Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock Lotion SPF 85 Review

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

California weather has been very strange lately.  I'm not sure about the temperature in your neck of the woods, but it was cold and rainy in early June for us.  This week is filled with scorching heat, making me yearn for a tall glass of cold iced tea. Regardless of the weather, I always reach for sunscreen to prevent skin damage from harmful UV rays.  My skin is very sensitive and have been known to break out instantly from various brands of sunscreens.  Therefore, I was very excited to try out Aveeno's Hydrosport Sunblock SPF85 when it arrived at my doorstep. This was sent to me by Aveeno as part of the Ambassador Program.

This sunscreen is from Aveeno's newest line, Active Naturals.  You can purchase this at most drugstores such as Target, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, etc.  It retails at $10.99USD but do check your local ads for coupons and weekly sales.

The sunblock comes in a sturdy plastic tube with a clear plastic top.  It is very convenient to pack in your suitcases during travel.  After you flip the lid open, gently squeeze out enough lotion to cover your entire face and neck.  The dispenser provides just enough product.  I love the packaging because the lid is tight enough to prevent accidental spills.

Hydrosport sunblock lotion is designed to be sweatproof, waterproof, non-greasy, and lightweight.  There are 5 active sunscreen ingredients to help protect you from the UV rays.  This is a great sunscreen to use when you are active outdoors.

The ingredients list does include dimethicone for those of you who are allergic. I personally would like to see a reduction of BHT usage as well. 

The texture of this sunscreen is very light weight.  It is not a runny liquid like Shiseido, Clarins, or La Mer's sunscreen.  Hydrosport Sunblock Lotion is a cross between a cream and liquid that spreads very easily on the skin.  It does have the typical sunscreen fragrance that does not fully dissipate after application.

This sunblock dries nearly instantly on my skin. It is not sticky and does not feel heavy. Every time I use this, I always forget that I have sunscreen on because it is so comfortable.  This is also oil-free.

I first used this as a test trial during my 10K walk for March of Babies back in May.  I can attest to the water resistant claim because at no time during the walk did I find sunscreen dripping down my face. This product did not break me out either, which is a miracle considering how sensitive I am to other sunscreens.  Since the product is water resistant, I highly recommend using a proper makeup remover/oil base cleanser. Otherwise, any waterproof sunscreen with clog your pores from left-over residue.

Overall, Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock Lotion is a great product that is light-weight, waterproof, and sweatproof.  I have combination skin so it dries fine on my face without makeup. However, if I use this as a base before makeup, it does accentuate dry patches if I don't use moisturizer. For those who have dry/very dry skin, please be aware of this and moisturize well before putting on makeup.  Those with oily skin should have no issues with this sunblock lotion.

Bottom Line: I recommend checking out Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock Lotion SPF 85 from your local drugstore aisles. It is an affordable, comfortable, and oil-free sunscreen for those with sensitive skin. There are always coupons/sales from your local ads and on Aveeno's website. 

Have you tried Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock Lotion SPF 85? What is your HG sunscreen?


Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

It must not be out here yet - just browsed the drug store aisles and didn't see it. Thanks for the review! Good to know there's yet another option for sun safety.

kali said...

Sunscreens are REALLY tough to find especially since most dry me out or cause irritation like crazy. So far, I'm liking Shiseido's "Ultimate Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 55 PA+++" but since it's only been a few days, I'm not sure I love it yet. I really hate the price though!

PerilouslyPale said...

I really need to start trying out some new sunscreens. Thanks for the review!

Barbara said...

just saw a derm on tv and he said it's impossible to have "waterproof" sunscreen, so in US advertising starting next year companies can't make the claim.

makeup merriment said...

I've been using a newish one from Neutrogena in an SPF 70. I like it under makeup- it's easy to wear because it's very sheer. This does look interesting to me. Thanks for the through review.

Rinz said...

i cant stand sunblock because its super greasy, but I'd like to try this one n see how it goes with my skin :)

Kristie said...

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) - oh no. I hope they have it at your local counters soon.

kali - I know what you mean. It is difficult to find sunscreen for different skin types. I've tried the Shiseido one as well but it didn't work out for me. Glad to hear it's working out well for you.

PerilouslyPale - you're welcome! Let me know how it works out for you.

Barbara - I just saw the segment you were talking about as well on CNN! They did say the FDA is regulating SPF over 30. They mentioned it will not be in effect until next year. Thanks for sharing the information.

makeup merriment - thanks for sharing. Glad to hear the SPF70 is working out well for you.

Rinz - I think you'll like this one. It's not greasy at all like other sunscreens!

Jane said...

I've been using the Neutrogena one (SPF 70), and I like it so far... but this one seems pretty good also! Thanks for the review :)

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog ^^

Anonymous said...

Those ingredients are unstable and will breakdown in sunlight. Physical sunscreens that contain zinc oxide are much better and safer than chemical sunscreens (which is what this one is)

Anonymous said...

It appears that this SKU has been reformulated this year and includes photostabilizers, such as Butyloctyl Salicylate, which will prevent the active ingredients from breaking down as the previous post suggests.

Nikki said...

Yes this product really works even on wet skin – it doesn’t run or drip. I am very fair skin and usually get a little sunburn, but with this there is no sunburn.

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