Dior Smoky Black, Smoky Blue, and Smoky Nude 3 Couleurs Eye Palette Swatches & Review

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dior recently launched 6 new 3 Couleurs Smoky Eye Palette, with each retailing for $48USD.  The compact is smaller than the original 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette, and comes with a small sliding mirror. The local counter did not receive all of the testers so I was only able to play with Smoky Black, Smoky Blue, and Smoky Nude.

Taken in bright sunlight:

I came to the counter with very high expectations for these new items.  In the pan, each palette contains a glittery shade, a frosty shade, and a matte shade. The glittery color was extremely eye-catching as it sparkled beautifully under incandescent lighting.

Out of the 3 palettes, I found Smoky Nude the least glittery. The sparkles are a lot more subtle in the swatch compared to Smoky Navy and Smoky Black.  I naturally gravitate towards neutral shades so this was the first palette I swatched. It is smooth and nicely pigmented without being too glittery, frosty, or matte.  The dark brown shade did require 3-4 swipes to show up.

Smoky Black was unfortunately not as pigmented in comparison. The darkest black shade with glitter was the best out of the 3 colors. It is also the most beautifully done glittery shade I've seen in a long time.  There was no glitter fallout because the shimmer is fine but noticeable.  The other 2 shades took 6-7 swipes to get full pigmentation.  I was sorely disappointed.

Smoky Navy also performed poorly in the pigmentation department.  It took 6-7 swipes for the darker colors to show up. The pale blue shade was slightly chalky as well.

I saw Smoky Khaki, Smoky Brown, and Smoky Pink in the pan. They look gorgeous in the pan, especially Khaki and Brown.  I wasn't able to swatch them so I can't do a proper review for you.

Overall, I like the concept and packaging design for Dior's new 3 Couleurs Eye Palettes. However, I  wished the pigmentation would be more consistent. It seemed to vary from palette to palette, with the darker ones performing quite poorly. I was wowed by Smoky Nude's buttery smooth texture but frustrated with Smoky Blue and Navy.

Bottom Line: For $16USD a shade, I expected more from Dior but was left feeling underwhelmed. I like the palettes but am not in love with them.  Again, I'm only speaking for the 3 that I played with. I think Smoky Khaki and Brown have the potential to be smooth and pigmented like Smoky Nude. If you're on a budget, check these out in person before taking the plunge. If you like sheer shades that are buildable, these will mostly be right for you.

Are you picking any of these up? Did you have a better experience with them?


MsRinz said...

I like smokey nude! It reminds me of UD palette that I still haven't used!!! Lol

Kristie said...

You're right. The shades aren't unique but it does have nice pigmentation.

Replica said...

Great review Kristie, we seem to be in agreement about these. I wish my nude trio went on like it looks in your swatches, my skintone must make things go more warm toned!
If you do happen to have a further look at Khaki and Brown I'd be interested to know your thoughts as I did contemplate these two x

Makeup Magpie said...

Thanks for the great swatches! I visited Nordstrom today and tested these again but didn't go home with any (yet!). My favorites are Smoky Nude, Smoky Brown & I LOVE the sparkly gunmetal shade in Smoky Pink, but not wild about the other two in the palette. Waiting for Nordstrom triple points on the 14th :0)

Kristie said...

Replica - Thanks! I will definitely visit the counter again and let you know my thoughts on the other 2 palettes.

Makeup Magpie - I am anxious to try out the other palettes. I have a feeling the matte pink in Smoky Pink is chalky like Smoky Blue.

PerilouslyPale said...

Thanks for your honest review. I keep being wooed by great reviews of Dior shadows only to be disappointed. I've given up on them. I'm relieved my decision to pass is justified!

Eden-Avalon said...

I agree with you. They're beautifully designed and packaged but the product itself is meh.

Polarbelle said...

I never swatched the Smokey Nude till today. I thought what the heck, may as well swatch that one, too. And it came home with me. Pre-rung on a register specifically set up for triple points day! YAY! So, I have purchased Nude, Blue, Pink and Khaki. I love the pale blue lid shade in the blue and the sparkly shade. I do love the Chanel more, but I really love that pale blue in the Dior. You have given another terrific review. I'll be doing some photographing and a lot of playing.

Jenny said...

oo smoky nude looks gorgeous! i want to swatch them now in store! :) thanks for the lovely swatches!

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