IMATS Los Angeles/Pasadena 2010 Part IV

Monday, July 5, 2010

Last but not least in the 4 part IMATS coverage is the student competition that was held on Sunday at 2:45pm.  I was not able to see Alice in Wonderland competition which I thought would be the most exciting.  This competition's theme was Brother Grimm I believe and it was equally inspiring.

Each of the students had a workspace on a platform and attendees were advised not to disturb or talk to them during the competition.  This made a lot of sense because the students were under time constraints to complete their looks for the competition. 

From the bottom of the platform, I managed to capture photos of the students are work on their models. This is my favorite picture of an artist chatting with his model.

The models were all very friendly and accommodating for everyone to take pictures of them.  Some really got into his/her character while others posed with numerous attendees from the show. 

She was the winner of the competition.  The judging panel this year had 3 Emmy and 2 Oscar winners. 

This model was the scariest looking with a hunched back and plastic baby doll in his hand. 

He was the most enigmatic model out of all.  Posing in all different types of ways and playing around with the cameras. 

Here the cameras captured him on stage.

He reminded me of Peter Pan but I wasn't sure what his character was supposed to be. 

This model acted like royalty on stage just like his character. I thought he and the makeup artist did a great job thus taking the 2nd place in this competition.

I really liked her Japanese costume and hairstyle.  She held a red apple in one hand and a fan in the other. Her makeup artist was a student from Japan who took 2nd place in this competition.

Here all the makeup artists and models on stage waiting for the prizes to be announced and presented. 

Overall IMATS was a great experience and a definite must for all beauty lovers.  The entire show was well organized, inspiring, and most importantly affordable.  I really wish I was able to attend both days to have time to check out all the brands and talk to the owners.  There were a galore of brushes and incredible deals offered at the show.  MAC Pro was 20%, MUFE was 40%, Bobbi Brown 40%, Beauty Blender 20%, NYX, Crown Brushes, OCC, Naked, etc.. all had some sort of show discounts offered.  For those who have never been to IMATS, I highly encourage attending at least once to learn and discover the latest/greatest trends and talents in the industry.  I look forward to next year's show and hope that one day it would come to the bay area!  I hope everyone enjoyed the coverage of IMATS although this is only a small fraction of what was at the show. If you'd like to use any images, please ask first before re-posting or linking.


ipehishere said...

wow nice event.. !!! soo cool make up ><

resham said...

These people are so talented! Thanks for the complete IMATS tour,...

The Beautifier said...

Its amazing to see the models getting transformed into something like this! Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures hunny xoxo

MUA said...

I need to go to a make up show-event-whatever ...I'd be head over heels !

Caro xxx

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I'm so jealous you went to IMATS. I wanted to go, but I couldn't because of work. BUT they'll be in NY next yr

Dizzy said...

Great Pics! I enjoyed all your posts for IMATS!

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