Case of the lost and forgotten

Thursday, July 8, 2010

As I cleaned up after the photograph/swatch session last night, I came to the realization there are still makeup products sitting in their bags untouched.  I suddenly felt guilty and overwhelmed.  The cosmetics trend keeps on changing everyday with new collections releasing left and right.  By the time we finally get a hot product in our hands, there's yet a new one to purchase.  Case in point, I've gotten only one use out of Marine Life since I purchased it back in May.  It's already July and now MAC In the Groove is coming out with everyone trying to get their hands on Stereo Rose! I haven't had a chance to use all of the products from my Asia haul yet or even get around to reviewing them for you.  Thus..I'm now on a mission to use a different lipstick, lipgloss, and blush everyday until everything has been in rotation at least once.

Do you feel the same way about makeup? 

Does it seem like we're always behind and most things we purchase out of hype/new release end up a case of the lost and forgotten in our drawers?


MakeupMandiTX said...

I feel the same way. That's why I'm determined to use some of my untouched products for giveaways. I went today and picked up Hanging Loose and Stereo Rose for giveaway purposes only. I have no need for new anything, but figure a giveaway is a fun way to be part of the hype without feeling guilty about a stash full of unused/barely used items. ;)

LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

As my collection started to grow, I had vague concerns about this very thing.

Then I decided to do something about it. I just got really systematic...and I started out only going through all of my eyeshadows. Still, it's a starting point!

Lisamarie and Christelle said...

Ok this is going to sound really strange but I hate to use new stuff - it looks so pretty and pristine and I just hate to mark it up! So I end up using my old stuff because I don't want to mess the new stuff up - doesn't stop me from buying even more new stuff of course... I have issues ;-)

Best, Lisamarie

Chevy Mae said...

i feel exactly the same way :( now i have like 10 different mascaras that i've only used once & it sucks because they expire fast. not to mention how many different lipgloss and blushes i have that i don't even use anymore since i keep buying new ones :( oh well i like to think of it as a collection haha. i super love your blog and i really trust your opinions and reviews! makes me wana go buy everything you've tried.. which is kinda bad :( lol have a nice day!

KrySTYLES said...

I know what you mean, i dug threw my stash when I got back from IMATS and noticed that I have some things that are still in their packages. Same goes for clothes that still have their price tags! I try not to get into the limited edition hype (i.e. MAC) since they're always coming out with some new collection unless it's something I don't have. btw, I sent you an email with my cell if you ever want to get together since we live in the bay!

Kristie @ said...

Kim - I know what you mean buy products based on season. I have some of those as well but I end up always forgetting about them in the winter!

Mandi - aww that's nice of you to share the love with other beauty addicts like us.

LiAnn - That's a great system. I'm now going to try it out too.

Lisamarie and Christelle - I know exactly what you mean. There are times when I don't want to touch my Chanel lipsticks to keep them pristine.

Chevy Mae - Thank you! It means a lot and thank you for being a reader of the blog.

KrySTYLES - I got your info! I still owe you an email. Yep we definitely need to catch up and do a meet up one of these days.

prettyaspeaches said...

I'm so happy I'm not the only one. I havent even touched my marine life yet. It's too pretty to wreck.

kali said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean girl. Putting your makeup in rotation is a great idea -I try switching it up too but sometimes it's hard to do when you're in a rush in the morning.

Also, something else I do every few months or so is go through everything and clean out what I don't use. I put them in bags of "to give away" or "to sell." My cousins and friends are always asking when I'll be giving away my makeup. Things like eyeshadow palettes that have been used once or have only been swatched can definitely go in the "to sell" pile. For instance, a few months ago, I went crazy and bought 4 NARS palettes all at once without checking swatches. I ended up not loving 3 of them after just swatching so I sold them for almost what I bought them for! Better off with some extra cash than palettes I'll NEVER use!

Diane said...

I'm with you on the lost and forgotten. I haven't used my Marine Life powder either, and I feel stupid because I drove to 2 places to get that powder for my friend and one for myself. MAC releases WAY too many collections to close together, I never have time to use what I have before the next collection is out. Other brands spread their collections out farther apart.

So glad your joining the movement! I'm determined to use my old products!

Stephanie said...

I know what you mean! That's why most of the time, I never buy anything until I know I absolutely want it. But by then, everything's usually sold out so I miss out on it anyway :/

Ansa said...

Yes totally been there. MAC releases too many limitted edition. I totally have a love/hate relationship with limmited eddtions. xx

MUA said...

Well I am not really attracted to LE because when I want an item , I try to find reviews on it and let's face it if you try to find those, the LE item is long disappeared when I make up my mind...But I am very bad in resisting hauls so there are a few untouched products in my collection. As the expression "shop your stash" exists in the blogging world, I guess it's quite a usual behavior for us Make up addicts !!!!

Love your blog and reviews as usual !

Caro xxx

resham said...

haha...A discussion close to my heart!!

i have these guilt feelings all the time. I get sad to see products unused and unloved. I mean if I spend that amount of money on a Bag or a watch, I will use it more often.

Oh, well...I can go on and on....Thankfully its great to know I am not alone on this Guilt Trip...:)


Dizzy said...

lOl I totally understand, it’s so hard to keep up. I don’t have all the money in the world to keep this steady pace of buying makeup…I need clothes too!HAHA
My poor makeup storage is falling apart, cause of all the cosmetics overflowing. I’m don’t want to buy a new makeup storage, it will be just another excuse to buy more makeup, AHHH! I have an addiction.

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