IMATS Los Angeles/Pasadena 2010 Part III

Saturday, July 3, 2010

IMATS = International Makeup Artist Trade Show and it wouldn't be complete without showcasing some of the most impressive jaw dropping makeup artists' works.  I was snapping away at all the models in the show from various makeup brands, schools and artists.  These range from special effects to airbrush makeup that just blew me away.  Here I share a selected few models with you since there are too many to post.

First up is a gorgeous model from MUFE.  These colors were hand drawn onto her. 

I love how vibrant the colors showed up on her skin.  She was nice to pose for the camera as I snapped away like a paparazzi.

Next up we have the Joker. He too was happy to pose for the lens. He was not wearing a shirt, but rather the shirt was painted on him. Sexy!

I was curious to see the final look so I went back and forth to see the artist's progress. Hmm looks like a cat?

A puma? Black cat??

And here she is with the coolest hair I've ever seen.  Beautiful isn't she? I'm thinking sexy cat woman!

From sexy to terminator! Where's her eyeball?

She had such an awesome glowing green eye.  I love her and her look. She went right into posing for the camera! I wonder if she can see through that green eye.

Is he a zombie or just in real need of a tan?

Whatever he is, looks like he was not too amused to look like the sky.  He was completely airbrushed from head to toe.

What are they doing to his mouth and chest??

This was hands down my favorite look from the entire show.  His mouth was painted over to give the effect so literally the poor model had to keep his mouth closed the entire time.  He too was super nice to pose for the camera every time I came back to check on him.

Forget Twilight when you have a close to real  werewolf right at the show!

 European Body Art started off with spray painting her face black.  I couldn't guess for my life how she'd look like.  Can you?

Yep that's her all done. Incredible isn't it?

Here's a back view.  Great advertisement for European Body Art I tell you. They did a great job with the airbrush paint on her.

Who's in a happy mood? I think he is! This look took quite awhile to put together and I think it's insanely cool.

The sponsor of IMATS, Royal & Langnickel Brushes also had a model.  She always had these cute poses for the camera.

Here she is all complete!

Hmm not sure what this is going to be...looks like whip cream and straws all over her body!?

Ah yes, what is a show without a super sexy alien!  She caught the attention of everyone walking around with those tubes all over her. 


Who is your favorite model out of these? Are you tired of IMATS coverage yet?


Gabrielle said...

WOW! Special effects makeup always blows me away. All of these looks are so incredible, but boy these models need a LOT of patience!

resham said...

Models have so much PATIENCE!! If I were to stand still, I would be hungry, angry, legs would hurt and I will have this urge to pee every 30!

kali said...

Wowie! I agree with Gabrielle and Resham, the models DO have patience. I wouldn't be able to stand still plus I'd be wanting to sit down. And what happens when nature calls??

I really like the "cloudy guy" but he looks a bit irritated!

liloo said...

I'm just amazed by all those talented ppl :)
Thx for sharing :)

Leenda said...

Whoaaa that is sooo cool!

rainbow st@r! hello kitty p@nts said...

Such great photos of this event, doll! I've been totally loving your coverage of IMATS in these last few posts since I couldn't make it! Thank you for posting all of this ! =) xoxo

Crystal/Cherry said...

Wow, the body paintings are sooo cool! I really want to go to IMATS now, haha!

Stephanie said...

I love all these pictures! I love looking at body art and the effects that can be made using makeup! I can't wait for your last part :)

edk.dolce said...

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MakeupMandiTX said...

I love the FX makeup pics most of all! :) I spent too many years in the theatre trying to teach my students how to do things like that not to get all excited at seeing pros do it. LOL!

Jenny said...

wow great pictures and coverage of the LA IMATS!! what camera do you use?? did you meet any youtube beauty gurus? :)

Kristie @ said...

Jenny - Thanks! I use a Canon40D and no I didn't meet any of the gurus because I was too busy pressing my face up against the camera. LOL. I'm sure there were a lot at the show so I missed out on the meet and greet.

Dizzy said...

The special effects makeup looks insane! In a good way. Editor said...

I can't tell you what I would see someone in that kind of makeup just walking down the street... So much talent!

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