Guerlain Holiday 2010 Collection Swatches and Review

Saturday, October 16, 2010

This year's holiday theme for Guerlain is a mixture of purple and gold with a cute bee accent on all the products.  When I think of Guerlain, the first thing that comes to mind is luxurious and elegant packaging.  This is one of the few brands where the cosmetics products look absolutely stunning on the vanity table.  Of course Guerlain is a high end cosmetics brand that certainly comes with a much higher price tag. Stock images are from Nordstrom's website.

Guerlain Ombré Éclat Eyeshadow Palette ($56USD)

       Velours D'or 410 is a gorgeous looking quad at first glance.  The packaging is a gold color plated case.  The gold eyeshadow has an imprint of a bee while the other 3 colors have honeycomb prints. It is certainly a feast on the eyes with the design and packaging.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the texture of all 4 colors.  As you can see in the swatches, the 3 darker colors (black with shimmer, violet with shimmer, and deep eggplant) all swatch as matte and chalky.  The gold color is a chunky glitter.  I consider a shadow "chunky" when I can literally blow the pieces of glitter/shadow bits off my hands.  This quad will require some work and a good base to avoid glitter fallout.  You can probably also use these wet instead of dry, which might make the colors darker and more intense.

Guerlain 'Rouge G - Le Brillant' Lip Color ($46USD)
        Bee B64 is in the regular heavy clear metal case with a mirror and bee engraving.  The color is a deep berry with gold shimmer flecks.  It is actually a pretty color with good pigmentation and applies smoothly during the swatch.  I had a difficult time capturing the subtle gold flecks in the pictures but it looks much better in person.  This color is suitable for all skin tones and would be a great holiday party lip paired with a medium neutral eye.
        Betsy B62 is part of the regular Rouge G collection and does not have the bee engraved on the case. It is a rosy pink that's on the sheer side compared to Bee B64.  I am reminded of Chanel Rouge Allures formulas with this color.  It's a good alternative if you're not a fan of darker colors like B64.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass Lip Color ($31USD)
       Rouge Imperiale 323 is a red with gold shimmer.  I like this color but the swatch application was a bit patchy for the first 2 swipes.  This is definitely not as smooth as the Rouge G on my hand but I'm not sure how it applies on the lips.  The Kiss Kiss formula is $15USD cheaper compared to Rouge G and the packaging is much simpler in comparison as well.  There is no mirror included but it is housed in a nice gold color tube. 
       Rose De La Reine 363 is a sheer light rosy pink with shimmer. It reminds me a lot of MAC's Cutester lipstick from the Hello Kitty Collection, but pinker and with a lot more glitter.  This would make a great sheer nude lip paired with a dark smokey eye.  I like the color quite a bit but it does take 2-3 swipes for the color to show up.

Guerlain 'Meteorites Voyage Poudre d'Or' Compact ($170USD)
          The Meteorites Voyage Compact has pink, white, and purple bees imprint on top of a pink powder.  The case is a silver compact with a gold bee perching on top of a flower.  It is certainly a stunning compact that comes with a hefty price tag.  When I swiped this onto my hand, I get a white powder color with shimmer. Some people purchase the Voyage for collection or travel convenience purposes.  These are much easier to bring along on trips compared to the regular meteorites.

Guerlain 'Or Imperial' Loose Powder ($85USD)
       I was very intrigued about this product the minute I saw it.  There's no doubt it's an incredibly luxurious and beautiful product to be placed on the vanity table.  The powder is inside a glass container with bees and honeycomb prints all around the bottle. When you press the pump, a light air of very very fine shimmer gets deposit onto your hand/body/hair.  The shimmer is not overly chunky so it's not tacky.  It is a nice product that you can spray on before going on a date or holiday party for the "I am draped in diamonds" effect.

Guerlain 'Le 2' Volume Mascara ($36USD)
       Or De Nuit 13 is a mascara with 2 different wands on each end.  The packaging is rather interesting with a twisty design and a gold bee print on one end.  To be consistent with the diamonds/gold holiday theme, Guerlain has a gold doe foot applicator on one end and the usual spoolie mascara brush on the other end.  After you curl your lashes, apply the mascara, and then brush the gold color on the tips of each lash for a dazzling gold effect.

Guerlain 'Meteorites' Pearls ($56USD)
       D'or comes in a metal silver round container with the same golden bee on a flower design.  When you remove the top, you'll see a black velvet sponge.  This is used to apply the meteorite pearls and help protect them from moving around inside the container.  D'or includes  purple, white, and beige frosty pearls.  You can swirl a stippling brush around all the pearls in a circular motion and apply all over the face.  This provides a very fine shimmer layer on the skin, which can't be captured by the camera. Once applied to the face, this does not look like a glitter bomb, but provides a very subtle glow.  

Also, this has a strong musty rosy smell that can be overwhelming/borderline repulsive if you intentionally smell it.  Once applied to the face, the fragrance does go away.  However, those who are allergic to or is bothered by strong fragrance may want to stay away. (Stay tuned..I will update with pictures of the pearls)

 Midnight Star Extraordinary Radiance Treatment  ($73USD)
         Is a clear wand that houses several doses of the new serum treatment by Guerlain.  I have a sample of this product and will provide an in-depth review in a future post.

Overall, Guerlain Holiday 2010 Collection has impressive packaging that is consistent with the golden bee holiday theme. However, the price range is very high, even compared to Chanel and Burberry for some of the items.  I do find myself oohing and aahing over each item but aside from the packaging, I personally don't think there are any must have items.  I would consider this collection more of a "splurge" to treat yourself with something that looks very luxurious.

Top Picks: Rouge G Bee B64, Kiss Kiss lipstick Rose De La Reine, Meteorites D'or, Guerlain 'Or Imperial' Loose Powder.

If you're on a budget:  If you don't like any of the colors in this collection but want to try Guerlain's products, save your money and purchase them during Sephora's upcoming Friends and Family sale.  It's probably the best time to splurge on Guerlain with the extra 20% off.

What are your thoughts on Guerlain's Holiday 2010 Collection?


The Girlie Blog said...

The shadows have great colors! I like the lipstick too. The price is a little high though!

TzeYien89 said...

i saw something on this collection just now, i love love the packaging but the prices of them are slightly out my price range. If I could afford it I would definately try! Christmas soon though..haha maybe I can get mine early.. =P

Jenny said...

everything is sooo pretty.i really love the lipsticks! they look really moisturizing as well. do you know when the sephora friends and family event is?! :)

Replica said...

Thanks for the post, for the price the shadows should really have a better texture/payoff that that, I do think there is a bit of discrepancy with Guerlain shadows though, the lispticks on the other hand look really nice, might have to get one..or two of those.. :)

Kristie said...

Jenny - The sale is usually around mid to end of October. I haven't seen an actual announcement of the date yet but will post about it when I see one.

MUA said...

I must admit I was so disappointed in Guerlain : I received a palette for my birthday last year and the pay off was horrendous....But the packagine, gah , the packaging makes everything so stunning ...

Caro xxx

wuguimei said...

Do you know when or if this will be released at Sephora? Thanks! :)

Kristie said...

wuguimei - When I inquired at Sephora, they did say the collection will be available closer to the holidays, around Nov time frame. I'm not sure if it will be available during the F&F sale.

Ansa said...

The shadows look amazing. Love these type of colors. :)

Leenda said...

Wow the Ombre Eclat Palette is gorgeous! I love purples. =] Thanks for the swatches.

coffretgorge said...

here we go again! guerlain is the epitome of luxury in cosmetics no doubt about that! the loose powder is so intriguing! :)

resham said...

This Brand has some amazing stuff. I have just heard, but never tried. The packaging is always classy...Unfortunately Unaffordable for me...:(
At the most, I can shell out some extra cash to buy a meteorite powder, but definately cannot keep up with collection or all products. Its a Luxury!

Eugenia said...

The first palette looks soo cute! I would not want to use it and ruin the design!

shortylegsbeauty said...

Unfortunately we dont have Guerlain here in Finland (I think so at least).. but if we did I would pick up something from it... I just love that bee that they have on it :)

Pinch said...

The packaging looks absolutely delicious, and the lipstick looks very luxurious - ouch, this is something I can only afford it I'm celebrating a raise, sold my house or something similar :(

..R May A.. said...

ooh the lipsticks look gorgeous!
thanks for the swatches :)

Hailey said...

If I buy this palette, I will never have the heart to touch it.

Blusherine said...

Hi Kristie! I always like your swatches! The eyeshadow quad looks great, too bad the colors don't behave well :-) I had the same experience with a Dior Quint lately, I guess I am just so used to MAC eyeshadows that everything else disappoints me!
Have a great day!

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