Byzance de Chanel - Rouge Joues Contraste Swatches and Review

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One of the most anticipated and talked about item in Byzance de Chanel is the Rouge Joues Contraste.  It retails for $43USD.  You can purchase this on Chanel's website, at selected Chanel boutiques, or Nordstrom Seattle.  It is certainly not a blush for the color shy.  Rouge is undoubtedly red,  it's not dark pink and definitely not fuchsia. It is an extremely vibrant red with shimmer.

Rouge is limited edition and the blush is made in France.

I literally gasp when I first saw Rouge.  It is so bright and red that it truly terrified me.  However, I was also strangely attracted to this vibrant red blush.  I don't own any blushes remotely close to Rouge so it was definitely out of my comfort zone. The close up image below shows the fine shimmer in the blush.

Rouge swatches true to the color that is seen in the pan. To me, calling this blush "pigmented" is simply an understatement.  With one light swipe, I get this extremely vibrant red with visible shimmer.

Below are the swatches on my skin.  Although you can see the shimmer in the pan, it doesn't look like a glittery mess once applied. I blended the blush as shown in the first stripe but it still looks quite bright.

Taken with flash:

Overall, Rouge is a really beautiful red blush that is incredibly pigmented.  It goes on smoothly with a single brush swipe.  Chanel doesn't offer red blushes very often so Rouge is quite unique in its own right.  With that being said, it is still completely out of my comfort zone.  Due to the red pigmentation in my cheeks, it took a lot of work to make Rouge work for me.  I used a 187 brush but still had to really buff it out to avoid looking like I got stung by a bee.  Even so, someone still commented on how "flushed" I looked with Rouge.  I like the blush for the pigmentation and uniqueness, but I do not love it.  I simply have to layer it with a pink blush or highlighter to make it work for me.  In all honesty, if I wasn't  a die-hard Chanel fan and if Rouge wasn't limited edition, I probably would not have picked it up.

Bottom line: Rouge is a unique shade with great pigmentation.  However, it does require a light hand and some buffing to make it work. It will probably be a good shade for those with medium to dark skin tones.  Those with pale and light skin tones will have to use a light hand/fan brush with this to avoid going overboard.  If you are on a budget and don't want to work at applying this blush, I'd say think twice before purchasing Rouge.  For  those who are die-hard Chanel fans, or love red blushes, Rouge is a rare find that is unique enough to add to your collection.


VampiressDoll said...

Gah, that is pigmented! I didn't think much of Chanel products in terms of pigmentation, but this is something else. :)

Zuzu's Petals said...

Thank you for the *gorgeous* swatches, best I have seen yet. And thanks also for the honest review. At first I thought I might be able to pull it off, since I naturally flush red, but when I read about your experience, even using the 187, I knew it would be too intense for me. Bummer.

I admit I was excited at first. Most Chanel blushes don't work for me, as they are either too warm and peachy or too brown ... or if the color is just right (e.g., Pink Explosion), they're too shimmery and/or powdery. I'd love to know who's wearing Rouge JC successfully, and I'd love to see it on her cheeks.

PerilouslyPale said...

Beautiful. I can't get over how pigmented this looks in finger swatches. Crazy!

iliana said...

This is almost ridiculously pigmented...must be so challenging to wear..this is like the perfect review though! x

Delyteful Speaks said...

oh I've been waiting for this review! Love pigmented and bright blushes! Although I'm not a huge fan of Chanel blushes coz if their lack of pigmentation, this seems to be very different.. Me likie.. Me Wantie

Diane (Orange2LA) said...

After struggling to decide if you should get this you finally caved. I'm sorry you're not "in love" with this blush. =( I personally love this blush and have been wearing it more than I thought I would, I just have to be careful not to over do it.

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

I think this is unique enough that I'm willing to shell out for it... there isn't anything else like this out there right now! Gorgeous photos and great review!

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

So, I thought I should mention that it was this post that was almost directly responsible for my picking up this blush. I kind of love it! So, thanks. :)

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