Guerlain Holiday 2011 Collection: Parure De Nuit Swatches and Review

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guerlain's Holiday 2011 Collection is slowly trickling into stores such as Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, and Saks.  One of the most eye-catching items from this collection is the limited edition Parure De Nuit Powder retailing for $67USD.

Although peacocks don't remind me of Christmas, I love the whimsical patterns and color scheme for the collection. Guerlain added a touch of teal inside the packaging and the lining of the velvet pouch.

Similar to the previously released Blush G Serie Noire (reviewed here) that was released 9 months ago, this comes in a similar glossy black compact.  It also includes a brush in the hidden compact at the bottom.

The brush is quite soft and comes in very handy for traveling.

Here are the different brush colors and sizes between Blush G, Terracota, and Blush G.

The powder has a beautiful pattern of a peacock feather and a multi-color shimmer over-spray. After removing the top layer, you are left with a finely milled powder with very subtle shimmer.

In the finger swatch, the powder is a shimmery beige and the coral-red "eye" is a shimmery watermelon-coral-red.

On my arm, the peacock "eye" shows up as a light shimmery pink.  As you can see, the colors are quite sheer and faint in the swatch.  It took me multiple swipes to get the color to show up.  My skin tone is NC25-NC30 normally but it's probably closer to NC35 currently due to a tan.

Close up of the swatch:

Another shot in darker lighting:

Overall, Parure De Nuit has a beautiful intricate design and lovely packaging.  It is however, quite sheer and will take some work for the blush to show up.  I personally think Guerlain meant for this to be a sheer pressed powder. When I use the powder portion all over my face, I get a very soft and subtle glow. This is the same effect that I get when using Guerlain's Meteorites.  In order to get some pigmentation out of the blush, I have to use a blush brush and swipe it diagonally across the peacock "eye".  Again, it provides only a very subtle hint of color on the cheeks.

Bottom Line: Although the design is gorgeous, I personally think this is not a must-have product. At such a high price point, I was expecting the blush portion to be a lot more pigmented. The powder performs well as a setting powder but will provide only a light and sheer layer of color.  For those on a budget and looking for a blush, I do not think this is the right product for you.  However, if you're looking for a compact version of the meteorites, this is a nice alternative.  This product also contains talc so use sparingly if you are allergic to the ingredient. For those looking for a shimmery, finely-milled highlighter, I highly recommend checking out Chanel's limited edition Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel Highlighter (reviewed here).

What are your thoughts on Parure De Nuit?  Did you pick it up?


Kumiko Mae said...

super peacockish!

polarbelle said...

I WANT THIS!! I can't wait for your review. Do it now. Right now!! Sorry I'm so pushy, well, I', not really sorry, this is important!!

Lucy said...

I love the look of this so much... but I just don't see myself using it very often... looking forward to your review and swatches

MsRinz said...

beautiful!!!! if i were to buy this, i dont think i would be able to use it simply because its just plain beautiful to touch lol

Beauty Products said...

Vow..the design is really superb...and amazing!..i like this product very much.

Rola said...

Guerlain has done it again, love the pretty peacock design!

Alexis the Honey B said...

this is so lovely!!! i want it!!! can't wait for the swatches!

Makeup Magpie said...

Thanks very much for the great photos, comparison and your honest opinions! I love the design on this one, but may end up getting the Chanel instead :)

Nawi said...

The chanel one did not leave up to its expectations and this was is totally beautiful as a highlighter and for me certainly as a blush too.

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