Chanel Fall 2010 Collection Review and Swatches

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

After the Asia trip, I said to myself, "No more hauls. You are not allowed to enter a makeup store".  I sort of kept this in mind so at IMATS, I did a very very small haul despite the incredible deals offered.  However, last weekend I went to Macy's and mistakenly stopped by the Chanel counter.  It all went downhill from there for my wallet and the vow not to spend.  As a neutral/natural look makeup lover, I feel this is one of the best collection Chanel has released to date.  I fell head over heels with Chanel's Fall 2010 Collection that's now released in stores.  The colors are not your typical plum/mauve/dark shades.  They are soft shimmery pink/peach colors that are very flattering and just imparts that natural glow.  This is what I'd call "naturalNchicmakeup" and I couldn't help but pick up almost all the lip products.  I have 3 Glossimers and 2 Coco Rouge to share with you.  I've also picked up a JC blush in Orchid Rose which I'll review in a later post. 

There are 4 new Glossimers released, each retailing at $27USD in the collection.  The colors are Petite Peche, Coral Love, Rose Dilemma, and Pink Teaser.  These all very fine shimmers and come in the usual Chanel tube packaging with doe foot applicators and the classic CC logo on the top.

Once the packaging has been thrown away, it's a bit difficult to identify the names of these glosses.  #144 is Rose Dilemma, #146 is Coral Love, and #142 is Pink Tease in the photo below. #148 Petite Peche is the lightest out of the 4 colors as a creamy light peach color with shimmer.  I didn't pick up that one because I thought it was too light for me.

#146 Coral Love is a light coral color with gold shimmer. You can definitely see the gold when applied on the lips compared to the other 3 glosses.  This color is best applied on top of Chintz or any coral/peach lipstick to add shine or slightly add a hint of peach to the lips.

#144 Rose Dilemma is a cool medium tone pink with purple shimmer. This color is great by itself in my opinion for a soft pink lip that's not too cool or warm.  It fits nicely with my NC30 skin to give a nice flush of color to the lips.  I can see this being a really natural pink color for lighter skin tone ladies.

#142 Pink Tease is the darkest out of the 4 glossimers released and comes off as a watermelon color on the lips.  I like to pair this with a nude eye for a nice pop of color on the lips.  This has gold shimmers but is very subtle when applied.

Here are the 3 glosses side by side for color comparison.

I had a hard time getting the correct/true colors to show up in photographs to show you how nice these colors really look.  For now, I'll leave you with swatches of them on the hand until I can get better lighting to do lip swatches.  This really doesn't do these glosses justice because they are really gorgeous in person.

There are also 3 new Rouge Coco lipsticks released in the collection. I picked up the two lighter colors and skipped the darkest coral lipstick.

The Rouge Coco lipsticks are the newest formula from Chanel with a new packaging as well.  It comes with the classic CC logo on the top of the glossy lipstick tube.  There is a very distinct click when you close the top of the tube.  I believe this was intentionally designed by Chanel and the package is very sturdy but not as heavy as YSL Rouge Volupte.   These retail at $30USD but I'm not sure if these colors are permanent or limited edition.  I've been told conflicting details but all I know is Chanel fans are snatching these up left and right.

Here I have #35 Chintz and #37 Rose Dentelle for review.  At a glance, these look very similar in the tube in a lot of the photographs I try to take.  However in real life, they are not that similar because Chintz is more peach and Rose Dentelle is pink.  You can kind of see that Chintz on the left is much lighter than Rose Dentelle on the right.

In the swatch, Rose Dentelle is a rosy pink but is not bubblegum.  Chintz is more of a peachy pink in comparison. 

Chintz is gorgeous on the lips that has slight shimmer, not frost.  Here it is on my lips with a light layer swiped straight out of the tube.  The formula is soft and does not dry out the lips but is not as buttery smooth as Rouge Allure, my favorite formula.  If you apply this with a brush, the color can be build up to a darker pinkish peach.  In the mall lighting, I couldn't stop staring at myself after the SA applied it on me.  It is so flattering on my NC25/NC30 skin that I had to hand over my credit card. 

Rose Dentelle is a soft pink on the lips that can be build up darker depending on your preference. I like this color paired with a brown smokey eye or just a naked eye.  This is great to use for a natural look and is flattering for light to medium skin tones. I'm not sure if it would be too light for darker skin tones so you may want to try it out in the store first.

Overall I really love all the products I picked up from this collection because it compliments my skin tone so well for a natural look.  I love Chanel because of their high quality products.  I'm a believer in quality over quantity when it comes to makeup and skincare.  Chanel's Glossimers I think are one of if not the best in the industry because they are pigmented, have good  lasting power, and are not sticky.  The lipsticks are pigmented, does not dry out my lips, and are super flattering in my opinion.  Rouge Allure and Rouge Allure Lacque are my favorite from the Chanel lipstick line.  I can't say I feel the same about Chanel foundations because they get patchy and oily throughout the day. 

In short, if you are into the natural look for makeup, I highly recommend checking out Chanel's Fall 2010 Collection. It will not disappoint because the colors are simply gorgeous.  If you're more into bold colors, this might not blow your socks off because they are meant to be soft shimmery colors.

What do you think of the collection? What is your favorite color?


coffretgorge said...

sweet!!! i wont blame you for breaking your vow kristie, its chanel after all. hahaha ;) cant wait for your reviews!! :)

Jenny said...

can't wait to see the swatches!!! i've been waiting for someone to blog about this collection!

Miss♥Nikka said...

Pink tease lipgloss looks pretty! :D Thanks for these beautiful swatches!

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

blogwalking :) wow the color is so pretty!

Edwina said...

wow i love this post!! i dont own any chanel makeup so it's nice to indulge in your post entry for a little while :P the colours are gorgeous, and the packaging, needlessly to say, is sooo pretty!!! thanks for sharing :D

Crystal/Cherry said...

I really like the coral gloss, sooo pretty~~ Haha, I love an hate chanel. They are so pretty, but they are so expensive as well, haha^0^

Dizzy said...

Awesome swatches. I’m lovin coral love.

MakeupMandiTX said...

Awesome photos! I'm going to have to steer clear of Chanel counters now or I will cave and buy. I love Chanel so much and these are gorgeous! ;)

Great post!

pinkribbons said...

This collection is to die for. I've been trying to convince myself to buy only one of the rouge cocos and glossimer but after reading this review I think I will cave in and just buy everything I want.

Kristie @ said...

Pinkribbons - You'll love the collection. It's really beautiful and soft. What are you planning to pick up?

resham said...

These are so freakin gorgeous...I will save up and get some CHANEL next month....Its so pretty!!!

Nadine Natalin said...

I love the rose dilemma my mom bought it yesterday. :)

Elle D. said...

I thought I was going to like Rose Dentelle better, but you helped me choose Chintz as the best among the two since I am so pale and prefer warmer pinks and peaches. :)

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