MAC Fabulous Felines Swatches and Review: Eyeshadow Quads

Thursday, August 19, 2010

There are 3 quads in this collection, each retailing at $36USD with MAC's revamped quad palette.  I like the new packaging but it's a bit difficult to open if you don't have nails.


Top picks: Palace Pedigree because 3/4 colors swatch fairly smooth. This is no surprise since it's the only quad to have 3 Satins and 1 Matte.  I can definitely see several mauve smokey eyes with this combo.

Burmese Beauty


  • Prized is a pale beige with satin finish. Similar to other beige shadows MAC has released previously.
  • Burmese Beauty is a frosted brown with green shimmer in Lustre formula that reminds me a lot of Club.  This took several swipes to show up and was fussy.
  • Showstopper is a deep dark brown in Matte formula and is incredibly fussy to swatch. This is my least favorite color out of the quad and it's a repromote. 
  • Skintone 2 is a dirty gold in a Frost formula. It went on fairly smooth and is a pretty color. This is a repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics quad. 

    Palace Pedigree

    • Courtly is a frosted light pink in a satin formula.
    • Quite Spoiled is a mid-tone mauve in satin formula that's smooth.
    • Russian Blue is a neutral grey in Matte formula which to no surprise is not my favorite formula. However, this wasn't as fussy as the usual Mattes.
    • Palace Pedigree is a deep berry with soft pink pearl in satin formula. Went on smooth, no issues.
    The swatch is a bit off as the colors are a bit lighter in real life but this is the best swatch I could get for this quad.

      Leopard Luxe 

      • Wild By Nature is a mid-tone camel/dark beige in Matte formula that was surprisingly not fussy. 
      • Notoriety is a dirty brown with gold pearl in Velvet formula.  This color is somewhat fussy. It is a repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics.
      • Furiously Fabulous is a frosty warm black in Veluxe Pearl formula.  
      • Style Predator is a frosty yellow color that went one pretty smooth since its a Veluxe Pearl formula. This is the most unique as I haven't seen this color before from MAC.

       Overall, I wasn't blown away at any of the quads. I like several of the colors in each quad but not all of them as a whole.  I'm not sure why MAC insisted on putting Mattes in them since they really need to improve on the formula IMHO.

      What might come home with me? Palace Pedigree Quad

      Which quad jumped out at you - if any?


      mixandmatchmakeup said...

      I like the Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow quad a lot. I thought I was going to like Leopard Luxe too, but I wasn't crazy for it. Thanks for sharing! As always, great post! :)

      prettyaspeaches said...

      I've been lemming the bb and pp quads. Great swatches!

      Miss♥Nikka said...

      I like them! I kinda like the new palette too. Looks much more study than the old. But I agree, its hard to open and remove the e/s pans out.

      coffretgorge said...

      erm, colors are nice but i think im gonna pass Kristie. *wallet is prancing in delight* hahaha! :P

      Dina (XYYan) said...

      Thanks for the swatches! Burmese Beauty looks so pretty :)

      Blusherine said...

      I will skip the quads this time, the colors are too flat and matte for my taste and I have three of those colors already. Too bad, because I am a sucker for MAC eyeshadows!

      Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

      I think I'll just be getting Palace Pedigreed. I already have Shroom, Club and Flip which are similar to Burmese Beauty and the yellows in Leopard Luxe won't work on me. Money saved!

      Ansa said...

      I think I like Palace Pedigreed the best.

      resham said...

      Not impressed by Quads...I hate when quads have lustres...or!!

      MatryoshkaDoll said...

      I love your swatches! Thank you, these were very helpful. I actually pre-ordered Leopard Luxe & Burmese Beauty and I'm more excited about them now!

      Dizzy said...

      Nice review, but I think I might pass on the quads tho 8(

      Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

      Great swatches!!! I'm still undecided on these quad they seem so dupable but I know the collector in me will find a need for at least one of them lol

      MakeupMandiTX said...

      I think I'm going to pass on the quads. I was more excited about the lipsticks this go-round. ;) Great post!

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