MAC Venomous Villains Recap

Friday, September 24, 2010

If you're a MAC or Disney fan, I'm sure you are eagerly waiting for  MAC Venomous Villains Collection's official launch on September 30th.  This is a great collaboration between Disney and MAC to create a wickedly cool collection.  I truly applaud both companies for creating such a wearable set of colors that appeal to both neutral and bold makeup lovers. However, I really wish we didn't have to pay an extra $1 for every single item due to Disney packaging.

Swatches from each set can be found here:
Evil Queen

Since I was able to attend the unveiling party, I got a chance to preview/purchase the products a bit earlier.  From the numerous MAC Collections I've covered, I'd have to say this is probably the most versatile collection to date.  The colors are not particularly unique but as a whole, they offer the most universally flattering shades for all skin tones.

What came home with me:

Below are my personal recommendations from this collection:

Cruella De Vil

   Both the blush and beauty powder are lovely for contour and blush.  Darkly My Dear is very pigmented so use a stippling brush if you have light skin tone or are afraid of dark colors.  Her Own Devices Beauty Powder is really gorgeous, which makes a great natural contour on my NC30 skin.

    Heartless and Wicked Ways are both lovely red shades that are wearable for all skin tones.  Wicked Ways is more cherry red whereas Heartless is more of a blue toned red. If you don't have a red lipstick in your staple, I do recommend picking up Heartless.

Heartless + Devilishly Stylish in dark lighting:

Heartless + Devilishly Stylish outdoor lighting:

    Innocence, Beware! is a very nice pinkish nude lip color. However, the cremesheen formula applies unevenly on the lips and I do not recommend it for those with dry lips. They will definitely enhance dry flakes.  MAC perm line has much nicer neutral nudes like Angel/Hue you can check out.

   Carbon is a permanent color so unless you'd like to spend extra money on the packaging, I'd suggest picking up the regular or pro pan refill to save some cash.


      Violetta is available from MAC PRO so purchase if you want to pay extra for packaging or don't have a PRO store near by. Dark Deed is a very pretty burgundy color.  If you like darker lipsticks, this is a definite standout because of the great pigmentation and smooth application.  Revenge is Sweet is jelly-like, a different and unique l/g from MAC which can be applied over Violetta to tone down the bright violet shade.

       MES are really nicely pigmented when applied wet.  It is much more enticing in person so swatches really don't do these justice.  I think these are much much better compared to the MES from Style Black.  MES lovers should definitely pick them up.

      Briar Rose is cool tone.  If you are warm tone, be wary it may look too cool on you.  However, I would still recommend picking this up because you can use a stippling brush to build up the color.  It'll give a beautiful and nice flush on the cheeks.  It's not a must have blush if you already have similar colors such as Summer Rose.

Dr. Facilier

       The Magically Cooling Powders are probably the most interesting "new" products in this collection.  I find the colors beautiful and flattering for most skin tones but it's really no different than a highlight powder with a somewhat cooling sensation.  However, I do find the price tag rather high for a highlighting product. Cajun can be used on all skin tones whereas Light & Truth is better for light to medium skin tones.

Evil Queen (Top Picks: Strange Potion, Oh So Fair Beauty Powder, Toxic Tale)

      This is my favorite set out of the entire collection.  Strange Potion is a light coral with shimmer that looks like a shimmery lipgloss version of Jazzed lipstick.  It is a really beautiful color so I would highly recommend picking this up if you missed out on Jazzed from the previous collection.

I've also heard of Strange Potion compared to Perrenial High Style.  Below is the comparison where you can see PHS is much more of a lighter pink with no coral compared to Strange Potion. Please excuse the hairy hand.

Bite of an Apple is a bright peachy corally pink blush that is wearable for all skin tones using a skunk brush.  However, BOA has a red undertone so for those with lots of red pigmentation on the cheeks, I don't recommend this blush.  It does increase the redness and emphasize acne spots.  Please be aware of this before purchasing or at least try it out in stores first.  I've seen people compare this with the darker side of Marine Life, which I don't think is a dupe.  Marine Life leans more coral with no red undertone while BOA is much darker with red.  I would say Marine Life darker side is more versatile compared to BOA.


Toxic Tale lipstick is a very very bright peachy coral lipstick. If you don't like coral or bright coral, this may not be the color for you.  Those who are color shy will have to apply with a lip brush or blot to sheer the color. It is very pigmented.  Bright color lovers, do not skip this!

TOP PICKS: If you're on a budget, at least pick up one of the beauty powders.  They are outstanding in terms of pigmentation and are really flattering colors.  I really think they are the stars of this collection along with the lip products.  Strange Potion and Revenge is Sweet are must haves.  Bold color lovers must pick up Toxic Tale, Violetta, Dark Deed, Sinister, Vainglorious, both MES, and BOA.

The collection is usually launched on the MAC website a couple of days earlier so do watch out for it!  If you're worried about things running out, you can now pre-order from MAC and Nordstrom counters.  Bloomingdales is also known for posting the products very early on their website as well.

Have fun hauling everyone! What's on your final list from this collection? How much are you hoping to spend?


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Thanks for all the swatches!! :) Very informative!!

Catanya said...

Ohhh, I am so in love with this collection! I just can't wait to get some goodies!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Great haul and thanks for the information!

coffretgorge said...

oooh you got a lot of nice stuff! heartless and devilishly stylish make a great lip combo for you! its so shimmery and pigmented. wow. :)

thank you for the tips Kristie! I hope i can grab some products when they finally hit Manila. happy weekend! :)

Alice said...

Hey Kristy!
Wow what a fantastic series of blog posts! So informative!
Based on your swatches, I'm going to order (as soon as it's released online!):
Toxic tale
Strange Potion
Both MES Eyeshadows (maybe both- probably just one)
Briar Rose
Revenge is sweet


Ansa said...

I just posted my mini haul. You did a great job with the swatches and the pictures on this collection. Thank you. xx

Diane said...

I'm so torn! I don't know what to do. Half of me wants to buy a lot of items from this collection, and half of me thinks I'm feeding into all the hype and that I don't really need anything. What to do what to do! But I agree with what you said about the Beauty Powders, I think regardless I need those. I love MAC Beauty Powders.

Kristie said...

Rainy Days and Lattes - Thanks! Hope it was helpful.

Catanya - Hope you get everything on your list!

Dina - Thanks!

coffretgorge - Let me know what you pick up :)

Alice - Awesome list. Hope you love all the products.

Ansa - Great haul. Thank you!

Diane - I know how you feel. Definitely pick up the beauty powders. They are so much more pigmented compared to ones in the past. Let me know what you pick up!

Rinz - they come out this month, on the 30th :)

MissA* said...

Thanks for the swatches and recommendation, Kristie!

I think I'm definitely going for Her Own Devices Beauty Powder (am also a NC30) and Heartless.

pinkribbons said...

The beauty powders are the standout for me. Strange potions looks beautiful too but I hate MAC's lipglosses, they're too sticky.

Kristie, do you wear the beauty powders as blushes or lightly all over?

Kristie said...

pinkribbons - I actually wear them as countours or blush. These particular beauty powders are more pigmented compared to Hello Kitty, which can be used as all over. Hope that helps!

Mz. More said...

Great swatches. I plan to pick up a few of the lipglasses! :)

Beauty Addict said...

Great haul!! You are so lucky to get them all!!!

MUA said...

The 2nd blush looks awesome from the pic...Do I really need another pink blush ???
I.Must.Stay.Away.From.MAC....long enough for everything to be sold out !

Caro xxx

Miss Tiff said...

Oh wow, this collection looks awesome! I don't mind paying a bit extra for the disney packaging. Haha. Just when I thought I had enough of MAC, which was why I bought NYX earlier, now you've converted me again. Great haul and swatches. You suit the dark lip colours which I don't really suit >.<

Dizzy said...

Great Reviews and swatches Kristie! thx for sharing 8D

reeree said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog before I made purchases on my credit card that I can't afford! I was going to get Strange Potion, but seeing as I have Jazzed I shall pass. Same as for Bite of an Apple, I have reddish cheeks, so I shall stay away...

I wasn't going to get Revenge is Sweet, but seeing your post has persuaded me :)

Thank you for your amazing blog, so much help for editing my shopping list!

Kristie said...

reeree - you're welcome! Thank you for dropping by the blog.

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