Chanel Flamboyant Rouge Allure and Peregrina Rouge Coco Swatches and Review

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flamboyant Rouge Allure and Peregrina Rouge Coco are the other 2 lipsticks released in Chanel's Spring 2010 Collection.  I believe Peregrina is worn by the model in the advertisement.  The two lipsticks are completely different from each other in terms of texture and shade range. They both retail at an increased price of $32USD since the start of 2011. Those of you who purchased it during Christmas only paid $30USD.  They are now available on Chanel's website, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Macy's.

Peregrina is a soft peach with gold shimmer in the Rouge Coco formula.  For me, Rouge Cocos are not particularly moisturizing or drying.  They have a strong rose fragrance that's consistent with Chanel's Rouge Allure formulas.  Peregrina is a warm-tone peach that has a very slight hint of pink which I think will be especially flattering on light to medium skin tones.  I think it may be a bit light for darker skin tones. 

When placed side by side, Peregrina is peachier and less rose compared to Chintz from the Fall 2010 Collection.

The one thing I noticed most about Peregrina is how visible the gold shimmer bits show up on my lips.  I can see them when I look in the mirrors.  You can also see bits and pieces of them scattered in the comparison swatch below. I would not say Chintz is a dupe for Peregrina because one is much more pink compared to the other.

Here's a swatch with taken indoor with flash:

Bottom line -This is a nice color for an office-friendly look because it is very soft and natural. I like Peregrina but really wish the shimmer was a bit more subtle.  This is a very consistent personal preference because I like subtle shimmer, not those that are noticeable for lip products.  If you're looking for a warm peach, I would say Peregrina is worth looking into. 

Flamboyant is on the other side of the color range compared to Peregrina.  It is much richer and darker without any shimmer bits.  I love Rouge Allure formulas so the texture and feel of this lipstick is perfect for me.  When I saw this color, I immediately thought of Coquette but they are not quite the same either.

Flamboyant is darker and has more red compared to Coquette.  I would say Coquette is a watermelon pink and Flamboyant is primarily red with pink tones.  They are both unique in their own ways. Instead of comparing just these two, I pulled out all the reds closest to Flamboyant to find a dupe.

In the line up, we have MAC Heartless lipstick, Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque in Mandarin and Dragon, MAC Wicked Ways lipglass, and MAC Pro Longwear Lustre in Gypsy Rose. Some of the colors came close but none are exact dupes for Flamboyant.

Taken with flash:

Taken outdoor in direct light:

Flamboyant has more pink compared to both Chanel RA Lacque Dragon and MAC Heartless lipstick.  MAC Wicked Ways is cool toned, Chanel RA Lacque Mandarin has more brown in it and Coquette is about 1-2 shades lighter.  The texture of these products are all different as well.  Chanel RA Lacques are creamy and dries to a satin finish, MAC lipglasses are stickier and glossier, and MAC Gypsy Rose has very subtle gold shimmer.  I would say Flamboyant is a happy medium red for both warm and cool.  It will be flattering for all skin tones ranging from light to dark.  It definitely brightened up my face when I had it on.

Bottom line - Flamboyant is a pretty red that can be used for any occasion.  It's office and night-club friendly because it's not overly glossy, glittery, or daring.  If you're afraid of wearing red lipsticks or haven't been able to find one that's suitable for your skintone, Flamboyant might be the one.  I do recommend checking this out at your local Chanel counters. 

Overall, my all time favorite lipstick from Chanel Spring 2011 Collection is still Coquette!

Which is most appealing to you? Flamboyant or Peregrina?


faye lu review said...

OoOohhh they're both gorgeous .. too hard to chose. however, i love flamboyant ... only because i haven't seen many reds with pink tones this season. pretty pics. thanks for sharing x faye

Keirasluckycharm said...

I want all of them lol

The Girlie Blog said...

Chintz is so pretty.

resham said...

Perigrina is pretty....

Edwina said...

I'm intrigued by the Chanel Rouge Allure Lacques because of how moisturizing it looks! I'm not sure if you've done a post on it before, but if you haven't, you totally should! Now I don't follow Chanel cosmetics that much so I might sound dumb.. so is it like a lip gloss? The pigmentation looks intense though until a lot of lip glosses out there!

Ivo said...

I bought both Peregrina and Jersey Rose. Both of it looked good on me and like it very much.

Dizzy said...

I love how flamboyant looks!


I am so drooling over your makeup collection, love the clear swatches and comparisons with other shades, i've been eyeing coquette and jersey rose for quite sometime:-)

Allison said...

Any dupes, other than Chanel?

Kristie said...

Allison - there are some dupes from MAC as shown in the swatches. Other than that, I don't have any similar from other brands.

anna said...

With this post in mind, I went to the Chanel counter and I fell in love with flamboyante. I have worn it non-stop ever since.

Thanks so much, I never would have tried it without this post!

Anonymous said...

Love Flamboyante! It's my favorite red.

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