Dior d'Or Collection Vernis Swatches and Review

Friday, October 7, 2011

This year, Dior is the first brand to release their holiday collection at Nordstrom counters.  The Les Rouges Or Collection consists of 4 new nail polish shades, 4 lipsticks, a quint, a holiday deluxe palette, a mini brush set, and a holiday eye palette.  I had tweeted pictures of the collection here and  here. Out of the entire collection, I had my eyes set on the new nail varnishes. These retail for $22USD a bottle.

Apparat is a burgundy red with beautiful gold and red shimmer.
Merveille is a bright coral red with gold shimmer.
Exquis is a taupe grey with gold shimmer and a hint of olive in certain angles.
Or Divin is a pale yellow gold with shimmer.

I went to the counters ready to test drive all the new shades but completely forgot to remove my current nail polish.  Luckily Dior came to the rescue with some nail polish removers!

Out of the 4 shades, I was most drawn to Exquis.  It's a beautiful and complex shade that's very fitting for Fall.  Merveille is a little too bright for me, which I think is more fitting for Summer or Spring.  Apparat is also another gorgeous Fall/Winter shade that can easily be worn for a wedding or Christmas party. I think Or Divin will be very soft and flattering for lighter skin ladies. For me, it brings out too much of the yellow in my skin tone. I also found this shade to be streakier and more difficult to work with compared to the other 3.  In fact, it also took the longest to dry.

Overall, I'm a fan of Dior's nail polishes. The colors are unique and not always dupable by other brands, although they may seem so at first glance.  I picked up both Apparat and Exquis to no surprise but I think all 4 are nice shades.  Although I love Exquis the most, I feel like I've seen a similar shade from Dior previously. Perhaps under a different name? As for Or Divin, you can definitely layer it on top of the other shades for a nice golden effect.

Bottom Line: $22  is not exactly cheap for a bottle of nail polish. However, Dior has a nice range of unique shades to choose from and the formula is quite stellar.  If you are on a budget, definitely check out Exquix.  For those looking to splurge, this holiday collection is a great place to start.

Which shade caught your eyes?


productdoctor said...

Exquix is to die for!

Goya said...

I like Dior's polishes as well, yet, they have a very serious con: they dry out very fast. While Chanel polish bottle can "live" for years, Dior's one lives about 1 year, which is not good enough for Dior.
Apparat looks like Chanel's Tulip Noir.

Ava said...

Definitely Exquix - subtle gold shimmer in a grey polish is genius! I agree that Dior polish quality doesn't match that of Chanel. Maybe polish thinner will help. Still, at these prices...

Kristie said...

productdoctor - yes it is!!

Goya - Thanks for the heads up. I'm disappointed to hear they dry out within a year. Chanel polishes are higher priced but I love their quality and color selection as well.

Ava - yes genius indeed! I could of sworn I saw a similar shade from them previously.

Replica said...

They are pretty, the holiday collections have not come out here yet. I think I am drawn to Apparat most, I didn't get on with the last Dior polish I got but I'm willing to give them another try as that looks a great shade for the winter months. Thanks for the great review and pics x

polarbelle said...

aw, I didn't know they dry out. They're just stinking fabulous. I have three fingers of Mervielle and one of Or Divin right now. They just got them so she wasn't sure which were new. Never showed me the grey one but...hello...trend show tomorrow!!! Woot!! (already have Mervielle on hold, lol)

Lucy said...

I can't wait to get my hands on all Dior holiday shades :) And I'm not worried about them drying out.. few months ago I read this post by Scrangie
http://www.scrangie.com/2008/12/restoring-polish-quite-possibly-most.html and ever since I've had no worries about any of my polishes going "bad" :)

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

I'll be elbowing people out of the way to get to Exquix! But I can leave the others.

PinkOrchids said...

Thanks for the swatches, the red is perfect! It's such a pretty coral red! I agree, Exquix is really nice, complex shade describes it well, i want one!! xX

Kristie said...

Replica - Apparat is a great shade. I had no issues with the pigmentation or formula on this one. Hopefully it'll work out for you this time around!

polarbelle - woohoo!!!

Lucy - That's awesome. Thank you for sharing the link with us!

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) - Lol love it!!

PinkOrchids - you should grab one! I'm sure it'll be launched at all counters soon.

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