MAC Fabulous Felines Swatches and Review: Mineralize Blushes, Pigments, and Superslick Liquid Eye Liner

Thursday, August 19, 2010

There are 3 Limited edition Mineralize Blushes retailing at $21USD, 9 Permanent Superslick Liquid Eyeliner for $17.50USD, and 6 Pigments at $19.50USD.

Top Picks: Pet Me and Utterly Game mineralize blushes. These are soft, smooth, and nicely pigmented.  I love the pink and soft peachy coral colors for every day usage. 

Mineralize Blush

  • Utterly Game is a warm peach with soft pearl.  It went on very nicely on my NC25/30 skintone as a warm coral peach.  I can see this color being flattering on all skin tones.  It is not similar to Stereo Rose which is more muted, and doesn't have a lot of shimmer either. More of a satin finish; not frosty or crumbly. This is buildable but is not super bright. I think this will be sold out first.
  • Pet Me is a yellow pink with soft pearl that's similar to Dainty.  This will be flattering again on all skin tones.  It's not super bright or muted either. Just right. 
  • The Soft Meow is a golden bronze with soft pearl that's not at all flattering on my skin tone.  It came out as a dirty brown so I wouldn't recommend it on medium/olive skin.  Lighter skin tones may try to use it as a bronzer. I'm not sure how it would show up on darker skintones - maybe a light shimmer contour color.

Top Picks: Marked for Glamour, Defiantly Feline, and Smoky Heir.  All of these liners are super pigmented and incredibly gorgeous.  They will first go on liquidy but will not budge once set.  I haven't tried out the brush on my lids yet but the colors blow me away at first swatch.

Superslick Liquid Eye Liner 


  • Pure Show - I couldn't swatch since the tester is missing. 
  • Marked for Glamour is a gorgeous mid-tone grey with pearl. 
  • On the Hunt is a black with no shimmer.
  • Desires & Devices - I couldn't swatch since the tester is missing. 
  • Defiantly Feline is a gorgeous chocolate brown with pearl. I suspect this will be sold out fairly quickly!
  • Treat Me Nice is an emerald green with shimmer.
  • Nocturnal is a bright silver shimmer that takes a couple swipes to get solid color on the hand.
  • Smoky Heir is a dark violet with pearl that's super pretty at certain angles. 
  • Signature Blue is a dark navy that I can barely see the shimmer indoors.
Swatches taken with mall lighting:

Swatches outdoor:

 Swatches in direct sunlight:

Top Picks: Lithe will be great for everyday usage as brow bone highlight or inner tear duct.  Gold Stroke is a gorgeous light pinkish brown that's buidable and incredibly smooth.  Antique Green is soft to the touch and unique if you don't have a green in your kit.  


  • Lithe is a frost warm nude with gold shimmer. I really love this color although I hardly use pigments.  It looks gorgeous in the sun and indoor at certain angles. Smooth, velvet to the touch.
  • Old Gold -I couldn't swatch since the tester is missing. 
  • Gold Stroke is a frosty pinky brown with shimmer. I really like both the color and texture.
  • Antique Green is a turquoise green with green pearl that went on smooth. 
  • Mauvement is a cool taupe with gold shimmer that's a repromote from Rushmetal. This came out as crumbly bits on my hand. I didn't like the texture of this at all.
  • Bloodline is a dirty purple/plum that has blue/silver shimmer, and looks different in certain angles.  It starts out as a taupe color (with 1 light swipe) but looks more dark plum as you pack on the colors (3-4 swipes).  In certain lighting I see it more of a dark plum/black more so than taupe.

Unfortunately the swatches didn't come out as nice because of the yellow mall lighting. Here I have several different images at different angles to give you an idea of how they look.  These really don't do the pigments any justice since they're much prettier in person.

    Overall, I feel most of the products are outstanding in terms of color/pigmentation/texture. I strongly advice not to pass up on Utterly Game, Lithe Pigment, and Defiantly Feline. I have a feeling those will sell out fairly quickly once people see them in person.

    The Superslick Liquid Eye Liners are PERMANENT so if you're on a tight budget, you don't have to purchase them right away.   Several of the pigments are repromotes or part of the permanent collection so be sure to check your stash!

    What will come home with me? Pet Me/Utterly Game mineralize blushes, Lithe pigment, Defiantly Feline liner.

    Did any of these products tickle your fancy?


    Justine @ Productrater said...

    thanks for the awesome swatches, the two mineralized blushes in utterly game and pet appeal to me. I have dainty so I am not sure I need this one, and also cause I think the mineralized stuff breaks me out, not sure though.

    I would like mauvement pigment too, I don't have any pigments and that one always appealed to me.

    Leah ♥ said...

    thanks for the swatches! These are out for purchase already? I thought they dont come out til the end of the month, I really want the lithe pigment!

    ..and thats sooooo much for the info about the liners being permanent, they are something I wanna try out but not right now. If they were LE I wouldve bought it

    Blusherine said...

    I will definitely check out Gold Stroke Pigment, it looks gorgeous! I agree with you, Mauvement is too glittery, I don't really like it!

    Popcorn said...

    ohhh, I want a pigment! I don't know which one yet, but all I know is I WANT one. hehehe

    Thanks sooo much for the swatches!

    I think I am falling for the Smokey Heir Liner~ Beautiful!

    Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

    I'm going to get Pet Me MB and just the Black liner to start with. I like a couple of the colours but I want to see if I actually like the wand and formula before I get a couple!
    I'm not really into pigments so I'll be passing on them but Gold Stroke and Antique Green are really pretty!

    Dina (XYYan) said...

    Utterly Game is really pretty! Those pigments look very pigmented! Thanks for the swatches

    Nic Nic said...

    I do agree Utterly Game is very pretty, so is Pet Me too!

    I love Signiture Blue, very pretty and intense!

    CENDANA said...

    Oohh la la ... MAC and their neverending LE collection... The MSF looks gorgeous...

    resham said...

    Lithe is AMAZING!!!!!

    swatchcat said...

    Thank you so much for those amazing swatches! As much as I love the feline-inspired concept, I think I'm just going to get Lithe and Bloodline pigments.

    Kristie said...

    Leah - The collection officially launches next Thursday, 8/26. It should be online 8/24. Bloomingdales is already selling it online and Nordstroms are doing pre-orders.

    Dizzy said...

    I really like the Superslick Liquid Eye Liners packaging!

    Erin C said...

    This is so helpful, thanks! I'm really rethinking Bloodline!

    Cydonian said...

    Great review and great pics... it helps me narrow down what I want! Thanks :)

    the Honey B said...

    thanks for the swatches!!!!

    Sabrina said...

    Thanks for the post! Now I wish I had hauled some blushes...:-(

    LU said...

    Thanks for the swatches, I actually picked up lithe myself, and I am dying to get all the liners because they are so pretty. I've read online several places that the liners are permanent, however the SA at the Times Square store in NYC told me they are LE to the Fabulous Felines collection?

    Blackmentos said...

    Pet me and utterly game are so gorgeous!

    Also loving antique green like crazy! Lucky you to have all the lovely stuff to play with! :)

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