Exclusive Look at Burberry Fall 2011 Collection Swatches

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Burberry Fall 2011 Collection is now available for pre-order at selected Nordstrom counters.  Kristy from the Nordstrom San Francisco counter was kind enough to send naturalNchicmakeup a sneak peek of the new goodies.

The collection consists of: the new Midnight Brown eyeliner, Rosewood lip liner, Blonde mascara, Brown mascara, #25 Nude Rose lipstick, #26 Nude Cashmere lipstick, and the Midnight brown eyeshadow. 

The swatches from left to right:  Blonde mascara, Brown mascara, #25 Nude Rose lipstick, #26 Nude Cashmere lipstick, and the Midnight brown eyeshadow.  Please keep in mind these images were taken under the mall lighting and may look different in natural lighting.

According to Kristy, "the brown mascara is a rich dark brown while the Blonde mascara looks almost olive green army green toned".

The photo with the eyeshadows below compares Midnight Brown to the other shades currently in the line. Kristy mentions "the midnight brown is right in between Chestnut and Rosewood but a little bit darker and with more of a dark brown red undertone than taupe".

With the Nordstrom Anniversary sale kicking off tomorrow, it's a great time to get double points and a GWP with your $100USD order.  If you're interested, you can contact Kristy at the Nordstrom San Francisco Burberry counter to pre-order.  She should have all the items available this weekend.  

What are you planning to pick up?


Kristie said...

Joyce - I don't have the schedule for the face brush. You may want to check with Kristy. She will have a better idea of when they will be released.

Replica said...

Thanks for sharing this, I really like the look of the Nude Rose lipstick and Midnight brown eyeshadow :)

November Grey said...

I would really like to try... nude rose lipstick for sure!

PS - I'm doing a $70 makeup giveaway here!

Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE your detailed, descriptive Burberry Beauty posts! I am SO glad I found your blog!! I have been looking for someone who follows Burberry Beauty for a long time and I'm so excited to see pretty much all of the products on your blog!!! Hugs!!!
I went to the event Saturday at the SF counter (Susie & Kristy are indeed AWESOME gals!!) and picked up the face primer, Nude Cashmere and some oldies but goodies: Earthy, Nude Glow, Almond, some glosses and some lipliner. It was a great splurge and I got to introduce my mum to the line and she is hooked! And looks fabulous! Anyway, keep up the great work and I look forward to exploring your other posts!!

Ansa said...

Gorgeous. :)

productdoctor said...

I haven't tried anything from Burberry yet. Maybe time to start!

prettyaspeaches said...

Ooo pretty! Did you end up getting anything? (Yay figured out my commenting problem and now I can comment again yay!)

Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup said...

I live 70 miles away from the closest Burberry counter, thank you for posting this. It's going to be eons before I'll probably be there again and would never have seen this!

Kristie said...

Replica - Np! Those are my two favorites as well.

Michelle - Thanks so much! I'm so happy to hear you're loving the line.

Ansa - sure is.

productdoctor - I'd start with the lip mists!

prettyaspeaches - yay! Glad to hear from you again. I didn't pick up anything yet.

Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup - aww that sucks. Hopefully they'll open a counter near you soon.

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