Chanel Espiegle JC Swatches and Review

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Espiegle JC retails at $42USD $43USD due to new price increase and has been rumored to be part of Chanel's permanent collection.  When I saw it pop up on line, the limited edition sign was not shown so for now I'll assume it's here to stay.  Espiegle is a peachy blush with subtle gold shimmer.  It reminds me of In Love but the shimmer gives it a more beautiful dimension compared to IL.

When I placed this by the window, I can see the gold shimmer glistening from under the sun as shown below.  Each of the Joues de Contrast blushes contain a mini Chanel blush brush and a mirror that's very useful for traveling.  I personally don't find the brush scratchy at all, but rather soft and pleasant to use.

I don't usually buy a lot of peachy or coral blushes but here are a few for comparison:

In the line up, we have MAC's Ripe Peach, Utterly Game Mineralize Blush, and Stereo Rose MSF.  My first gut reaction was Ripe Peach being the closest in color, especially the mid part of it.

The beauty of Ripe Peach is it's ability to replicate other peachy coral shades by different combination of the 3 colors.  I was able to play around with RP to get the color closest to Espiegle.  The main difference is that RP, Utterly Game, and Stereo Rose all do not have gold shimmer.

With flash:

Stereo Rose is noticeably much frostier and darker compared to the other 3 colors.  Utterly Game is a mineral blush and is much finer and smoother in texture compared to Espiegle.  Ripe Peach is slightly more peachy whereas  Espiegle is on the rosier side.  From the swatch above alone, Espiegle looks like Utterly Game minus the gold shimmer.

In direct sunlight however, Utterly Game is much more coral/orange in comparison.  Now Ripe Peach becomes a closer color to Espiegle but still not quite the same.

I don't have Chanel's In Love to compare with Espiegle but I don't think they're all that similar.  From what I remember, In Love is more coral/orange.  I have also compared it to NARS Orgasm and Deepthroat, which are much darker and not remotely close to the Espiegle.

One thing to note, I am NC25/30 so it looks peachy rose on my skin tone.  For those who are lighter, I suspect it may come out a bit more coral.

So what's the verdict?  Espiegle is a peach blush that has a hint of rose and very subtle gold shimmer.  In terms of texture, it is slightly powdery when swatch but doesn't show up that way on my cheeks.  Like all Chanel JC, the subtle shimmers help attract light to create a soft beautiful glow that's very natural looking.  I can definitely see myself using this with a neutral eye or light smokey eye.  If you are interested in Espiegle, I'd say snatch it up if you have the funds.  If you don't have the funds, check with the local counters to make sure it's permanent so you can get it later.  It's definitely a thumbs up from me.

Can you see yourself wearing Espiegle?


wuguimei said...

Hmm, do you think it's similar to MAC Dainty?

Pinch said...

Espiegle looks wonderful! I admit I'd love the packaging more if it weren't for the brush, though :)

Ansa said...

I love these type of peachy colors. They look great on my complection cause I have a yellow undertone. Must check this out. Thank you for the swatches.

prettyaspeaches said...

Dang I wish it wasnt so peachy. Very pretty but I'll be passing. Bring on the perlee quint! That's what Im going to blow my money on soon!

PinkOrchids said...

I love this peachy colour!! I've been wanting a chanel blush, but haven't chosen the right one yet.

resham said...

This will work for me...Looks so pretty..I don't have any of the other comparisons you mentioned...I believe all of those are LE...Utterly Game is Lovely...Missed on Ripe Peach and Stereo rose was never on my list...
btw, when was Utterly Game released? I can't remember....

Kristie said...

wuguimei - Sorry, I don't have Dainty for comparison but from what I remember, Dainty doesn't have gold shimmer.

Pinch - aww really? I like the brush for application on the go :)

Ansa - Np. Let me know if you end up purchasing it!

prettyaspeaches - LOL. Nice! I know how you feel about Utterly Game.

PinkOrchids - This is nice but I would highly recommend checking out Tweed Fuchsia as well. It's really lovely!

resham - Utterly Game came out with Fabulous Felines :)

Anonymous said...

great comparison, just what i needed to make my purchase of espiegle. thanks!

GildedNails said...

Thanks for this comparison. I have Ripe Peach, Utterly Game and Stereo Rose so I think I can give the Chanel a miss!

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