MAC Fabulous Felines Swatches and Review: Lipsticks and Lipglasses

Friday, August 20, 2010

If none of the other products got your lemming, Fabulous Felines also released an astounding 12 lipsticks and 9 lipglasses. All of these are limited edition.

Lipstick ($14.50 USD)

  • Pet Me Please is a frosty light dirty mauve. This would be a good nude color for some.
  • Aristo-Cat is a mid-tone frosty purple mauve that I could of sworn I've seen MAC released before. This color is cool tone so I'm not sure if it'll be flattering on darker skin tones. It's a pretty color but a bit frosty for my liking.
  • Of Royalty is a cool tone creamy blue pink in cremesheen formula. Very similar to All Styled Up recently released.
  • Drive Me Wild is a warm coral with gold pearl in cremesheen formula. This color is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm not a particular fan of coral but this is just the right mix of coral/red.  I think it will be flattering on all skin tones.
  • Superior is a sheer lavender pink with pink glitter in dazzle formula.  You can slightly see the pink but definitely lots of glitter. If you don't like glitter overload lipsticks, this will not be for you.
  • The Prowl is a creamy dark chocolate in lustre formula. It is slightly sheer and takes a couple of swipes.  On the lips, it's not too dark and would be flattering on med/dark skintones.
  • Powerful is a bronze with multi-pearl in dazzle formula. This one is very glittery on the lips.
  • Out Minxed is a light yellow gold in glaze formula.  This is another good contender for a shiny coat over the lip. Not exactly a nude lip color, but more like a glossy finish type of look.
  • Cunning is a frost dark berry that's surprisingly not very frosty on the lips.  This is another vampy dark lipstick.
  • To Pamper is a mid-tone taupe in lustre formula.  This color makes me look completely dead but might work for darker skin tones.  It's a cool tone taupe that I haven't seen from MAC before.
  • Liquid Lurex is a repromote from Digi-Pops.  It's a light yellow with green multipearl.
  • Kittenish is a deep red berry in cremesheen formula that's lighter than Cunning. It's a vampy dark lip color that doesn't apply as opaque compared to Cunning and a bit streaky.
Swatches in direct sunlight:

    Lipglass ($14.50 USD)

    • Jealous- couldn't swatch this since tester is missing.
    • Schemer is a yellow with red and gold pearl.  This is best layered on top of a lipstick.
    • Spree is a pretty champagned mauve with pearl. This is not too dark or too light and would be flattering on light/medium skin tones. 
    • Best of Breed is a light blue with pearl that's rather sheer on the lips.  Again best to layer on top of a lipstick.
    • Wildly Refined is a mid-tone coral with gold pearl that's super pretty.  This instantly brightened up the face and is not too coral either.  I think this will be flattering on all skin tones, especially light to medium.
    • Fancy Cat is a dark dirty brown with pearl that swatches pretty much brown.  I think this will be a good nude for darker skin tones.  
    • Docile is a pinky lavender with pearl that's really pretty for a light lip paired with smokey eyes.  It's similar to Icescape.
    • Lap of Luxury is a dark eggplant with slight shimmer that's perfect for a fall look.  For those who like darker lips, this will be a winner. It is gorgeous for medium to dark skin tones.
    • A Quiet Roar is a pale white that might be good over a lipsticks to make it..frosty? By itself is frosty white on the lips that's not very flattering on me. I'm really not sure how to use this color.

    Overall I think the stand out are Drive Me Wild lipstick, Wildy Refined and Lap of Luxury lipglasses.  MAC released a wide variety of colors so you're bound to find one to your liking.

    Vampy lip lovers will look forward to Lap of Luxury, The Prowl, Cunning, Kittenish
    Nude lip lovers have Superior, Outminxed, To Pamper, Best of Breed, Docile
    Dazzle lovers will love Liquid Lurex and Powerful.
    Neutral lovers like myself gravitate towards Drive Me Wild, Spree, Widly Refined.

    What will come home with me? Drive Me Wild lipstick.

    Which lipstick/lipglass do you like best? Are you purchasing any of these?


    Tammy said...

    Hmmmm what do you think would look best with the bluelipgloss? Howwould youwear it?

    great swatches btw!

    Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

    Thanks for the swatches, yours are always great! You've confirmed what I wanted, which is Of Royalty and Kittenish. Do you think Kittenish would work as a stain if dotted on lightly?

    Dina (XYYan) said...

    I love Drive Me Wild! It's really gorgeous :) Thanks for the swatches!

    Nic Nic said...

    Of Royalty is the prettiest out of the bunch for me! Great swatches :)

    Ansa said...

    They all look amazing. I really want OF Royalty

    CENDANA said...

    Ooohhh MAC seems to be releasing similar colours... Of Royalty is gorgeous but oh so similar to the recent All Styled Up... I think I might as well just get Saint Germain. LOL!

    MissA* said...

    I love Drive Me Wild! I hope this collection will be released soon... Can't wait.

    Thanks for the swatches! :)

    Mz. More said...

    I am so wanting that Lap of Luxury lipglass now. Gorgeous!

    resham said...

    Drive me Wild and Aristo cat look pretty...
    They all look gorgeous when lined together...

    Kristie said...

    Tammy - I think the blue gloss would be good over Of Royalty for a cooler toner blue shimmer or layered on top of the vampy colors to tone it down.

    Laura - Kittenish would work definitely work as a stain if dotted on lightly. I'd recommend using a brush to dab on the lips to build up the color.

    Miss Krimson - Neither :) I was lucky to see the testers first at my local Nordies.

    Kat O said...

    Miaow! As a cat fanatic I'll have to nab a few bits from this collection! I have a strange hankering for the blue may have the effect of making your teeth appear whiter like that Benefit one does?

    Dizzy said...

    Great review and swatches!
    I’m thinking on getting Liquid Lurex, it’s such a unique and interesting shade 8D

    wuguimei said...

    Pet Me was on my list, but it's so similar to Dainty I think I'm going to have to pass!

    Pinch said...

    Oh, thank you so much Kristie! They all look very pretty, I'm also weak for Pretty Wild :)

    julianne. said...

    i love the middle sticks,
    gorgeous colors.<3

    cocoabee said...

    oooo pretty (:

    Alice said...

    What an amazing thorough review!! You definitely helped me make my purchases today. Thanks!!

    Kristie said...

    np Alice. Glad it was helpful for ya!

    The Beautifier said...

    Those swatches are really awesome! I am drolling over this collectinn! Lucky you, you got them all, I envy you now lol!

    Mary said...

    Wow, talk about eye candy! Seeing all those lovely colour choices is making me itch to place a MAC order, especially since I just got a free shipping coupon code from them.

    I'll have to get the blue lipglass because I have nothing else like it, Docile (looks like it'll be pretty to pair over some of my nude lipsticks that I find hard to wear), and Aristo-Cat looks stunning!

    Thanks for all the photos and swatches!

    "L" said...

    I would have to check this out :D

    hevn said...

    Ooooooooooo... thanks for the review!!
    I've set my eyes on one lipstick, gotta check it out when it comes :D

    Semona said...

    Out of this world. What a range.

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