Giorgio Armani: Rouge d'Armani Lipstick Swatches and Review

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rouge d'Armani is the newest line of lipstick from Giorgio Armani.  These claim to be long lasting lipsticks that do not dry out the lips.  I'm happy to report that I am pleasantly surprised at how well these lipsticks delivered on both claims.  You can find these at your local Nordstrom counters or online.  They retail at $30USD, which is on the same price range as Dior, Chanel, YSL, and Burberry.

Rouge D'Armani has 4 different sets of colors; beige, pink, brown, rouge, and plum.  I noted in each swatch B for beige, P for pink, BR for brown, R for rouge and P for Plum. The lipstick is in a glossy black case with a magnetic cap. 

Each lipstick has the Giorgio Armani logo stamped as shown below.

Starting off with the beiges (100-106), I have 4 out of the 6 colors swatch.


100 is a light nude pink
101 is a pinkish brown
102 is a rosy pink beige
103 is a mid-pink
105 is a peachy brown

If you like pink lipsticks, Giorgio Armani has an impressive offering of 11 shades for your choosing. (500-509, 514-516).  Here I have 9 out of the 11 shades swatch.

500 is a deep rosy pink
504 is a mauve mid pink
505 is similar to 504 but more cool tone
506 is a light version of 504
508 is a barbie pink
509 is a cool tone mid pink
512 is a combination of 509 and 504, a cool tone mauve pink
515 is a light pink
516 is a dark mauve

The browns (200-204) have 5 different colors for you to choose from.  I only have 2 out of the 5 swatch below.

201 is a reddish brown.  It reminds me of a brick color.
203 is a golden brown.

Last but not least, we have the rouges and plums.  There are 4 rouge (400-403) and 7 plum shades (600-606).  Below I have 5/7 plum and 3/4 rouge shade swatches.

400 is a neutral red that's similar to MAC's Heartless lipstick
401 is an orange red that looks more orange than red on the lips
402 is a red fuchsia
602 is an opaque dark pinkish mauve
603 is an intense fuchsia
604 is a dark, deep berry
605 is a darker version of 602
606 is a sheer rosy mauve.

Overall, I really like the feel and texture of Rouge D'Armani lipsticks.  They range from sheer to satin finishes in each color line.  The shades that are satin in the swatch applies very smoothly and look rather matte on the lips.  Sheer and shimmer shades look glossy on the lips. They are surprisingly long lasting but are not drying. They also do not have strong fragrances that linger after application. These are also so long lasting that they stained my arm for 2 days after the swatches.  Since the line offers such a wide range of colors, you are bound to find a color to your liking.  I personally love the beige and pink lines the most for MLBB colors.  I highly recommend checking these out at your local counters.

What are your thoughts on Rouge D'Armani lipsticks? Have you tried these before?


kali said...

NOOO.. why did you have to show this to me?? I want B100, P515, P508, and R401. That's $120 plus tax!!! =O

switch said...

This post is just what I needed, thanks! Do you think 515 will work on an NC30 skintone or would it be too pale?

Kristie said...

Switch - 515 is more of a nude pink type of color so I personally think this would be more fitting paired with a dark eyeshadow combo. It may be a bit pale on NC30, unless you're looking for this type of effect. For a more opaque pink, I'd recommend 103, 606, or 509.

Sabrina said...

OOOh! Pretty! Thanks for swatching, now I have to have some of these

Melissa said...

This is so awesome. I've been reading your blog for sometime now and now I see my counter! Next time you're in introduce yourself. I'm Melissa, the blond at Armani.

pinkribbons said...

There's a lot of wearable shades in the range and the packaging looks so classy.

Kristie said...

Melissa - Wow! That's definitely awesome! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I will definitely say hi the next time I stop by.

resham said...

Nope never tried...They look nice and I like the tube. $30 is OK, to try at least one Lipstick I think. Its weird, I think $30 is OK for Lippie, but NOT OK for a!

Replica said...

I really like the one I have, although I have always rated Armani lipsticks. Thanks so much for the swatches and colour descriptions, this is invaluable for us who order online.

Anonymous said...

I love these lipsticks, one of my favorites! I am addicted to them and have most of the pink/red/plum shades. I just swatched the new holiday shades, and will probably get all 3 of them (if I decide I can wear the bright orange one)!

Laura Carter said...

Very pretty. i love these lipsticks.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous swatches. So happy I found your site. 102,516 & 604 are nice.

Andreea said...

I have several of these and I love them! At the moemnat I am wearing 102 on a daily basis, a sheer and happy nude color that mathces to almost everything.

It is long lasting and not drying and I have to confess they last really long, all of my GA lipsticks look hardly used. My faves!

Anonymous said...

From the nudes, my fav is the 103 I have two of them just in case :) I also have the 102 but it is not as flattering as 103. I have pale skin blonde hair so the 103 compliments my skin the most and gives just enough colour to be still nudy on the lips. I also find the texture is better on 103, very creamy and nice shine. 102 has a more matt texture though.

Anonymous said...

wow i love 105!! i heard somewhere that it was limited edition tho?? is that true? and do they have a scent? :)

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