Weekend Edition: Tis the Season to be Shopping?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October seems to be the new holiday month this year.  Everywhere I go, I see Christmas decorations, cards, and even reminders of what to buy for your loved ones. Long gone are the days of waiting in line for Black Friday. It seems like most companies are launching products much earlier to entice consumers into spending sooner.  Here are a couple of items you can look forward to this weekend:

Lancome launched a festive holiday collection with 4 new lipsticks with their corresponding nail polish shades.  I like the design of the face powder but found it a tad chalky. The nail polish ranges from brown-pink to fiery red.

Dior has a wide selection of products to choose from in their holiday collection. If you like metallic/frosty finish lipsticks, the reds are gorgeous.  Nail polish lovers will be pleased with the shade selection (reviewed here).

For those who love palettes, Dior surely didn't forget about you. I love the packaging this year.

MAC went all out this year with their massive holiday collection. There are lots to choose from but not all are outstanding.  For those who don't want to loose sleep over getting a particular item, head over to your local Macy's counters to pre-order.

My picks from the collection? Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass, How Beautiful! Beauty Powder, Let's Skate p/p, Morning Frost p/p, and Rocking Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag.

Must-have? None.

Bobbi Brown also launched the holiday collection with a variety of eyes, lips, and face palettes.

Love gold highlighters? This is a super shimmery gold palette which certainly screams "Let's Party!"

Hello Kitty fans, Sephora finally has Hello Kitty Noir available! It's black, red, and dazzling with Swarovski crystals.  I want the hair brush, yes I do!


 Tarte has been making rounds in the blogosphere with the Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity.  I dearly love the jewelry box but was let down by the eyeshadow pigmentation.  Looks great online but is chalky in person.

If you're looking for eyeliners, Tarte also has a nice set this year.  The pencils are chubby but I can't tell if the staying power is there.  6 pencils for $39USD? What a steal!


 Not a fan of paying too much money for makeup? No problem. Head on over to your local Costco beauty aisle. For under $20, Stila will give you the Ultimate Color Palette filled with eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, and bronzers.

Another great steal that I look forward to every year is the Kirkland brush set. Yes, it's back! 10 brushes for $24.99 equates to $2.49 a brush plus a free bag.

Last but not least, Karl Lagerfield fans can now grab his design for Macy's for 30-40% off. 

Have a great weekend!

What are some of your weekend beauty/fashion finds?


Girlie Blogger said...

Holidays seem to move up more and more. Soon, we'll be seeing Christmas in July. But I do love the glitters of Holiday makeup. They give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.


Sabrina said...

This post is awesome! Made me realize what I really want and what I can skip.

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

I had the same conclusion re: Tarte vanity set. Amazing deal but not so impressive up close.

I'm afraid Chanel and Dior are calling my name in a chorus together. Not sure how I can resist!!

Kristie said...

Sabrina - yay! Happy shopping.

Liz - Don't resist it :) They're both gorgeous collections!

Makeup Magpie said...

Thanks for all of the eye candy! There are always so many great items available at this time of year -- the only hard part is deciding what to take home! :)

Rola said...

Great post, I always end up buying some holiday makeup gifts for myself. So much to choose from this time, wow!

Dizzy said...

I'm excited to see the Kirkland brush set!

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