Dior Summer In Dior Face, Eyes & Lips Palette Swatches and Review

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My first bronzing powder from Dior is Aurora (reviewed here), a wildly popular item that was released this summer. I really love the texture of the powder and was super excited to spot the Summer In Dior Palette at the DFS.

I love the additional Dior charm as well as the soft texture of the leather case.  I feel as though I own a miniature version of the Lady Dior bag!

The Summer In Dior Palette contains a bronzer,  3 eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses, and 2 brushes.  Since it is a travel palette, the backside of the top cover includes a nice big mirror. Some may find the packaging a little bit bulky but I find it quite slick and portable.

When I first saw the palette, my eyes were immediately on the bronzer. It has beautiful shimmers that are not chunky or overly glittery.  The texture is buttery soft just like Aurora. I'm normally not a fan of palettes because of cross contamination. Most of the time the powder particles from the bronzers/eyeshadows will fly right into the lipglosses and get stuck in there. However, I was willing to overlook this issue because the palette was too gorgeous to pass up.

The 3 eyeshadow shades look rather mundane in the pan but they all have subtle hints of shimmer that makes them rather unique.

Here's a shot in the bright sunlight where you can see the different color shimmers in all of the products.

In a finger swatch, there is a frosty white shade with multi-color shimmer, a peachy-pink with gold shimmer, and a complex brown with multi-color shimmer.

The eyeshadows are richly pigmented as shown in the finger swatches. These all took only 1 swipe across the colors in the pan.

The bronzer looks very shimmery in the pan but is super subtle in the finger swatch and on the skin.

On my skin, the shades take about 2-3 swipes for full opacity.  The shimmers are much more evident in the eyeshadows compared to the bronzer.  I was expecting it to be a lot more orange on my skin but it is closer to a traditional bronzing powder shade.

In direct sunlight:

It's difficult to truly show the multi-color shimmers in the eyeshadows but I think this blurry image captures it quite well.

I was afraid the bronzer will be similar to Aurora but luckily they are different from each other.  In the pan, Aurora has more pink compared to the palette bronzer.

This proves true in the swatch as well. Aurora leans a tad more coral-pink but is surprisingly more orange on my skin compared to the palette bronzer.  I get a sheer, soft "sunkissed" look when I apply the bronzer on my skin. With Aurora, I have to add a pink blush on top to avoid looking like a carrot.

You can see the clear differences between them in darker lighting. I personally like the bronzer in the palette more compared to Aurora. It is goof proof and very easy to use. It is also buildable.

Overall, I really like this palette. The only disappointment are the lipglosses.  I tried to swatch them but they were too sheer to show up on camera.  They are great layering products to add multi-color shimmers on top of lipsticks. They are not sticky and have great lasting power.  I only wish they are a little bit more pigmented and opaque. 

Bottom Line: Dior Summer In Dior Face, Eyes & Lips Palette is a great travel palette.  At $69USD, it gives you the biggest bang for your buck. The bronzer alone costs $59USD so you're essentially getting 3 eyeshadows and 2 shimmery lipglosses for an extra $10. I recommend checking this out if you're traveling abroad. The bronzer and eyeshadows are nicely pigmented with buttery smooth texture.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Do you like palettes or generally shy away from them?


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I have one dior palette from a holiday collection a couple of years ago but never really use it (it gets lost among the others). I really like the peachy pink. I think that would make an awesome cheek highlight colour as well.

PinkOrchids said...

So pretty!! It looks so classy! xX

Rola said...

I like the color of the leather case, nice! I think palettes are always a better deal than individual products. And they are good for traveling. Thanks for another great find:) Their holiday deluxe face palette looks nice too.

Makeup Magpie said...

Very nice palette! I love the case and the shadows and bronzer look great :)

Alexis the Honey B said...

wow, everything about this palette is so luxe! even the packaging! i want this!

Rindodo ♥ said...

omg, I love the shade of aurora! it's super super lovely >ㅁ<

Eden-Avalon said...

Aurora reads more of a blush to me whereas the palette is definitely a bronzer. It would probably be too orange for me though :(

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

OMG, I want it! I'm such a sucker for palettes and this bronzer looks so much better than Aurora. (I still don't get the fuss over Aurora.) I don't *need* it, of course, but it's going to be unbearably tempting when I see it for real.

polarbelle said...

That is a very nice palette!! Makes me want to go to Hawaii cuz I think it's my nearest DFS. Or LA...or anywhere. Lovely palette. Lovely swatches.

blog-a-beauté said...

I love the packaging of the palette! it's so gorgeous! That bronzer looks really great as well! I'm all for palettes especially if they have all the colours I love and want in there! I'm currently using the Nars blush bronzer trio and I do my bronzing, highlighting, blusher, and eyeshadow with it! All I need on top is an an eyelash curler, mascara and a lip stain and I'm sorted! A tinted moisturiser too!! x

Дарья said...

Amaaaazing palette bronzer! I don't like palettes at all, but I really like bronzer! It would be nice if it was sold separately...

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