Lancome Fall 2010 Collection French Coquettes Swatches and Review

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fall season is all about the classic red/plum and no other brand does it better than Lancome this year.  French Coquettes is created by LancĂ´me Artistic Makeup Director Aaron De Mey.  The collection "captures the spirit of the modern woman at the start of the 20th century, heralding the signature hallmarks of French glamour". I find French Coquettes mesmerizing from the models' looks to the slight shimmer in each lip color.  It's definitely wearable for women of all ages and skin tones. 
                                                      Image courtesy of Lancome website

Ombre Magnetique / Spectacular Sparkle $25USD  
         Black Macadam is a black with silver glitter. 
         Urban Silver is a silver with light blue undertone when swatch under yellow lighting. 
         Cherry Cherie is a plum with slight shimmer

La Rose Deco $40USD
         Rosy Glow is in the form of a rose as shown in image below from Lancome website.  The light pink side can be used as a highlighter and the darker medium pink as a blush. You can also swirl the two together to create an all over color to brighten the face.  I found Rosy Glow to be smooth and not as powdery compared to Burberry's blushes. This is a lovely cool tone color suitable for light to medium skin tones.  The light portion of Rosy Glow might be ashy on darker skin tones.

Color Design Eye Shadow Quad $42USD (Limited Edition)
         French Touch consists of a satin white, shimmery pink with golden undertone, purple with silver shimmer, and soft plum eyeshadow.  My favorite color in the quad is the dark purple.  It is nicely pigmented and took only 2 swipes for each color.  These are more of satin finish with the shimmery pink having a bit more fallout compared to the rest of the colors in the quad.

L’Absolu Rouge $29USD
         Rose Divine is a medium red.  It is a brighter version of  Chanel's Mademoiselle.  I can see this being a flattering color for all skin tones.
         Parisian Attraction is darker than Rose Divine and cooler tone.  Those who find Rose Divine too bright will like this color.  All of the Lancome lipsticks go on smooth with a strong rosy/watermelon fragrance similar to YSL Rouge Volupte. 
         Cherry Kiki is a medium plum that can be sheered out or build up to darker plum depending on the # of applications.
         Rendez-vous is not part of this collection yet it's on every counter so I'm not sure. It's a brownish red/brick color that's darker than Parisian Attraction.

La Laque Fever Lipglosses, $26.50USD
          Sensation is a gorgeous MLBB mid pink with shimmer. All the Lipglosses are slightly sticky, goes on smooth, and has the same rosy fragrance as the lipsticks.
          Nude Rose is a light pink with shimmer. This goes on practically clear on my lips so it's best to layer on top of a lipstick.
          Plum Fetish is a pretty dark plum that's wearable with a neutral eye look. It has red/gold shimmer.
          Rouge Temptress is an eye catching red with gold/red shimmer that's very much Snow White lips.

Le Venis Trio $25USD
          Kissed by Paris consists of a peachy pink with shimmer, medium red, and medium plum nail colors.  Please pardon the sloppy swatches on my nails.  I'm in desperate need of a manicure but here it is anyway to give you an idea of the colors.  The trio has three small nail polishes which are similar to the lipstick Rose Divine, lipgloss Nude Rose, and Plum Fetish.  My favorite is Nude Rose.  All swatches are done with only 1 coat.  I had no issues applying these; they were not streaky and went on very smoothly.

Overall, I think Lancome did a great job with French Coquettes.  The colors are wearable for all skin tones and nicely pigmented with good texture.  I do wish the lipsticks and lipglosses wouldn't have such strong fragrances.  However I love the lipglosses much better compared to Juicy Tubes because they are not overly sticky or tacky.  They leave a pretty glossy effect on the lips and are supposed to have good wear time.  If you are a lover of reds/plums, I think French Coquettes will be right up your aisle. The collection is now available at all local Lancome counters and on the Lancome website.

My top picks: Rosy Glow, French Touch Quad, Rose Divine lipstick, Sensation lipgloss, Rouge Temptress lipgloss, Kissed by Paris Le Venis Trio

What is your impression of French Coquettes? Did anything tickle your fancy?


tramstabalaboopy said...

Love that sensation lipgloss & Rose divine lippiee :)

Also the NUDE ROSE nail lacquer! Hot!! :DD:D:D:

Thank you for sharing.

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Oh wow! These are some of my favourite makeup colours!!! Can't wait to buy some!

Leah ♥ said...

thanks for the many swatches!

The nude rose nail color really stands out to me :)

Tammy said...

Fall already? Where does summer go? lol
The quad really reminds me of Dior's lace Coquette quint, but maybe it's just the name haha
Rosy Glow is so gorgeous! I'm such a sucker for overlay designs like that *sigh*...

Jenny said...

wooww so much sultry dark colors for the fall!! i looooove the rosy glow blush!! i wonder if the imprint of the rose lasts long! and i love nude rose nail polish!! great swatches as always ;)

Pinch said...

I love the look of that Sensation gloss and French Touch quad!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Thank you so much for the swatches!! The Rosy Glow is so pretty and the Nude Rose nail polish too! :D

Cherry said...

The rosy glow palette is truely pretty!^0^ Thanks for sharing!

nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Lovely Swatches! I need that urban silver ASAP! Thanks for sharing

Diane said...

I have never been a huge Lancome fan but this collection has me excited. I like the deeper shades of lipsticks. Thanks for all the swatches!

samanthaloves said...

I love Rosy Glow! Kristie, is highlighted part is just overlay right? Do you find that the actual blush still has any sheen to it?

Kristie said...

Hi Samathaloves. I believe the highlighted part is just an overlay. In all the testers I've seen, there is no highlight seen. I personally have not seen the highlight and there is no sheen to the blush.

Fashion-rocks said...

great post.

Dizzy said...

The Collection looks exciting 8D
La Rose Deco in Rosy Glow is so pretty!

coffretgorge said...

yes yes yes! so far i like the nail polish in nude rose, rouge temptress and sensation lipglosses! nice :) thanks for sharing kristie! :)

KAMAC89 said...

i deff want to check this collection out i love the parisian attraction lipstick but do you think it would be too dark for someone with pale skin??

Kristie said...

Hi KAMAC89 - I don't think Parisian Attraction would be too dark. It's definitely buildable so you can start by using a lip brush for a light layer and add more to make it darker. Rose Divine is an alternative as a brighter color.

coffretgorge said...

hi kristie! i knoooow chanel nail lacquers are addicting! i totally missed out on nouvelle vague too! but if you really want it, i found this site which carries it, let me know if you want the link! hahahah >:)

mixandmatchmakeup said...

These colors are beautiful... great swatches! Your post was fantastic... I can't wait until your next one! :)

resham said...

Rose Divine Is DIVINE....The blush thing looks lovely in the rose Print...

Sarah said...

I've been going crazy over the Cherry Cherie but, it looks TOTALLY different than they show on the website:( I do really like the quad though and I think I may order the Black Macadam instead. Thanks for the swatches!

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