Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous Face Illuminator Swatches and Review

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Laura Mercier's Rose Rendezvous Face Illuminator retails for $42USD and is the newest star from the Moonlight Collection.  The design is absolutely stunning! You can purchase this at Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or on the Laura Mercier website.

The beautiful rose patterns looks 3D and the shimmers are highly visible.  In the pan, Rose Rendezvous looks both frosty and metallic depending on the angle or lighting conditions. This makes it rather tricky to capture the real color of the product.  Below is the best representation of Rose Rendezvous with indoor lighting.

In bright sunlight:

A close up shows the intricate design and beautiful shimmers.

Rose Rendezvous feels buttery soft and is highly pigmented in the finger swatch.

The first thought that came to mind when I saw Rose Rendezvous is how similar it looks compared to Guerlain's Terra Inca Powder.  It has a lot more shimmer compared to Terra Inca but both are buttery smooth. Rose Rendezvous is rosy whereas Terra Inca is more bronze. It is also similar to Estee Lauder's Illuminating Powder Gelée but I do not have it for comparison purposes.

Despite looking metallic in the swatch, don't let this scare you away from trying Rose Rendezvous. I admit I was terrified at first as well.  A frosty AND metallic highlighter? No thanks! I walked away from it the first time I saw the product at Sephora. However, I went back to the counter a second time and asked for a skunk brush. Once I applied this on my cheeks, I finally understand and appreciate the beauty of this illuminator.

On my NC25-NC30 skintone, Rose Rendezvous acts both as a highlighter and a blush.  With a skunk brush such as MAC 187, I get a very soft glow on my cheeks that really illuminates my skin. It surprisingly does not look metallic or overly frosty at all.  I was incredibly shocked when I applied this both in the store and at home.  For a darker rosy look, I use a dense angle blush brush to apply it on my cheekbones.  The result is a bronzy rose that is slightly frosty with the tiniest hint of metallic finish at certain angles.

What makes this product so interesting is that it is only super shimmery under very bright sunlight. In normal indoor lighting, Rose Rendezvous' shimmers are soft and subtle.  Compared to Guerlain's Terra Inca, it is definitely not as bronzy and leans more pink/rose.

While testing out Rose Rendezvous, I had a nagging feeling it looks oddly familiar to something else in my collection.  Lo and behold, it is nearly identical to the latest varnish shade from Le Metier de Beaute, Lame Entertain You (reviewed here).

I was quite amused that I had to rack my brain trying to figure out the dupe when it was on my pinky finger all along.  Below is a sample swatch of Rose Rendezvous compared to Lame Entertain You.  Quite similar aren't they?

Overall, I really like Laura Mercier's Rose Rendezvous Illuminator. I was really terrified of the metallic finish of this product at the beginning.  However, I am so glad I gave this a second chance and tried it on my cheeks. The texture is soft and smooth. It is not insanely shimmery and does not have any glitter fallout. In fact, Rose Rendezvous' subtle shimmers "illuminates" the skin just as promised.  I think lighter skin tones can certainly use this as a blush and contour as well. I have worn this nearly everyday to work and dinner ever since I picked it up from the local counter. 

Bottom Line: Rose Rendezvous is a beautiful illuminator that is worth checking out.  The intricate design is gorgeous enough to mesmerize any makeup collector. For those who missed out on Sephora's FF, you will have another chance to pick this up at 20% off in the upcoming VIB sales event.

What are your thoughts on Rose Rendezvous? Are you surprise at how it looks in the swatch?


Polarbelle said...

I see that I MUST go try this. It's so beautiful in the pan, I'm very curious to see what it would do on my face.

Amanda said...

SO gorgeous!!!

pinkribbons said...

I think this is a star product of the season. No one expected this from Laura Mercier. Will be hunting this down in Sephora.

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

I am getting weak in my knees, it is STUNNING!

Lucy said...

I saw this last time I was in Sephora and it reminds me of EL's Illuminating Powder Gelée (which I own)... so I wasn't tempted to buy it, even if the rose design is gorgeous :)

Leticia said...

It's almost too pretty to use! I admit the metallic finish scares me lol.

Silver Lips said...

I swear your pictures make me want one of everything you post. lol This is so pretty. Adding it to my list of things to pick up from Sephora's up coming F&F sale.

PS what camera & lens do you use for pictures. I know you told me once but I forgot. Yup i'm still looking for a macro lens lol

Have a great day!

Marina said...

The design is a rip-off of the Guerlain Cruel Gardenia compact.

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

*giddy* :DDD

Nic Nic said...

the pattern looks beautiful! Ahhh if only if it was blush I'd definitely get it lol

kali said...

Bought this too! Gorgeous

Eden-Avalon said...

Gorgeous. This seems to be one of the stars of Sephora right now and I can certainly see why. Now if only I knew how to highlight!

Delyteful Speaks said...

oh it's absolutely stunning!!!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Kristie, the swatches are amazing, you take such beautiful pictures. I have been lemming this for quite some time I honestly do not need any more highlighters but oh my it is too pretty to resist. It sucks that I can't participate in the Sephora sales, you ladies in the US are so lucky!

Makeup Magpie said...

Beautiful! It really does match the LMdB polish perfectly! I have Estee Lauder's Illuminating Powder, but still would love to have this one :)

Kristie said...

Polarbelle - yes!! Do you try it on. I hope it works out for you :)

Amanda - Definitely!!!

pinkribbons - I am surprised this is such a sleeper hit as well. I'm terrified of shimmery products but this works so well on my skin.

Adorable On Your Vanity - I was weak in the knees when I applied it on my cheeks too!

Lucy - You certainly don't need this if you already have EL's powder. They are quite similar.

Leticia - No worries, I know it's scary at first swatch too!

Silver Lips - hhaha thank you! Best of luck with your lens ;)

Marina - I wasn't aware of this but I did a search after seeing your comment. You are absolutely right. It is nearly identical to Guerlain's design! I'm sure they probably did not do it on purpose.

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) - *giddy* with you!

Nic Nic - Seriously, it would be gorgeous as a blush. I hope LM comes out with one soon.

kali - yay!! Glad to hear from you again Kali. Hope all is well.

Eden-Avalon - Cheekbones. Cheekbones and temples! It's definitely beautiful :)

Delyteful Speaks - agree!

Jacqueline - thank you Jacqueline! It's such a pity they don't have this in your country :( I'm sure you will love it.

Makeup Magpie - I think you can safely skip if you already have EL's highlighter. But then again, the beauty lover in me would always try to enable you ;)

Anonymous said...

ive been to 3 sephora's in nyc this past week and not one carries any in stock other than the tester on display. laura mercier site is out of stock. sephora site is also out of stock. i realize it's limited edition, but it just came out and nowhere to be found. tips?

Kristie said...

Anon - Nordstrom still has it available online! You can order it with free shipping and returns. Happy shopping!

prettyaspeaches said...

So I'm like 2 weeks behind and just realized I really wanted this illuminator. You talked me into it. Alas, it's sold out everywhere however I did a store search at Saks and they're now sending to me. Congrats on helping me empty out my bank account ;-)

Blackmentos said...

Looks so lovely, I fancy the pinkier finish than the bronzer of the Guerlian. I'm quite fair and don't really fancy bronzers, sorta afraid of looking muddy after sweating. Love the design and finish of that highlighter, I don't own any products specifically for that and that color is just beautiful!

FeniseDong said...

Does anyone know anywhere I can still get this, ive been searching with no luck everywhere!!! or anyone wishing to sell theirs at all?

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