NYX Rouge Cream Blushes Swatches and Review

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

During IMATS, I visited the NYX booth to pick up 4 Rouge Cream Blushes and one Lip Lacquer Pot.  I have been looking all over local stores for these cream blushes but haven't been able to locate one.  When I saw them, I had to put them in the bag.  Most reviews rate these very high in terms of feel/pigmentation. Some even say they can be dupes to MAC's Cremeblend blushes from Lillyland Collection.  Let's see how these compare!

First off, these are 0.19oz/5.3g retailing at $6.50USD on the NYX website.  Out of the 4 blushes I picked up, I think one of them has an older packaging and logo.  You can probably spot that one right away.  One thing to note is that these are made in Taiwaan but distributed in the US.  The four colors I purchased (CB01 Rose Petal, CB03 Tea Rose, CB05 Glow, and CB01 Golden) are geared towards bridal/natural flush looks with the exception of CB10 Golden as a highlighter. A note of caution- all of these blushes have mineral oil as one of the top ingredients. If you are allergic to mineral oil or hydrogenated castor oil, these might not be for you.

Here they are next to each other for comparison purposes (Glow, Rose Petal, Golden, and Tea Rose).

Glow looks like a watermelon in the pan but comes out as a medium bubblegum pink.  This can be layered from light to dark so if you're not used to bright pink, start off light and add as needed.

Rose Petal is lighter and more of a cool tone pink compared to Glow.  This color would be best for lighter and cool tone skin colors but might not show up for darker skin tones.

Golden  is a slight peachy color with shimmer. It is the only one out of the 4 with slight shimmer.  Once applied on the skin, it gives a nice highlight on the cheekbones.

Tea Rose looks darker and coral in the pan but applies as a soft peach/pink color.  This is going to be flattering on light to medium skin tones. 

The trick to applying these is by using a stippling brush such as MAC 130,188, 131, or even 109.  Lightly tap brush bristles onto the top of the pan and apply onto your cheeks. Slowly layer to build up the color instead of grabbing a lot of the blush using your fingers.  A good example is the first and second swatches of the blushes. You can see the swatch of Glow and Rose Petal looks a lot more creamy/thick and darker on my hand compared to Golden and Tea Rose.  This is because I dug into the blush and scooped out too much product.  Bottom line, use a stippling brush, lightly layer, and they will come out correctly on your skin! Also remember to set these with a loose powder to increase staying power especially for those with oily skin.

Overall, I like these blushes because they are pigmented, affordable, and easy to use.  It is a bit tricky to guess the real color of the blushes just from looking at the pan.  I had the chance to swatch each before purchasing at IMATS so I was able to figure out how they actually look like on the skin.  If you just take a look at the color in the pan, the colors are definitely different.  For the quality and price, I would say NYX did a great job with these blushes.  MAC Cremeblend are much pricier at $18.50USD and are limited edition so these are affordable alternatives with 12 shades available on the NYX website. 

Have you tried NYX Cream Blushes before? What are your thoughts?


resham said...

These look good. I find that creme blushes tend to thicken as they get older. I may be wrong, but I find my optimistic orange not as smooth as it was the day I bought. In contrast, Illamasqua stuff is still very fresh...and creamy.
I have never tried NYX blushes...

Stephanie said...

These look great! I still have yet to find them in my area, but I think I might just order them online. :)

mandy said...

I want to try these but I can't find them at a store either and I can't order online >__<

The colors look very different from the pan. But it's still pigmented.

Thanks for the swatches :]

Justine @ Productrater said...

I got 3/4 of those from Cherry Culture, I like them a lot. ;)

Dina (XYYan) said...

Thanks for the swatches! Rose Petal and Tea Rose look so pretty~ I've never tried NYX Cream blush but I will now :D

AnNeTtEe said...

wow!! all 4 of those look amazing!! my favorite is the Glow & the Rose Petal.... great haul!!!

Miss♥Nikka said...

Ive been wanting to try these..more now after seeing your swatches! They're beautiful..I have no cream blushes yet. Will definitely try these! :D

Agnes said...

They look very nice! I definitely want to try them out someday :)

Dizzy said...

like this post, and thanks for th swatches. The blushes all look beautiful!

catti said...

I have Orange and Tea Rose and I love them both : ) but I don't like the new package, it feels cheaper and not that sturdy : /

Tanveer Parmar said...

I love these! I just got Glow :D

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