MAC In The Groove Initial Review

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today is the big launch of MAC In The Groove Collection at all counters in the US.  When I say big, it's an understatement.  This is a ridiculously large collection with 30 new products released altogether.  There are 6 lipsticks, 6 cremesheen glasses, 9 mineral trio eyeshadows, 5 Mineralize Blush Duos, and 4 Mineralize Skin Finishes. If you are a mineral product fan, this will be enough to drive your wallet to the ground.  I went into the local Macy's to check out the collection today but completely forgot my camera at home, thus I'm not able to provide any swatches for you.  I'll try again tomorrow.  This collection is huge so I'm not sure how many trips I have to make to cover all the products.  I'm sure it's covered by many other blogs, especially the swatches forum on Specktra.

What I will do however, is give you my take of the products and collection as a whole. Ready? Let's jump right to it!

Lipsticks - They are all cremesheens.  
Top picks = Jazzed and All Styled Up

  • Call My Bluff - it's a light brown/coffee color that would look nice on darker skin tone ladies as a nude lip. This is much browner compared to Creme de Nude.
  • Jazzed is a coral that has pink mixed in.  Out of the tube, it's orange. I was confused why it's already sold out and many raving over it until I tried it on myself. For NC25/NC30 skin, it is a very nice pop of color on the lips that brightens the face with slight gold shimmer. It is not scary orange and I think much better than Salmon Fresh b/c it doesn't have the frosty finish.  This is coral pink and not just coral so it will be flattering on all skin tones.
  • Creme de Nude is a muted beige that makes me look like a corpse.  I'm sure this will be flattering on others, who like really nude nude lips.  In fact, Call My Bluff would be a better choice if I had to choose between the two.
  • I Like It Like That is very similar to All Styled Up but is darker and has a hint more purple. It's not an entirely unique color but the formula glides on better than lustres in my opinion. It is a cool tone pink so some might have difficulty pulling it off if you're not used to these colors.
  • All Styled Up is a yellow pink that is much more wearable on my skintone compared to Lady Gaga.  When applied lightly, I actually like this color and the finish is nice.  I can definitely see lighter skin tone ladies rocking this paired with Candlelight MSF on the cheeks for a nice glowy summery look.
  • Go For It  is a blue purple that I would never be able to pull off but I'm sure some ladies can rock.  This definitely makes a statement on the lips..very avant garde.  
Cremesheen Glass
Top Pick = Right Image.  I love the finish of cremesheen glasses as a whole but this collection was a disappointment..  The colors are too sheer and doesn't show up as opaque. These are probably best to layer on top of a lipstick for a glossy effect. If you like the finish and feel, the permanent range has much better color selection in my opinion.
  • On the Scene - is a light coral color that doesn't really show up on me. 
  • You’ve Got It – is a silver color that once again doesn't really show up.  It looks milky on my lips.
  • Going Casual  is a sheer lilac.  On the lips, you can see some lilac.  It's similar to Right Image but more milky and not as pink.
  • Fashion Whim is a beige color that again comes out rather sheer beige on the lips.
  • Right Image is a medium pink that is not as milky or sheer as the other glasses.  It's more opaque compared to the rest of the glasses and has some shimmer.  It still doesn't blow me away as the ones in the permanent collection.
  • Chillin’ is a light blue that looks like a sheer gloss on my lips.  I can barely see the blue but I'm assuming this will compliment Go For It lipstick or rather, tone it down.
Mineralized Eyeshadow Trios
Top Pick = Soften the Mood and In The Groove.  Overall the formula has improved a lot since the last release of mineralize eyeshadows.  These are much softer with less fallout and more of a satin finish.  I've always steered clear of mineral shadows before even at CCOs, but I have to give MAC props for these trios.  Overall they're not entirely unique colors in each of the trios but all are wearable.
  • Love to Love – Satin beige/Pearly Bronze/Satin Brown.  Nothing entirely unique with the bronze color as the middle stripe with shimmer.  This is good for a smokey bronzy brown eye look.
  • In the Groove - Satin green/Pearly burgundy/Satin coral. I'm particularly intrigued by the color described by MAC as satin green.  It's not entirely green but more of an ogre color like the In the Buff nail polish!  The coral color is also very pretty and wearable in this trio.
  • Making It Easy – Satin red brown/Pearly beige rose/Satin dark beige. Nice and wearable for a neutral look but nothing that blows my socks off.
  • Togetherness - Satin lavender/Pearly purple/Satin grey.  I was able to find very close dupes for the pearly purple/satin grey colors in MAC's permanent collection.  The satin lavender I could of sworn I've seen before but it wasn't Beautiful Iris. Maybe Idol Eyes?
  • Style Influencer – Satin silver/Pearly deep blue/Satin deep mauve brown. This was a snoozer for me because the colors are very similar to colors MAC has released before.  
  • Soften the Mood – Satin light brown/Pearly rose/Satin light blue. I particularly like the light shimmery brown color in this trio.  The light blue color is also quite pretty.  These three colors combined on the eye will be nice for light to medium skin tones.  I wouldn't say these are entirely unique colors but the colors are soft and wearable as a trio.
  • Fresh & Easy - Satin pink/Pearly burgundy/Satin grey. This is a pretty trio as well with a nice pink and baby blue.  I'm not sure why MAC calls it a grey cause it's far from that color in my swatch.  
  • Calm, Cool, & Collected – Satin deep green/Pearly green/Satin beige. This is a good trio if you don't have the Photorealism quad.  The pearly green is very pretty and much brighter compared to the one in Photorealism.  If you love greens, this is a good choice.
  • Blue My Mind - Satin light blue/Pearly deep teal/Satin black. Is another snoozer in my opinion.  Baby blue, medium blue, and black is so basic that you can get from the perm collection.

Mineralized Eyeshadow Trios
Top Pick = By Candlelight, Petticoat, and yes Stereo Rose.  By Candlelight is a good highlighter and Petticoat/Stereo Rose are both good blushes.  I know Stereo Rose is sold out everywhere but I wouldn't give up my first born just to get it.  There are other peachy pink blushes out there, nothing quite similar to Stereo Rose but if you don't like shimmer/a bit of frosty sheen, none of the MSF will be up your alley.
  • By Candlelight is a frosty light pink.  It is much lighter than Petticoat and Light Flush.  I wouldn't use this all over the face but as a highlighter it's quite lovely.  This will look good on light to medium skintones, and might be ashy shimmer on darker skin tones.  It provides this nice light shimmery glow on the cheeks.
  • Stereo Rose is a shimmery coral with a tint of pink.  In the pan, it looks coral/orange/ not wearable.  When applied on the skin, it is a very wearable peachy pink color that is buildable.  It's sold out everywhere and everyone raves about it.  Is it hype or worth it?  I believe a bit of both.  The swatches online and in photographs really can't capture the true color of this product.  It's not like NARS Orgasm or Deep Throat b/c those are much darker pink and shimmery.  This is a slight soft light coral peach glow.  It is smooth and not as metallic or chunky as previous MSF.
  • Comfort is a light golden bronze that I find difficult to pull off.  It's darker than Warmed MSF and not as flattering on my skin tone.  I think it might be too orange bronze on light skin tones but might be suitable to some dark skin tones. You will have to apply it on in person to see the finish.  
  • Petticoat is pink with gold veining.  This is darker than Light Flush and is a shimmery pink.  I think it's wearable for all skin tones and is good as a blush.  I wouldn't apply it all over the face or use as a highlighter because it's nicely pigmented.  Petticoat was also sold out along with Stereo Rose at my local counter. I can definitely see why because it's a flattering color.
Mineralized Blush Duo
Top Pick = Hang Loose. With a stippling brush and the right mix, most of these blushes can be wearable.
  • Happy Together – Satin caramel/Pearly beige. This is much more wearable compared to A Little Bit of Sunshine.  If you use very little of the caramel and more of the pearly beige, it comes out to be a nice coral beige color.  This would be great for some light and most medium skin tones as a bronzer type of color.
  • A Little Bit of Sunshine – Satin light brown/Pearly beige. This duo comes out as a dark coral on my skin but not in a good way.  I think some dark skin tones can make this work as a light bronzer but light tone skin will need some work to make it wearable.
  • Hang Loose – Satin bright pink/Pearly lavender.  This one I thought is the most interesting and wearable out of the 5.  One side is bright pink and the other lavender shimmer.  Mix the two together and you get this really nice shimmery light pink.  On medium skin tone, it's almost like a soft light pink/lilac version of By Candlelight MSF.  Add a little bit more pink and you'll get a really nice soft pink shimmer glow. This will be flattering on light and medium skin tones.
  • Band of Roses - Satin blue pink/Pearly light plum.  With a stippling brush, this can be a wearable shimmery plum  for medium to dark skin tones.  Light skin tones will have to be careful not to look like getting punched in the cheeks. 
  • New Vibe – Satin deep rose/Pearly bronze. This one is interesting to me because both colors are so vibrant and pigmented that it's difficult to mix together for a wearable color.  However when you do, it's a bronzy dark reddish color that would work for dark skin tones.  Light skin tone ladies might have an issue with this along with some medium skin tones.  Mix the colors wrong and it can look like a hot mess.
Phew! Overall I think the collection is way too large and overwhelming but there are definite improvements in the feel of mineralize eyeshadows. If you can, get your hands on Stereo Rose because it is nice but if you can't, don't stress over it.  The lipsticks are nice but nothing that will blow your socks off unless you love and only wear coral, Jazzed is a must.  Skip all the cremesheens and head straight to the permanent cremesheen collection. It's much much better and more opaque! Do check out Hang Loose Mineralize Blush's very pretty.

What are your top picks from MAC In The Groove?


    MissA* said...

    The collection was launched a week ago and I just went to check them out today. I found nothing I like... :(

    Dina (XYYan) said...

    I really want to get the Stereo Rose and Jazzed after all those raves, but still I have too much blush I can handle right now! :D

    DANA said...

    I think it's still launching later on in Australia, but I'm in Indonesia at the moment and MAC isn't even available here!! AAHH!!

    I'm eyeing Hang Loose, Stereo Rose, Jazzed and All Styled Up!! Colours I don't have and I want to have!! =) My collection is so growing, I like! hehehe...

    Dizzy said...

    I’m excited for the mineralized eyeshadow trios, but every time I go to MAC, and check out the mineralized eyeshadows, I’m just not motivated to buy them? Am I the only one to feel this way?
    Great post tho! Thanks for sharing!

    Stephanie said...

    I actually wasn't totally wowed by this collection. I was interested in Petticoat, By Candlelight, Jazzed, and Hang Loose. I just didn't understand the hype over SR :/

    Twinn said...

    I def need a new collection of makeup.
    I have to see this there's so many to def. look at. The blush && lips are my def go to right now.

    Nic Nic said...

    I swatched Jazzed and I wasn't sure if it was me! A overview of the collection... good to hear I'm not missing out much :P

    Kristie @ said...

    Dizzy - No you're not alone in this. Previous mineralize eyeshadows have been chunky, glittery, and lots of fallout. These are much much better in my opinion b/c they are buttery smooth and adhere better to the skin.

    Makeup by Kim Porter said...

    I purchased Petticoat MSF, Band of roses mineralize blush, 3 lipsticks, and 2 cremesheens... Iliek everything i have

    kali said...

    Hey! I was wondering if you were going to do swatches too?

    So I ended up not getting Stereo Rose after all. I had pre-saled 2 WAY in advace and was at the top of the list but yesterday (when it came out), they straight up SOLD MINE.

    The only reason I found this out was because I had to call. Because of all the hype, I got really nervous and wanted to make sure they still had the 2 I bought so I called in the evening and they said they didn't have it -so it has been sold out. They didn't even have the decency to call and tell me that they sold my stuff. I was so, so upset. I called nearly every MAC store within a 2hr radius of where I live (about 15 stores) and they were all sold out. I was told everywhere in the U.S. was sold out by a few stores.

    Lesson learned. Don't take a chance at doing pre-sales with a new store when it's such a big collection. I really should've gone with the 2 stores I normally go with but I figured that it was the same thing -plus this store was closer.

    It's times like this that makes me hate MAC -and Nordstroms!! Ugh.. and Nordstroms is supposed to have that "great customer service."

    Chrissy said...

    I LOVE Jazzed. I picked it up today and it's every bit as wonderful as people described it to be :) Hope you enjoy it as much as me!

    Kristie @ said...

    Chrissy - Awww lucky you. Jazzed is sold out everywhere so I can't pick up one. Enjoy!

    resham said...

    I picked By Candlelight...The lady talked me to buy it....Its pretty though...

    cub said...

    I bought By Candlelight and Comfort MSFs, and Love to Love eyeshadow trio! Loving all of it so far! Stereo Rose looked kind of unwearable to me.. really pretty in the pan, but too shimmery and bright for me. I didn't even try it on, but I wish I had since everyone is going nuts over it! I guess I was also sold on the other 2 MSF and didn't want to drop any more cash! LOL

    Makeup Magpie said...

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on Stereo Rose & Petticoat MSF. Love them both!

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