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Monday, August 23, 2010

                                                       Photo by carlosluis (CC)

I confess -when it comes to beauty, I'm incredibly impatient. I want to touch and use the products right away.  I can't stand waiting for the postman to arrive with my order a whole week later. However, despite my need to have the new lipstick/blush/gloss immediately, I'm still a skeptic at heart.

What do I mean?  I simply cannot order any cosmetics/skincare product online without seeing or testing the product first.  I find it important to see the colors, textures, and feel of each product on my own skin before deciding if it's worth purchasing or even recommending on this blog.

What about products I've already tried and love? I'd still prefer to purchase in store so I can see and feel it :) It has to be a really great GWP or sale to tempt me to purchase online.

Maybe it's the satisfaction of "now" but I still feel like a giddy little gal every time I get to pick up a new item without having to suffer through the wait.

What about you?  How do you like to purchase cosmetics?  Online or in store?


LittoMokaa said...

Me too I prefer to purchase in store because like you said, it's important testing/seeing the real product first. The color displayed on your screen may not be exactly the same. The only things that I can actually buy online are sheet mask, mascara, maybe eyeshadows and blush. The only thing that I would probably never buy online are face moisturizers! I'm too picky! lol

Gigi said...

I actually really like purchasing online, but.. only because alot of the products aren't available where I live. The reason I like online shopping is because I can check out reviews right away and see if it's worth the money plus no pushy salesladies to deal with. Then again there ain't nothing better then being able to test out a lipstick on myself before buying.

One good thing about purchasing in store - for me - is that it makes me spend less. When you're charging up your credit card and not literally SEEING your cash leave your wallet, you tend to spend more.

coffretgorge said...

i like both! haha. but i only shop online because a lot of the brands i like are not available in our local stores :D i think its really nice that you have everything you like within your area.

Jenny said...

i love testing out stuff in person too before i purchase an item! i'm pretty impatient too with packages in the mail, but once it arrives my mood sky rockets! :D i'm such a kid haha

kali said...

I like purchasing online because I love all the extra samples, discounts, and GWPs you often get. I HATE waiting for it to come though but when it does, I feel like it's Christmas! I love "unwrapping" my new "presents."

I've realized that even when I buy things in the store, I never use it right away. The products will sit there for weeks before they even get tested. However, products bought online get the love right away!

Dina (XYYan) said...

I like to to test and feel the texture too! But when I can't get them anywhere in the store, I might opt for online shopping :D

Klaudea said...

I mostly like purchasing in store too, unless it is a department store counter, then I'd rather get it I have an irrational fear of sales people especially when I'm only poking around browsing. Somehow I feel that I have to buy something around a sales person... I know, I'm the perfect customer HAHA.

I never understand how people buy foundation online though.... how can you tell it's your skin colour through a picture?

Makeup Magpie said...

I like to buy online to avoid pushy sales associates and do usually get better samples. But nothing beats the instant gratification of buying in-store! I would not buy skin-care products or foundation online though. I sometimes like buying colors unseen because I get things I may not have tried otherwise, but end up really loving!

Nic Nic said...

good question! im impatient person like you lol, but I gave way to online shopping quite a while a go. I like the fact i dont get nosy or annoying SA at the counter, it's nice and relaxing to wait for it to arrive at my door :D

besides, in UK and japan, there is no return policy anyway lol. shopping could wrong even if you test it at the shops lol.

i agree swatching in person is different and i do that if I'm not if it'll suit my skin tone but actually i'm ever grateful for bloggers like temptalia and you to show me new MAC collections of their colours ^_^

Really Petite said...

I have never ordered any makeup online- that would be too scary for me!!

I pretty much just go to the store and buy the same thing over and over...LOL

Dizzy said...

hehe I'm the same way!

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