NARS Beauty Life and Only You Palettes Swatches and Review

Monday, August 16, 2010

Are you new to NARS? If so, the two newly introduced palettes: Beautiful Life Lip and Cheek Palette and Beautiful Life Lip and Cheek Palette will have your heart skipping a beat.  These are now available  on NARS website and at your local Nordstrom counters.  Both come in compact black zippered nylon cases.  Images courtesy of NARS online.

Let's jump to the swatches shall we?

Beautiful Life Lip and Cheek Palette retails at $55USD.  It contains lipsticks in Sexual Healing, Honolulu Honey, Roman Holiday, Funny Face and Multiples in Orgasm, Copacabana.  Each of the lip colors are bold and nicely pigmented.  I had no issues at all swatching this palette.  Both of the Multiples are classic colors - Orgasm as a peachy pink with shimmer and Copacabana is a light pink shimmer.  Orgasm is best used for a blush while Copacabana is fitting for a highlighter.  

My favorite lip color is Funny Face because it's a bright fuchsia that's wearable for all skintones. Sexual Healing is a nice light pink with shimmer, fitting for a nude lip paired with smokey eyes.  Roman Holiday is a barbie pink that goes on very smooth.  Honolulu Honey is a peachy/beige that's also a good nude lip for darker skin tones. This color slightly reminds me of MAC Jazzed in outdoor lighting.

Here are the swatches under dark lighting:

 Swatches in outdoor lighting:

Only You Eye and Cheek Palette retails at $65USD. It contains  eyeshadows in Alhambra, Mekong, Eurydice, Pandora and Blush in Hungry Heart/Orgasm.  Eurydice is a gorgeous eggplant with blue shimmer, Mekong is an espresso with multi-shimmer, Alhambra is a metallic rosey beige, and Pandora is a matte black.  Orgasm Blush is a peachy pink with shimmer that's slightly frosty in the powder form, and Hungry Heart Blush is more of a highlighter on my NC25/30 skin tone.  It's a beautiful palette if you don't own any of the single/duo eyeshadows or blushes from NARS.  

My favorites are Eurydice, Mekong, and Alhambra.  The eyeshadows are extremely smooth, pigmented, and such a pleasure to swatch.  I was pretty much blown away by these colors.  

Here are the swatches under dark lighting: 

Swatches in outdoor lighting:


Overall I think these palettes are great introductions to NARS cosmetics for those who do not own any of the eyeshadows/blushes.  For those who do, these are convenient travel palettes.  I'm not a fan of palettes in general due to cross contamination (eyeshadows flying into lip products) and I'm glad NARS kept this in mind.  The lip and multiple palette/ eye and blush palettes won't have this problem since the textures are similar; there will be no powder sticking to a glossy lip pan.  I definitely do recommend checking out these palettes at your local counters.

Which palette speaks to you the most?  Do you own any NARS products?


pinkribbons said...

These look great and travel friendly too. I could see myself purchasing both of these.

coffretgorge said...

these look great! i do not own NARS product as of now but these palettes are winking at me! gotta get GET both for me! :) thanks for sharing these Kristie! :D i dont normally check out the NARS counter but next time i go to the dept. store, im asking about these palettes! :)

The Girly Tomboy said...

I love the last palette, with those gorgeous shadows. But I HATE that packaging. Even more fussy and likely to get dirty (and be hard to clean) than their regular packaging. Why NARS? I don't really need a zippered palette!

Replica said...

Great review and swatches. These would be great for travel, I've had problems with NARS blushers before on my acne prone skin, shame as otherwise I would pick these up!

Pinch said...

Ah, both of these are very tempting for me. Thank you, big enabler ;)

Popcorn said...

I like the Eye and Cheek palette better~
Thanks for the swatches. Oh it was a good thing that you pointed out the blush particles might go on the lip portion~ I would have never thought of that. :P

Dina (XYYan) said...

They look really great for traveling! Thanks for the swatches :)

Miss Tiff said...

When it comes to swatching, you are the best of the best! your camera is so good and your descriptions are best. You make me wanna buy everything you put up. :)

Kristie said...

Thanks so much Miss Tiff!

Dizzy said...

I really like the packaging, unique 8D

coffretgorge said...

kristie! you enabler! i just got the beautiful life palette yesterday, oooh! im so excited to use it! heehee. its my very first NARS product! do you think i should get the only you palette as well? hahaha! :D

is there a significant difference between the Orgasm multiple and powder blush? :D

ps. did you get the CHANEL nouvelle vague nail lacquer from the store i told you about? :P

coffretgorge said...

i just realized i bombarded you with questions there. haha! i hope you're having a good monday! ♥, G

Kristie said...

Coffretgorge - yay!! How do you like it so far? I don't think you need both palettes unless you want to try the eyeshadows as well. The Orgasm multiple is use for eyes/lips/cheeks whereas the Orgasm powder blush is only a blush. The Multiple is creamier and better for dry skin and is more versatile.

I didn't purchase the nail polish b/c it's so expensive :(

Enjoy your new palette!

coffretgorge said...

well... so far, i love looking at it! hahaha! will let you know once i use it! thank you for your opinion! OK then im not getting the other palette. *wallet is happy* ;)

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