Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation retails for $40USD for 1.01oz and can be found on either MUFE's website or Sephora.  The foundation line offers an impressive range of 25 different shades, ranging from pink and beige to yellow undertones. I was color matched to number 127 (Dark Sand), which is described on the Sephora website as "for medium skin with yellow undertones". For reference, I am an NC25-NC30 from MAC and #5 in Burberry Sheer.  This shade matches my skin color perfectly.

The foundation is oil-free and does not contain SPF.

I personally like the simple sturdy package for this foundation.  Although the body of the bottle is clear, it is still not as easy to gauge how much foundation is left inside.  The bottle comes with a large top cap and has a pump to easily dispense the product. 

In the back is a very short and simple instruction to shake before using the product.  When you shake the bottle,  you'll hear a clicking noise similar to the one in nail polishes.  It also shows that the product is made in Paris, France.

For those interested, below is a list of ingredients in the foundation.  It does have silicone, talc and mica so those with allergies to these ingredients might want to reconsider.

Typically, I find that 1 small pump does a great job of covering my entire face.  When I first tried this product as a sample from Sephora, it broke me out right away.  I was pretty upset but gave it a second and third try because I loved the medium coverage it provided. Once I finished the sample, I purchased the full product because somehow, my skin had stopped breaking out from daily usage of the foundation. 

My favorite method of applying this is using a MAC 130 brush to stipple and then lightly sheer out the foundation.  I have used the traditional foundation brush before but it didn't give a natural finish in comparison.

The color matches my skin very well and isn't too yellow or nor does it oxidize on me.  The texture is a thin liquid that is a bit runny.  This is a good foundation to use during the spring/summer months since it's light and not too heavy on the skin.  As with most foundations, this also has a strong fragrance but is not bothersome once applied.

Below is the foundation stippled on my hand using the MAC 130 brush. 

Here it is completely blended in.  Note that my hand is rather dry because I just washed it with soap and haven't had a chance to put on moisturizer.

Overall, the foundation is light, build able, and provides a beautiful medium to full coverage.  Using a stippling brush, a sheer layer evens out my skin and the acne scars are barely noticeable with spot stipples. It also photographs beautifully to give a "my-skin-is just-that-even-and-clear" type of effect.  However, a huge downside to this foundation is how it performs on dry skin.  This will accentuate every single flake, nook and cranny for those with combination, dry, and severely dry skin.  Unless you moisturize really well, this foundation will simply be a nightmare.  I have combination skin and on days when I have dry patches, I have to moisturize twice as much and lightly stipple the foundation on those particular areas.

Bottom line: Great foundation for oily skin but not recommended for dry skin.  It gives a beautiful finish if you have the correct base.  Moisturizing is an absolute must for combination and dry skin for those who want to try it.  Is it worth the $40USD price tag? Yes, if you're willing to put in some work. No, if you want a non-fussy foundation.

Have you tried MUFE HD Invisible Coverage Foundation? How was your experience with it?


coffretgorge said...

i like the simple packaging, very functional. will give this a try once i get around to buying MUFE cosmetics. im really wanting the tres vichy falsies with the pink plaid bow! :)

Justine (Productrater) said...

I've tried this, mat velvet and face and body, and can definitely say that mat velvet is the worst for dry skin. For me, the hd foundation gave a lot of coverage, pretty awesome in that, but yes you do have to moisturize well to make this work, plus it gave me sort of a flat look if I put on too much, which is a problem I have, I am used to using more of a foundation product to get adequate coverage and with this you don't need a lot. more is less for me. Great review.

Justine (Productrater) said...

haha less is more I meant to say duh ;)

MissA* said...

This is my holy grail :) I use it everyday, all year round. I'm NC30/35 but I use 123 (it's the same shade like my MAC Select SPF 15 in NC35). I've sensitive skin but this one doesn't break me out. I've been using it for over a year now... currently on my 2nd tube.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I got a sample of this foundation from Sephora a few months ago and still have some left to use. I love that it gives my face a really airbrushed look although I usually use it on top of my regular MAC foundation if I want some added coverage. I was hoping that MUFE was going to be at IMATS NYC so I could buy this foundation at a discounted price...but no luck. Still deciding if I need it at regular price. Great review and pictures (what do you use for your white backdrop?)

Tiffany said...

I have a sample of this from Sephora too. I've only used it once so far but I really like it a lot. It doesn't have as much oil control as I'd like for my (very) oily skin, but the finish is so nice that I might be able to overlook it :) I'll have to use up my sample first, though, and see if I still love it as much as I did the first time.

Kristie said...

coffretgorge wow I didn't know Vichy makes eyelashes! Do make a post when u get them :)

Justine - You are absolutely right! Mate Velvet was terrible on me as well. It was so dry and flaky compared to HD. HD's coverage is amazing.

MissA* - yay! I'm glad you love this foundation. I've heard so many good things about it and it's all true.

FunnyFaceBeauty - aww no that sucks. I can't believe MUFE didn't show up to IMATS. I'd say use up all of the samples first and see if you really really like it. I found myself longing for the coverage and finish after I finished the sample. Had to go out and get the full size! I'm using a white poster for the backdrop.

Tiffany - sorry to hear it didn't control oil well. Definitely try it a couple more times before committing. I know I did :)

Christina said...

I have heard nothing but good things about this foundation and I am seriously wondering why I haven't tried this yet. I'm definitely going to pick some up! Great post


Rinz said...

i bought this product 2 times and both returned. It doesnt have enough coverage for me :(

resham said...

I tried this long back as sample from Sephora. It was a bot drying for me.
Thanks for the review...

Anonymous said...

If you have fairly large pores this foundation will gather up in your pores like nobodies business without a good primer! I think that it is because of the way that the pigment is shaped in this foundation. Most foundations use flat pigments, think "loose glitter" shaped with only one plane of cleavage. This one however uses rounded pigment spheres with zero plans of cleavage. Those little spheres can and will gather up in your pores if you don't prime your skin well, this will make your skin look like you tons of tiny flesh tone colored dots all over your face. Make sure that you let your primer dry for a little bit longer than usual when you apply this foundation as well. I use it with the MUFE HD Primer and the two work well together. However the drying time for the primer is seriously needed. It's almost like it sticks to the MUFE primer a bit too well so any areas that may not have been completely dried down before applying, even when they feel dry, will grab a lot of the foundation and keep it there in place thus making it impossible to blend easily. I recommend allowing anywhere from 5-10 minutes between applying to get the best look. I've used the MUFE Primer with other foundations and haven't noticed this as a problem. However, the MUFE primer did not perform as well with the other like it did when used in conjunction with this foundation. After using them both you can tell that they were really made for each other. As someone with oily skin I have found that I much rather prefer the MUFE Mat Velvet + over this one any day. It's easier to work with, keeps me matte, and IMO actually looks more natural. If you want to get the same finish as this foundation with the Mat Velvet + set it with a baked MAC M.S.F. Natural and you'll get the same finish(if of course your skin is not sensitive to the bismuth in the MSF). Hope this helps!

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