review of Burberry cosmetics all thanks to Kristy, Susie, Bo, and Tiffany.

Due to exclusivity, Burberry Cosmetics are only available at 8 Nordstrom counters in the US. If you have questions or need color advices prior to ordering, please give Susie a call at (415) 243-8500 ext 1421 or email her at gatefold3@yahoo.com. She is a complete sweetheart and will help you with your questions/purchases/CP.  You can also order online from Nordstrom. For international ladies, Burberry is available at selected Harrods (UK) and Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) stores.

First up on my list was what Burberry named Sheer Eyeshadows.  These retail for $29USD for 0.088 oz. There are a total of 20 colors offered ranging from white to dark blue and everything else in between.

Now at first glance, the skeptic in all of us will think "sheer eyeshadows? No thanks!".  I'm here to tell you they are anything but sheer so I'm not sure why Burberry decided to name them this way.  One swipe is all you need for these to show up.  They are incredibly smooth. No, make that buttery smooth.  I was pleasantly surprised by the feel and pigmentation of these eyeshadows.  The colors are not entirely unique but the feel and shimmer effect it provides on the lid is unbeatable by other brands.  I love my MAC and Chanel, but I personally think Burberry just upped the game with these eyeshadows. 

All of the eyeshadows have Burberry checkered patterns on them along with the casing they are held in.  Below are swatches of all 20 eyeshadows to give you a better idea of their colors. Please do keep in mind these are taken under mall lighting that doesn't fully capture the luminescent/shimmer of the products. For each swatch, I took at least 15-20 shots in different angles to capture the color as close as I can.

First up are the light colors, which are the most difficult to show given the lighting conditions.

1 Pearly White is exactly as the name, a pearly white color with shimmer. This would be best as a highlighter in the color of the eyes.
5 Chestnut is a medium brown that's great paired with Rosewood for a subtle smokey eye.
2 Trench is a beige with slight shimmer that blends in really well with my NC25/NC30 skin tone.  You can use this as an every day look with a quick pat on the lid that gives the "why does she look so good with no makeup on" type of look. You can also use this as a brown bone highlighter.
6 Almond is lighter than Chestnut as a light brown that's good for staple neutral looks.

3 Porcelain is a creme color with gold shimmer. This is best for inner lid combined with a darker color for a subtle glisten under the light.
7 Taupe Brown is well, a taupe brown. This is a definitely crease color that has a slight shimmer. 
4 Gold Trench is more gold version of trench.  It's a little bit more muted than Trench in my opinion but is still pretty.
8 Khaki is a classic color in almost every brand. This has almost no shimmer from what I can see on the swatch.

For those who want more colors and are not neutral color fans, Burberry has a great line up of pigmented blues, blacks, pinks, and violets. These were all done with 2 swipes to show you how pigmented they all look even under darker lighting conditions.

9 Rosewood is a shimmery light taupe and my favorite color.  It gives a nice dimension on the lids that has a bit of shimmer and a bit of taupe. This jumped out right at me from the swatch.
13 Lavender Blue more of a lavender/lilac. Not sure where the blue comes in but it's a very pretty girly soft color that has very slight shimmer.
17 Pearl Grey is your classic grey that will work best for a smokey eye that's not your traditional black.
10 Antique Rose is a more muted dark rose/closer to mauve in my opinion color.
14 Lavender has a tint of blue/purple that's very pretty.  It also has slight shimmer. I can see many beautiful color combos with this and Rosewood/Trench/Lavender Blue.
18 Midnight Black is your classic black that barely has any shimmer.
11 Tea Rose is a beautiful medium pink that's buildable. I can see this being gorgeous on light skin tone ladies.

15 Slate Blue is medium blue with no shimmery effects on the skin. 
19 Midnight Plum is a plum with shimmer. 
12 Pale Rose is very pale pink that's almost white in the swatch but it's not really. It has an iridescent pink shimmer duochrome that's very similar to MAC's Nanogold type of effect. Very pretty in person.
16 Pearl Blue is a sky blue with baby blue shimmer. I think this will be a winner for ladies with blue or green eyes.
20 Midnight Blue is darker blue with baby blue shimmer.  This is an excellent color for a non-traditional smokey eye paired with Pearl Blue or Midnight Black.

Overall, I am very impressed with Burberry's eyeshadows and LOVE their feel/texture.  Most soft eyeshadows crumble or fall out when applied on the lids. These stay put and are very smooth. Again these are $29USD, even 50 cents more expensive compared to Chanel but I think they're worth every penny.  The shadows give a chic understated and natural look that's not so easy to replicate. Pictures say a thousand words but I don't think cameras can fully capture the beautiful effect these provide. If you can only afford one eyeshadow as an everyday staple, I would highly recommend Rosewood.  This color jumped right out at me and I couldn't keep my eyes or hands off of it.

What came home with me?

Top picks: Rosewood, Trench, Porcelain, Lavender Blue, Pearl Blue

What are your top picks? What makes an eyeshadow HG for you?


Tammy said...

Wow what an in depth review on the shadows! I can tell they're buttery without even you saying that they are! LOL

LittoMokaa said...

Wow awesome swatch! Theyr'e so pigmented!

MUA said...

HOU beautiful ! Midnight plum is fantastic ....

Caro xxx

mixandmatchmakeup said...

The products look absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the pictures you took! Great swatches of everything... the products look so pigmented! :)

resham said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job dear...I am so glad to see everything in close detail. This will be helpful, till I see these in person, which I have no idea when...Thank you!

Dizzy said...

The swatches look amazing! I love patterns on the shadows, very cool.

prettyaspeaches said...

Awesome review and haul. You dang enabler... now I want some eyeshadows. Everything looks so gorgeous!

thestartsteam said...

These look so nice! Even though I rarely splurge on higher end eyeshadows, these swatches are nice to look at. You're hubby is so sweet for driving you, lol. Too cute!

fieran said...

Midnight blue looks gorgeous - I'm so going to drool at them if I ever get to the US :)

kali said...

Kristie, I'm so overwhelmed by all the collections coming out -it's just too much! I cannot decide what I want, what to buy, what to save for.. Based off your swatches, the purple eyeshadows look beautiful. I don't know if I can afford a bunch of Burberry makeup though! Also, surprised they let you bring in your camera. I rarely go to the Nordstrom over there but now I just might since they seem so nice.

Your hubby is so sweet for OFFERING instead of you having to ask! My conversations usually go like this..

Me: Honey we're going to MAC in SF today.
Hubby: Huh? Why?? Didn't we just go there 3 days ago?
Me: Umm.. no. That was a different MAC.
Hubby: Ugh.. You know I hate waiting in the car..
Me: (Pouty face)
Hubby: Fine.. let's go..
Me: Yippeeee!!

LOL.. he's generally pretty supportive of my blogging though. =)

And you're in the Bay! That's awesome. =)

DANA said...

omg... 10, 9, 13, 2, 11, 7, 4, 8 - LOVE!!

Dina (XYYan) said...

They look so much better on the swatches! :D

samanthaloves said...

I'm loving the blues/purples. The swatches look amazing!

Anonymous said...

where can we buy these?

Kristie said...

Anonymous - Burbery cosmetics can be purchased at certain Nordstrom counters and Nordstrom online.

Anonymous said...

Ordered #13 lavender blue, #14 lavender, #2 trench - surprisingly #13 didn't look anything like your swatch; it looks more muted, plum color (dark purple, not lilac at all)

also, #14 lavender looks dark blue; hardly didn't see any purple in it; disappointed will return

when applied with brush with 1 stroke, shadow did appear sheer

Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup said...

I have only seen the Burberry Cosmetic counter once in person and that was when I was on vacation in Seattle last summer. Almost a year later, and I have yet to see one in person and I live in L.A.! I need to drive over an hour and a half with traffic to get to the mall with the closest counter; but I may have to do just that! Your swatches really intrigued me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great swatches but would have liked to know which colours are matt and which are shimmer.

Larsen's said...

Just wondering how you have been liking Lavender Blue...that is the next one on my list! I live by SF, too, and plan on going soon, but can't find too many reviews on this particular shade!

Kristie said...

Hi Larsen. Lavender Blue is more lavender than blue but it is a beautiful shade for those who want a light pop of color.

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