Chanel Holiday 2011 Collection Swatches and Review Part I

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chanel's Holiday 2011 Collection finally arrived at my local Nieman Marcus counter.  I was ecstatic to see the collection on Chanel's website last night, but still want to see the items in person before committing.  I went to the counter with only foundation and no lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow in preparation to test out the products. Here I share some thoughts and swatches with you.

Enviree is  in my favorite lipstick formula, the rouge allure.  It is a rose pink with shimmer that's quite flattering on my skin tone.  However, I fear this shade may not be as forgiving on dry, flaky lips.

Sweet Beige is also another lovely pink-beige with visible gold shimmers that's slightly milky. It will look great layered on top of Enviree if you want a glossier, more shimmery punch of color.

Sparkle D'Or is really more of a layering color since it's not as pigmented by itself.  You can add a lot of shine and gold shimmers on top of any lipstick shade with this.

Rouge Allure Lacque is one of my all time favorite liquid lipstick formulas from Chanel.  It's always my go-to product when I need a long lasting lip color.  I own all of the lacques from the permanent line except for Coromandel.  At $32USD a piece, you can imagine how much I love these to buy so many!

Empire is a gorgeous color addition to the family but sadly it is limited edition. Dragon is permanent. If you're looking for a pigmented pink with subtle gold shimmers, look no further. Below is a shot with Empire in the bright sunlight so you can see the shimmers better.

Insouciance Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss is a brown-beige shade with shimmer.  You can see the above picture of the gold and pink shimmers in bright sunlight. It's certainly a nice nude color.

Or is a gold eyeliner that hardly budges once it dries.

Famous Rouge Allure lipstick is a nice red to explore. I love the formula and the lipstick glides on smoothly.  I wasn't particularly blown away by the shade but it is great for those who are generally afraid of reds.

Triomphal reminds me of Rouge Byzantine lipstick in a gloss formula. The shade packs an amazing punch of deep red with pink shimmers. It is simply gorgeous.  Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss are slightly tacky but not sticky, and have great pigmentation.  Below is a shot of Triomphal under the bright sun where you can really see the shimmers.

Overall, I love all of the pink lip colors and Triomphal.  I would say the most outstanding pieces, if I really had to pick, are Triomphal and Empire.  I think both of the formulas are outstanding and the colors are incredibly beautiful.  They will look good on all skin tones. What makes them unique is the addition of gold and pink shimmers, which gives them an extra oomph under the sun or incandescent lighting.  I didn't expect much from the glossimers but did end up liking Sweet Beige.

Bottom Line: Empire and Triomphal are must-haves if you're on a budget. Enviree and Sweet Beige are also beautiful shades to check out.  I am definitely taking home all the pinks and Triomphal.

For more swatches, head on over to BestThingsInBeauty and TheBeautyLookBook. Both have beautiful photos and swatches of the collection. I have also reviewed the blush, highlighter, and eyeshadows here.

What are your picks from this collection?


Dovey said...

Sweet Beige is prettier than I imagined! Enviree is such a pretty bright pink as well. Thanks for the swatches.

polarbelle said...

Well, I'm in love with the looks of most of it. We don't have it here yet. Hopefully this week, tho. The only thing I don't care for is the sheer gold glossimer. I think we've been there, seen that before....but oooooh the light pinks are gorgeous, as is the Triomphal. Nice review. Thanks.

Paige said...

Thank you for posting the swatches. I was curious about Triomphal and Famous. Based on your swatches, I think I will go back to get Triomphal. I've already gotten Sweet Beige. I like that it's a more opaque version of the glossimer and the color is just right up my alley.

makeup merriment said...

I'm dying over Sweet Beige! I am doing everything I can not to buy.... Let's see how long I last until I cave. Thanks for the beautiful swatches once again. jeanie

Replica said...

Thanks for these, I really like the look of Sweet Beige :)

nicci said...

I promised myself to try to limit my lip products and it is hard so hard for me to say no to Chanel! I am loving Sweet Beige, Enivree, and Empire. I also want to check out Discretion. Thanks so much for the clear swatches!! :) I am waiting for my Nordstrom to get it...hate waiting!

Michelle said...

I havent tried any Rouge Allure lipsticks, how do they feel? Are they drying or moisturizing?
Thanks soo much for the swatches. I've had my eye for Sparkle D'or, sweet beige, enivree and empire :)

Kristie said...

Michelle - Rouge Allure lipsticks are not as dry compared to the Rouge Coco formula. They're not particularly moisturizing but feel quite comfortable on the lips. They don't have as much slick or gloss compared to the Rouge Coco Shine but is not drying either. HTH!

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