Dior Fall 2010 Collection Swatches and Review

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dior Fall 2010 Collection came out a couple of weeks ago with a mixture of pink, purple, and plums.  There are one 5 Colors Designer palette, one 5 Colors eyeshadow palette, 5 Serum de Rouge, 1 Dior Addict Ultra Gloss, 2 Dior Addict High Color lipsticks, 2 nail polishes, and 2 Colors Edition Collector.

First up are the bright lip colors ranging from mauve to bright red/pink.

Dior Serum de Rouge retailing at $32USD
   Pearly Pink Serum #470 is a cool toned light pink that's a bit darker than Radiant Pink, with a tinge more purple. All of the Dior Serum de Rouge have a glossy finish, feel light on the lips, and are very moisturizing.
   Radiant Pink Serum #560 is similar to Pearly Pink but lighter. It's a flattering barbie pink with glossy finish. 
   Pink Diva Serum #670  is a bright pink.
   Ruby Serum #870  is a dark pink that's almost red on my lips.
   Plum Serum #880 is the darkest color in the collection - a glossy reddish plum.

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss retailing at $26.50USD
   Tailored Mauve #692 is a light mauve with silver pearl that's very pretty.  This is my top pick from this collection.  This will be a flattering color for all skin tones.

Dior Addict Lipcolor retailing at $26USD 
    Spectacular Mauve #694 is a darker lipstick version of Tailored Mauve lipstick.  It is a medium mauve with glossy finish and silver pearl.  
   Technicolor Red #873 is a bright pinky red with silver pearl.  

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Misty Mauve #844 ($58USD) has 3 frosty shimmer and 2 satin eyeshadows.  This palette is best for dark smokey eye combos using taupe, black, and mid-purple.  I like this much better compared to Pink Design because all of the colors are wearable with decent pigmentation.  The colors are not entirely unique and there are some slight fall out with the shimmer.

Dior 5-Colour Designer Eyeshadow in Pink Design #808 ($58USD) is my least favorite palette because of the 2 glitter bases.  I like the purple and pink eyeshadows because they have nice pigmentation.  However, the two glittery bases that show up white in the swatch are extremely difficult to apply.  I literally had to scrape a huge chunk of the product to get it to show up.  One is a light pink undertone glitter and the other is a silver white glitter base.  The liner is a black with purple shimmer.

Dior 'Smoky Mania' Eyeshadow Duo ($38USD) has a black eyeshadow with silver shimmer and a silver eyeshadow.  These are not particularly unique colors but are difficult to apply due to fall out.

Dior Vernis retailing at $21USD - I don't have any swatches for these nail polishes.
  Cherry Blossom #386 is a gorgeous mid pink
  Black Sequins #905 is a black with silver glitter

Overall, I think the collection offers a nice range of lip products for those who like brighter hues.  I love the mauve lipgloss and lipstick because they're soft, wearable, moisturizing, and have great pigmentation.  The eyeshadow palettes don't blow me away with either color or texture.  I think they will be difficult to use if you're not careful due to glitter fallout.  For those who are sensitive to fragrance, you may not like any of the lip products since they all have a heavy rosy smell. Serum de Rouge and lipglosses have about 2-3 hours of wear time. 

What's your thought on Dior Fall 2010?  Which product stood out most to you?


kali said...

Holy moly! $32?!! I really like Radiant Pink but I don't know if I could shell out $32.. plus I have so many shades like it. But the quality is probably very good.

coffretgorge said...

thank you for sharing them with us Kristie! :) the lippie swatches look beautiful! but im not sure if im getting anything from this collection. the shadows are a bit blah for me. sorry dior but im probably sitting this one out. *wallet is dancing in delight!*


loving the collection!! pink lipsticks and dark eyeshadows are amazing!!

Makeup Magpie said...

I purchased the Pink Design eye palette - I love the shimmery lilac shade. The nail colors sound intriguing - can't wait to check them out in person! :) Thanks for the great review & pics!

resham said...

The lip products look pretty...Eyeshadows I am not sure...The lipgloss packaging is so bulky...but I liked the texture. (just have one though)

Jenny said...

very pretty fall colors :) are you buying any?!

LittoMokaa said...

Thanks for sharing! The radiant pink looks nice!

prettyaspeaches said...

I love this launch! Thanks for all the great swatches. I've been wanting the Misty Mauve palette but have been resisting.

Kristie said...

Hi Jenny - I brought nothing home with me :) I was not blown away by any of the products. I did really like lip products but the fragrance are too strong for my liking.

Cherry said...

The lip gloss looks amazing. It is a must get for me. I might check out the nail polishes also!^0^ Thanks for sharing!!

mixandmatchmakeup said...

I'm really liking the Pearly Pink Serum!
Awesome swatches! :)

Nic Nic said...

What a beautiful, Radiant Pink is!

Nic Nic said...

beautiful pink* oops lol

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