Chanel Nakkar Glossimer Swatches and Review

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The brightest glossimer offered in Chanel's Spring 2011 Collection is Nakkar, retailing at $27USD $28.50USD due to the new price increase. Glossimers are my all time favorite lip glosses due to their non-sticky textures.  Nakkar is a color fitting for the holiday season more so than Spring in my opinion.  It has a white doe-tip wand with the Chanel logo etched on top.

In the tube, the gold shimmers reflect brightly as seen above.  I usually purchase pink glossimers so this would be my first medium red lip gloss from Chanel.  I've compared these to some darker colors in my collection to give you an idea of how it looks:

Staring from the left, we have Pop, Nakkar, and Pink Teaser.  I decided to bring out Pink Teaser because it too has gold shimmers.  From the tubes alone, it doesn't seem like any of the other colors are close to Nakkar.

In direct sunlight:

Nakkar can best be described as a red with a hint of peach and pink. Pop is much more sheer compared to Nakkar and Pink Teaser is clearly rosy pink but with similar gold shimmer.

In dark lighting, you can see the gold shimmer much clearer as shown below.

Swatch with flash:

Overall, I still love the feel and texture of Nakkar glossimer.  The color is nice but I'm not particularly impress with it. I think my disappointment comes from the gold shimmer.  For some reason, the shimmer doesn't show up as subtle compared to Mica or Pink Teaser. When I had it on my lips, I found the bits kind of randomly scattered and visible, which I don't personally like.  I think it's because these shimmer bits are much larger in comparison.  If I had seen this in person, I might have not picked it up.  Again, it's a personal preference so if you don't mind larger shimmer pieces, this may not be an issue for you. Bottom line: nice color but not a must-have in my opinion as it's not all that red or unique.

Are you a fan of Nakkar?


jadore said...

Good to know. The color looks beautiful though, and I really love chanels lip glosses!

Pinch said...

Ah, it looks so pretty! Shame about the big glitter pieces though :(

Jenny said...

my gosh i LOVE the gold shimmers in chanel glossimers but i just can't justify the price! maybe i should finish up all my lip glosses and then reconsider lol!

Beauty Style Addict said...

wow lovely colours.. i need to check out these lip glosses.. pink teaser looks really cute!
btw, Happy New Year hun i'm back & blogging again!
ciao =)

Rinz said...

hi love, happy new year to you too!! :) i hope u had fun as well.

Juujubez said...

I *love* your blog, it is so helpful and descriptive! I just wanted to let you know that Chanel has increased the prices for their products (I`m sure you know already =D), I think the Glossimers are now $28.50USD.

Juujubez said...

Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot to me =D. Gah, Chanel you are going to kill my wallet this year >: ).

..R May A.. said...

ooh that looks gorgeous :)
lovely post!! x

Kristie said...

Christa - np! Glad to be of help.

jadore - it is a nice color but I personally don't find it too unique.

Pinch - yea I'm so picky with glitter =)

Jenny - if you love gold shimmer then you'll definitely love this one!

Beauty Style Addict - glad to see you back!

Juujubez - thank you for your sweet comment and the price increase note. I'm sad to see everything costing more now.

R May A - thanks!

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