MAC Stylishly Yours Swatches and Review

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If Cham Pale was too shimmery and well..pale..for you, Stylishly Yours will provide the complete opposite effect.  This collection is also set to launch the same day as Cham Pale on 12/26.  Today I braved the insane crowd for swatches at the local MAC counter.  It was a bit disappointing not everything was available.  I will update the post once it finally releases.  If you're a lover of bold, bright colors with beautiful texture, get ready for a fun ride with Stylishly Yours!

Swatch in dark lighting:

 In direct sunlight:

Cream Colour Base ($16.50USD)

Madly Magenta is a magenta with some purple and permanent at PRO.  
Movie Star Red is a blue toned red that's limited edition.
Virgin Isle is a bright coral and permanent at PRO.
Tickle Me Pink is a light Barbie pink that's limited edition.

All of the CCBs can be used on as a blush or on the lips.  They are creamy and nicely pigmented with Tickle Me Pink being the lightest of the 4.  Tickle Me Pink took a couple more swipes to truly show up on my NC30 skin. 

In dark lighting, you can see the intensity of each color:

Fluidline ($15USD)

Dark Diversion is a dark plum that had no testers available.  Will update later.

Lipstick ($14.50USD)

Cockney is a yellow red with pearls.  I personally love Lustre lipstick formulas as it's sheerer but also glossier on the lips.  This color came out before in Euristocrats Collection.  This will be a color that's flattering to all skin tones. 
Neon Orange is a bright orange with no shimmer.  This is in amplified formula and is a permanent at PRO.
Something New is a bright blue pink in the amplified finish.  It is limited Edition and is a very beautiful color.  However, I feel like I've seen it before.
Style Curve is a bright violet purple in the Cremesheen formula.  It is also limited edition.  I find this the most interesting because it's like a violet base with purple layer, giving it a duo chrome dimension.  The color is not flat but looks different at certain angles.  The swatch doesn't do it much justice. However, it applied a bit streaky and took some work during the swipe since it's a cremesheen.

Dark lighting:

Here are the lipsticks and CCB taken with flash:

Pigment ($19.50USD)

Follow Your Fancy is a bright coral with pearl.
Madly Personal did not have the tester available. Will update later.
New Fixation is a fuchsia red with pearl.
Violet did not have the tester available. Will update later. However, it is a permanent item.

Beauty Powder ($22USD)

Too Chic is a light peachy cream with shimmer.
Play It Proper is a soft pink with shimmer.

Below are the swatches with flash.  Both of the pigments have great pigmentation that are buildable.  The swatches below are sheered out so you can tell how it looks when applied with a brush.  I had no issues with the texture as they went on smooth with subtle glistening shimmer. Very beautiful!

Pigments and Beauty Powders in direct sunlight shows the gold shimmer in each pigment.  Too Chic is more of a cream/golden color whereas Play It Proper is noticeably more pink.  The texture is soft with barely there shimmer.  They are slightly powdery/chalky.

Comparison between Chez Chez Lame and Too Chic Beauty Powder is shown below.  There was a reader who asked which is better to purchase and I had recommended CCL in the previous review.  With the colors side by side, Too Chic has finer shimmer compared to Chez Chez Lame.  If you look at the very bottom of the swatch, you can see the noticeable glitter bits on CCL compared to Too Chic.  CCL is also more golden compared to Too Chic in color.  The effect is difficult to see once applied because both unfortunately made my cheeks look muted and dare I say..more sallow? I don't like both and suspect it wouldn't show up on medium skin tone.  These might be much more suitable for light skin tones.  

View from far away of the two beauty powders side by side taken with flash shows they're virtually the same.

Overall, Stylishly Yours is certainly not for the faint of heart or those fearing bright colors.  Although the pigmentation and texture are awesome, I feel like I've seen these shades before from MAC. The lipsticks, pigments, and CCBs all have creamy textures that are easy to apply.  My qualm with the beauty powders are the sickly effect it gives on my skin and powdery texture.  I highly suggest trying the BP on your actual cheeks before purchasing because swatches alone don't tell the entire story.  If you were to pick between these and the ones from Cham Pale, it'll have to be based on your preference of subtle shimmer (Too Chic) slightly noticeable and more golden (Chez Chez Lame).  If you're on a budget, pick Too Chic since it's $6USD cheaper compared to CCL.

Top Picks: All lipsticks, CCBS, pigments

If you're on a budget: CCBs are multi-purpose and can be used as blush or lipstick.  Since most of the CCB colors are similar but slightly less intense compared to the lipsticks, you can purchase these instead.

What came home with me: Nothing. These bold colors are slightly out of my comfort zone but I'm sure they will look beautiful on others.


Rinz said...

i love the tickle me pink!!!!

reeree said...

Style Curve may have to be my first purple lipstick!

It looks sheer enough that it just MIGHT be within my comfort zone :)

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Style Curve and Madly Magenta look very similar...but I might just have to buy both :S stunning colours!

the Honey B said...

i'm more into this than i am Champale, even though i LOVE neutrals. Virgin Isle looks soooooo pretty!!! thanks for the swatches!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for swatching Too Chic and CCL (I'm the reader who requested that)! I like the more golden tone of CCL, but I prefer the less noticeable shimmer in Too Chic. Now I'm not sure which, if any to get! Is there another highlighter (doesn't have to be MAC) that would be better and have the best of both worlds?

Courtney said...

great swatches! can you email me and tell me what type of camera you have?

vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

MissA* said...

I like Something New and Virgin Isle!

prettyaspeaches said...

Great swatches! This just makes me happy that I got chez lame from Cham Pale now.

Kristie said...

Miss Krimson - np! Which colors are you planning to pick up?

Rinz - are you planning to use it as a blush or for lips?

reeree - it is really pretty and if I were bolder, I'd definitely get it.

Beauty's Bad Habit - get both ;)

the Honey B - ooo Virgin Isle! I know Cham Pale is a bit disappointing in terms of color and texture.

Anonymous - Hm...I would suggest trying out NARS Albatross or YSL's Holiday 2010 highlight, which seems to get raving reviews. YSL is a bit frostier whereas NARS is much more fine and light in texture. I really do recommend applying Too Chic or CCL in person if you can because it can have different effects on certain skin tones.

Courtney - done :)

MissA - Looks like Virgin Isle is a popular one!

prettyaspeaches - Yay. Hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

Kristie, thanks for the recs, will check them out when I'm near Nordstrom & Sephora again!

Pinch said...

Thanks for the swatches! I'm only getting Dark Diversion fluidline, as I feel the colours are just a smidgen too bright for me :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I want pretty much everything from this collection...uh oh

Anonymous said...

I was also torn between te Too Chic BP and the Chez Chez Lamé, I'm very pale and wanted one of those, but couldn't find a comparison of the two. Thanks for that!
Now I know that I like the shimmer of Too Chic better, but I'm not entirely convinced...

iheartvintage8 said...

chez chez lame is pretty! thanks for the swatches! Im your new follower :)

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