Chanel Jersey Rose Rouge Coco and Coquette Rouge Allure Swatches and Review

Thursday, December 23, 2010

There are a total of 4 lipsticks released in Chanel's Spring 2011 Collection, 2 Rouge Coco and 2 Rouge Allure.  My favorite formula is the Rouge Allure because it's glossier and has better slick on the lips. I will review Jersey Rose Rouge Coco and Coquette Rouge Allure first as they seem to be the most popular from this collection.  Both retail for $30USD $32USD due to the price increase and can be found on Chanel's website.

Side by side, Jersey Rose is much lighter compared to Coquette and both have subtle shimmer.

I bought Jersey Rose based on the descriptions alone, a "Rosewood" that supposedly is flattering on all skin tones.  At first glance, it instantly reminds me of Rose Dentelle, a similar shades that's also rosy that gives a MLBB (my-lips-but-better) effect.  Naturally I had to take out all the rose color lipsticks I have to do a comparison.

First up is Rose Dentelle vs. Jersey Rose.  They are definitely in the rose color family but not quite the same.  Rose Dentelle is much lighter in comparison.

Next up is Chintz, a peachy rose that was also released along with Rose Dentelle.  Again this color is not quite the same either. It's a light rose (even lighter than Rose Dentelle), whereas Jersey Rose is a medium/dark pink.

So what about Magnolia? The latest color that was released in Chanel's Holiday 2010 Collection? This color is even farther off.  Magnolia is a much cooler pink shade compared to Jersey Rose.

In direct sunlight, you can see the differences between the 4 shades.  However, it is a bit more difficult to tell them apart with flash photography.  You can sort of see in the swatch below that Jersey Rose is much darker compared to the other shades. It leans a bit more dark pink and is warm tone.

In direct light:

On the lips, it gives a similar effect to Rose Dentelle, but slightly darker.  I thought I could find a dupe for this color but alas I failed.  Jersey Rose is another MLBB pink that will indeed be flattering on all skin tones.  There are small flecks of glitter in Jersey Rose that's barely noticeable on the lips so it's not gritty at all.  If you already have Rose Dentelle or Chintz and is on a budget, I think you can safely skip Jersey Rose.  I say that because the colors are slightly different but not so much so that you have to purchase it.  I like the color but I'm not blown away by it as I have the other 2 shades.

Now Coquette on the other hand, is a shade that I don't have in my collection at all. It is a bright reddish pink that instantly brightens up my face.  My first thought of a dupe is Taffeta Rose but it's not remotely close!

Tafetta Rose is much darker and brighter compared to Coquette.  Jersey Rose is lighter in comparison and more pink.  Coquette is a tricky color to describe for me.  I would say it's a medium red with pink undertone and a bit of coral?  It's a very unique color that I instantly gravitate towards.  I also love it more because it's in the Rouge Allure formula!

Overall, my clear favorite is Coquette but if you're looking for a lighter color, I'd say pick up Jersey Rose.  Both of the lipsticks went on smoothly and do not dry out the lips.  They do however have a very strong rose fragrance, much more compared to previous lipsticks.  I'm not sure if they changed the formula or my nose is more sensitive today, but it smelled very strong.  Once applied, the smell slowly dissipates and doesn't linger for more than 3 minutes or so.

To see more swatches and comparison, check out the lovely Sabrina from Thebeautylookbook. She has great photos on lighter skin tone.  Amy from Cafe Makeup also has beautiful swatches of Jersey Rose and Peregrina.

What are your thoughts on Jersey Rose and Coquette?


PinkOrchids said...

I love them all!! Can't decide which to buy, they are sooo pretty!!! Thanks for sharing! =)

Natalie said...

I love coquette too, I can't wait till it arrives here in australia.. do you know if coquette is similar to genial?

Estelle said...

I've recently discovered your blog and absolutely LOVE it, especially for your high-end product reviews and your clear swatches. Thank you!

Jacqueline said...

I love Rouge Allures too! I'm definitely getting Coquette and Flamboyante. Thanks so much for the swatches, it has definitely helped made up my mind.

Kristie said...

PinkOrchids - buy them all! J/K.

Natalie - I think Genial is a brighter pink. Coquette is pink/peach/coral. I personally think Coquette is much prettier.

Estelle - thank YOU for visiting. I'm glad to hear the swatches are helpful.

Jacqueline - yay! I'm glad to find another Rouge Allure fan.

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