Weekend Edition: Summer is a thing of the past

Friday, August 26, 2011

With all the recent Fall Collections released this past week, one would think summer is surely a thing of the past.  For those of you who live too far from the mall or simply don't have the time to make a visit, here are a few lot of things to look forward to:

MAC Me Over Collection officially launched on 8/25/2011.  The Collection features 51 pieces ranging from nude eyeshadows to bold and vampy lipsticks.   My personal favorite is Stunner, a soft pink blush that is oh-so-pretty.

Shadestick fans, there are 4 new shades for you to take home.

How Evil Eye Quad made it to the production line is beyond me. It's the worst eyeshadow quad I've seen from MAC. Fluidlines on the other hand, were quickly sold out both online and in stores.

Guerlain has the beauty community buzzing over the new 4-pan eyeshadow palettes. These are much more vibrant and pigmented compared to the 6-pan palettes.  I like them but the one matte shade in each palette made me walk away. I know, the matte color can be used as a liner. I'm just super picky.

YSL also launched their Midnight Garden Fall Collection. The teal shade in the OmbrĂ©s 5 Lumieres Palette is stunning.  I love how glittery, vibrant, and pigmented it swatches. The 6 new blush quads are beautiful as well. Rouge blush lovers, #6 is for you!

Lancome launched a new mascara in the Doll Lash Collection.  The eyeshadow palettes are lovely and pigmented.

Victoria Secret Hypnotic Beauty Collection was surprisingly very nice.  The eyeshadow palettes are smooth and pigmented. The blush/highlighter is quite nice but a tad frosty for my liking. Love the design of the compact though!

Marc Jacobs fans, Petal to the Metal Natasha bags ($428USD) are here!

Don't like birds? Maybe the Bianca front pocket Hobo ($458USD) or Pouchette ($328USD) will tickle your fancy.

For the ultimate splurge, check out YSL's new Multicolor Leather Shopper ($2,295USD)

Last but not least, the "Fun Find" of the week:

Who can turn down a Sponge Bob Square Pants Gardening Set for a mere $5USD?  Imagine how awesome your kids will look in the garden with these cool gloves and gardening tools.

Have a great weekend everyone! East coast beauties, stay safe and dry!


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Misread the price on the Marc Jacobs bags (thought they were $42) and almost had a happy heart attack...lol.
SO many great things for fall.

Kristie said...

Lol I would purchase one in every color if they really were $42 each! One can only dream :)

Nat said...

YSL's Midnight Garden collection looks beautiful!

Makeup Magpie said...

I had fun looking at the new MAC collection today and agree Stunner blush is beautiful! I had to take that one home with me :) Thanks for the virtual shopping trip!

Alexis the Honey B said...

Going to review the 226 from MAC Me Over soon!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eden-Avalon said...

I swatched the Evil Eye Quad and set it back down like it would have BITTEN me if I didn't. It's,,,,terrible. It's just so terrible.

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