Guerlain Terre Indigo Swatches and Review

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guerlain's Terracotta Inca Summer 2011 Collection is without a doubt, visually stunning.  One of the stars in this collection is Terre Indigo Four Shade Eyeshadow, a gorgeous palette with an intricate Inca inspired pattern. This retails for $59USD and is available at some Nordstrom/Saks Fifth Avenue counters.  I believe the official release day is some time in May but several stores have already received the collection early.

As with most Guerlain palettes, I love the inclusion of a mirror.  I also like how there are 2 different types of applicators; 1 regular round tip and 1 small angular tip to grab color from the small color stripes such as orange and dark brown.

The palette comes with a deep brown/bronze velvet pouch and a beautiful glossy bronze case.  

 The palette is made in Italy, which surprised me since I figured it would be from Paris.

Personally, I find the palette breathtaking at first glance.  I think a lot of other ladies felt the same way once they saw it in person.  It has 4 different shades: orange, blue, medium brown, and dark brown, all covered with a gold over-spray. 

Here is another shot of the design:

The design is very intricate compared to past Guerlain eyeshadow palettes.  I love how the circles and edges are raised up, giving is an extra dimension in the pan.

This is taken in direct sunlight:

Last one taken in the late afternoon sun...

As pretty as it looks in the pan, these 4 shades also swatch rather nicely on my arm.  The eyeshadows are pigmented and vibrant.

In darker lighting, the orange is a true satin finish orange shade.  The navy blue shade feels and swatch like a matte.  The light bronze and dark brown shades are satins.  All 4 shades are smooth with small flecks of gold shimmer infused inside the pan. 

These were taken with more natural light by the window:

Here they are taken in direct sunlight.  You can make any of the shades more shimmery by layering additional gold over-spray on top.

As previously mentioned, I personally am not a fan of Guerlain's 6 color eyeshadow palettes because I find the shades lacking in pigmentation and vibrancy. Some may think otherwise but that has always been my opinion and experience with them.  This palette however, is much better in comparison.  I had no issues swatching it and found all 4 shades rich in color, especially the matte blue and orange.  I was most impressed that whatever you see in the pan is exactly the shade you'll get in a swatch. I definitely think you can create some beautiful color combination with this palette.

Overall, a big kudos to Guerlain for releasing a good quality eyeshadow palette that's also visually beautiful.  If anything, the cost alone goes to creating such a complicated pattern. This palette is suitable for neutral lovers and those who seek bold colors.  You can use the darker colors to line the eyes or vice versa. It's a thumbs up from me. I recommend checking this out at your local counters. If they don't have testers out, ask to see the palette so you can decide if you want it.  I can imagine this flying off the shelves pretty quickly.


Jenny said...

what a beautiful palette ^^!!

Larie said...

Ah, gorgeous photos and swatches! The palette is so beautiful, and the shadows look pretty pigmented. Lovely!

LittoMokaa said...

wow the palette is absolutely gorgeous! The shadows are nicely pigmented too!!

pinkribbons said...

Pretty, love the contrast of the blue and orange.

Edwina said...

Awww thanks for swatching :) The colours are beautiful!

Urban Warrior said...

Awesome ... Beautiful ... however I still think the powder is the real star of this collection ;)

Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

WOW, That palette is almost to pretty to swatch. Loving the colors, thanks for the swatches

sugar sugar said...

OMG! that's such a gorgeous palette! the colors are so pretty.

Replica said...

Thats really pretty, although I know I wouldn't be able to use the orange, thanks for the swatches :)

resham said...

Beautiful Palette and stunning combination...

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