Guerlain Spring 2011: Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire Swatches and Review

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In comparison with most of its competitors, Guerlain is undoubtedly one of the most creative cosmetics brand for beautiful and innovative packaging.  This spring is no exception with Guerlain's beautiful limited edition collection all wrapped in glossy black.  Guerlain moved away from the usual silver color into a mysterious black, which I assume stands for "secrets".  The Spring Collection is named Sur Mes Levres which means "on my lips".  There is also a french movie with the same name.  One of the star items in Sur Mes Levres is the Blush G Serie Noire, Secret de Bonne Mine, "Secrets to a healthy glow".  This retails for $67USD at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Blush G Serie Noire's packaging is heavier compared to most blushes I've come across.  There is a total of 8g, 0.28oz of product so the weight comes mostly from the deluxe packaging.

Like most compacts, Guerlain Blush G comes in a black Velvet pouch with bright fuchsia inner lining.  The compact is a dark glossy black that is slightly bulky.  The name of the blush is also printed at the bottom so you can easily find it. 

Blush G was produced in Italy, not France as indicated below.

Inside the chic packaging is a breathtaking array of colors ranging from coral-pink, bright fuchsia, peachy-pink, and light pink all infused with a gorgeous golden sheen. 

I couldn't help but gasp when I saw this beauty sitting in a glass case at Saks Fifth Avenue during my Christmas vacation.  It is truly stunning in person.

Guerlain could have left it with 4 stripes of color but the extra G symbol gives an extra touch to the design.  I definitely think it's tres chic!  In the close up of Blush G, you can see the gold shimmer infused throughout all 4 colors.  I love that each stripe is big enough to use alone by itself.  I know the top 2 darker colors are ultra bright but a stippling brush and soft hand can definitely create some beautiful looks.

In daylight, the colors come out soft and very wearable on all skin tones.  It's like getting 4 blushes in one.

When I swiped all the colors from top to bottom, the combination color is a peachy pink with gold shimmer. It is a lighter and pinker version of NARS Orgasm.

In dark lighting, the colors are much more intense with the coral being orange, and the 2nd stripe counting from the bottom looking similar to NARS Deepthroat.

The beauty of this blush is its versatility just like MAC's Ripe Peach.  You can use each of the colors individually (the lightest as a highlighter) and the rest as blushes, or mix and match different combination of the 4 to create new shades.  The possibilities are limitless with Blush G and the best thing is that it's flattering for all skin tones.

With that being said, $67USD is not a small amount of cash to spend on a blush.  If you already have similar individual blushes with the shades above, I would recommend using those instead.  I can certainly imagine this being sold out very quickly once it officially gets released, but if you are on a budget, look for more affordable options from NARS, MAC, or Rimmel.  Those who can afford this or do not have similar colors, I would say it's a definite collector's item. 

Another shining star I saw from the collection is the Ecrin 6 Couleurs Precious Eyeshadow Palette called Rue de Volie.  It was unfortunate they didn't have the tester available so I can't share any swatches with you.  However, the SA was very nice and allowed me to take pictures of it.

I can assure you, the palette is super stunning in person and these pictures do them no justice.  Here's another image taken with flash:

I cannot speak for the texture and pigmentation of the colors but looking at the pan alone made me drool.  What stopped me from picking this up is the extremely high price of $84USD.  If you actually do the calculation, it comes out to be $14USD per shadow, which is really not all that bad.  I have not been impressed with Guerlain's eyeshadows before as they're often chalky and sheer.  However, if the swatches come out as beautiful as how it looks in the pan, I might just have to cave.

What are your thoughts on Blush G Serie Noire? Yay or nay?


pinkribbons said...

The photo you've taken of the blush looks so stunning, I've already caved in for this blush. I hope the pigmentation and texture of the eyeshadow palette equals it's beauty.

coffretgorge said...

YAAAAAAAY all the way!!! i cant wait to get my hands on the blush G!

im also eyeing the flannel grey eye shadow and the rouge g in rose desir! *wallet cries*

coffretgorge said...

thank you or the swatch Kristie! :)

coffretgorge said...


BombbDotCom said...

Omg=O The Blush is GORGEOUS! I need it lol.. Thank you for the photos and swatches Kristie:)

Tiffany said...

I. AM. DROOLING. That blush is to die for! I can't say that each stripe is really all that unique of a color but I think I'm just really drawn to the gorgeous packaging and how pretty in looks in the pan.

Elle said...

Definitely YES!! I already pre-ordered it and now that I see your pictures and swatches I can´t wait to get mine... It´s just so gorgeous!!

Estelle said...

GORGEOUS swatches & photos! Thank you thank you thank you!


need that blush, & i need it NOW! lovely xx

Diane said...

WOW! Is this collection out already? With all the Holiday collections out I totally forgot about this set. I really want the blush now even more than before! Thanks for the amazing photos and swatches. Did you see the new lipstick that came out also? I'll be skipping on the eyeshadow palette this time.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that blush is just stunning! I would love to add it to my collection but it's kind of pricey and I just picked up 2 things from Le Metier de Beaute, which I love!

the Honey B said...

omg that blush is GORGEOUS. wow... Guerlain is soooo expensive but i guess you get what you pay for!!!! Thanks for posting!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

The blush is sooo gorgeous. I love the new black packaging on it. I wasn't a huge fan of the gold. Its too bad that the price is so high (especially considering it will be higher in Canada). I will have to love it from afar and live vicariously through those who own it :)

Eileen said...

I can hardly wait to get this vibrant blush. I think it will easily take me from spring into summer when bright, cheerful colors are the order of the day. As for the eye shadow palette, that is also on my "must purchase" list. Anyone who bought the palettes from the fall release know that the shadows are smooth, satiny, easily blended, generously pigmented, and long wearing. The colors blend seamlessly and have a beautiful glow about them. If this new palette uses the same formulation, there will be nothing "chalky or sheer" about it. I know that the color scheme of this particular palette won't be to everyone's liking, but I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.

Rinz said...

loveeee the colors!!! Oh my god i wish i could afford this brand LOL i can only get few pieces he he :)
ps - thank you so much for your support at the very beginning. its almost a year since my first post!!OMG. it's all started with my Valentine's Day post :)

Sabrina said...

That Blush is bananas! Yikes, I think I may have to add this to my list

Kristie said...

pinkribbons - yay. Let me know how you like the blush when you get it.

coffretgorge - haha you're so cute, Georgina. Can't wait for your review on the eyeshadow.

BombbDotCom - np! Hope you get to pick one up.

Tiffany - Agree. The colors are not that unique but the whole package + color combo is gorgeous.

Elle - awesome!!! Hope you love it!

Estelle - np! Hope I didn't tempt you too much in getting it ;)

BEAUTIFULL - haha nice!

Diane - I didn't get to see the lipsticks but am not interested in it either. I actually can't stand the strong fragrance.

Anonymous - oooh Le Metier de Beaute! I haven't had a chance to try out that brand yet. What would you recommend?

the Honey B - lol I didn't tempt you this time. Awesome!

FunnyFaceBeauty - aww it's ok, I totally understand. The price is steep and NARS/MAC/Benefit have similar colors.

Eileen - Let me know how you like the eye palette! I was seriously let down by the Holiday Collection one so I do hope this is better.

Rinz - wow, time has really passed by. Thank YOU for being an original and long time supporter as well!

Twinn - The individual colors are definitely dupable by other brands but the packaging and design are divine =)

Sabrina - haha cute. It certainly is bananas!

faye lu review said...

the pictures of the blush are flawless! i think the COMBO swatch actually looks the most flattering --- which is amazing! usually, with these types of blushes, i always find either the highlighter or darker color works and rarely even the combined color. many thanks for sharing

resham said...

The blush looks verry pretty...definately expensive, but pretty.

♥sormui♥ said...

Thx for visiting my blog!

That blush looks gorgeous!! I havent seen it where I live yet :(

Caroline said...

Hi, love your blog..
Only on the Guerlain blush the name is : sur meS lèvres.. with an «s» just letting you know. (:

Kristie said...

Thanks for letting me know, Caroline. It has been updated!

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