Blush Horizon de Chanel Swatches and Review

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One of the most talked about item in Chanel's new Spring 2012 Collection is the Blush Horizon de Chanel.  It retails for $58USD and can be purchased on Chanel's website, Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Macys, etc.  In my previous post with swatches of the entire collection (here), I said I would reserve judgement on the blush until I receive a brand new one from Chanel.  In this post, I will share with you lots of pictures and my personal thoughts on the blush.

The blush has a beautiful design that is similar to the striped bronzers that were released in last Summer's Collection. This also comes with a small brush that is separate from the compact.  As usual, Chanel's mini brushes are soft, not scratchy or harsh on the face.

Ingredients in the blush:

Blush Horizon de Chanel can be best described as 2 blushes and a highlighter all in one.  The top part of the blush has 3 stripes - garnet, medium rose pink, and a white highlighter.  The bottom half of the blush has garnet, a peachy pink, and a shimmery light pink.

In bright sunlight, you can see the shimmers in each stripe.  This is exactly what you can expect to see after application.  When I first used it, I found myself looking like a little disco ball under the sun. I also find that it emphasizes my pores greatly due to the shimmers when my skin is dry or blotchy.  Under normal skin conditions where my face is moisturized and clear (acne free), the blush provides a nice pink soft glow.

Close up:

Here are the swatches of the individual stripes:

In different lighting:

The combination of all the stripes create a glowy pink shade with small flecks of shimmers. You can adjust the amount of peach or pink by layering the different color stripes.  For those who want more pink, use the first half of the blush. If you're looking for a peachy look, use more of the bottom half of the blush.

In natural light:

In sunset lighting:

Overall, I like Blush Horizon de Chanel because it is very pretty. The blush is quite pigmented so use with moderation to avoid getting clown cheeks.  I like the soft glow of the blush and the option of getting either peach or pink shades.  With that being said, I don't particularly think this is a revolutionary product in any way because it is a similar concept to Guerlain's Blush G (reviewed here).  You can certainly dupe these shades with other products at a lower price point.  However, it will take at least 3 other products to provide the same effect/colors as Blush Horizon de Chanel.

Bottom Line: Blush Horizon de Chanel is a nice item to add to your collection whether you're new to Chanel or a veteran to the line. It is not necessarily a must-have if you're on a budget or already own a lot of blushes that are similar to these shades.  If you're new to makeup, this is definitely not a bad product to start with.  Think of it as spending $58USD for 2 blushes with a soft glow, which is cheaper than purchasing 2 Joues Constraste at $43USD a piece.

Have you picked up Blush de Horizon yet? Do you think it is a must-have?


Girlie Blogger said...

Looks great. I like the little shimmers. If I have the money, I will get it.

Anonymous said...

hi!!! you have a very nice website! i enjoy all of your reviews!! i'm sooo uneasy about purchasing anything from this collection. is it just me...first, the rouge coco shines and new lip balm are very "sad". meager amounts for the money. i thought they were samples at first. uneasy about the ingredients in the blush and it's not made in france! the nail colors are easily replaced by going to the drug store. i really feel that this collection is lacking and, everyone says the model on the display is wearing the quad...just like summer collection with the lip color she was wearing. i liked last year's collection much better, i'm hoping i can still find some of the colors i ran out of. for resort peter philips used prelude quad and the blush from spring last year. maybe i will go with that instead. well, that's just my opinion. thankyou!! xo.

Kristie said...

Thank you for your kind comments Anonymous! I do agree with you that last year's collection stood out more compared to this one. The rouge coco shines are a bit sheer with Flirt being the most opaque. Perhaps the upcoming Summer collection might excited you more. I spy new bronzers and nail polishes!

Eden-Avalon said...

Woo goodness! That's a lot more shimmer than I expected.

Jacqueline said...

It is a must have for me. I am so into Chanel that lately I've been buying quite a few of their face (blush/highlighter) products. This will be no exception. It is such a pretty colour.

Jamilla Camel said...

Thank you for the amazing pics and swatches. I MUST get a better lens for product closeups!

Blackmentos said...

If I ever had the extra budget I would love a blush like this... it looks gorgeous! Great photos, they're really helpful!

Kristie said...

Girlie Blog - It does have quite a bit of shimmers. Let me know how you like it if you decide to pick it up!

Eden-Avalon - me too! I thought it was going to have less shimmers for some reason.

Jacqueline - I can't wait to see your post on this. I have been into Chanel as well for the past year. The highlighter from holiday is to die for!

Jamilla Camel - thanks so much for your kind comment.

Blackmentos - thank you. I'm so glad the images are of help.

Eileen said...

I originally gave the blush a miss thinking I already had similar shades (Rouge G in particular). After scrutinizing my collection of pink blushers; however, I decided the color and soft glow finish of the new blush made it worth a second look. I'm glad I got it because it is nothing like Rouge G in color or finish (Sabrina's Beauty Look Book has some great comparison swatches) or any of my other blushers for that matter :-) It produces a light, warm, luminous pink that is quintessentially springtime and coordinates beautifully with the rest of the colors in this pink-peach-garnet-champagne palette.

Hi Anon,

Don't worry about the blush not being made in France. It's actually made in Italy where most of the best powdered products in the world are currently being made. Beauty has become a global industry and Italy has become a major player in manufacturing cosmetics of exceptional quality. Chanel is smart to have many of their powdered products manufactured there.

Hi Eden-Avalon and Kristie,

Although definitely not matte in finish, I don't think it is shimmery so much as it really glows! Applied properly, you won't see bits of micro-glitter on your face, but you will see a lot of luminosity. The trick is in not over-applying it or buffing it which will enhance the shine factor in any powder that has iridescence. This is an ultra soft, finely milled Italian powder so a little bit goes a long way. Apply it with a light hand and enjoy the pearlescent glow of spring's first blush :-)

Kristie said...

Thanks for your comment Eileen. I'm so glad to hear you love the blush. Unfortunately for me, no matter how soft I apply the blush, it is still quite shimmery on my skin. It might be due to the fact that it's not in great condition right now so it emphasizes all my pores. Perhaps if I try using this again at a later time, it might give the luminous glow without being overly glittery.

Michelle said...

I love this blush! My skin tends to get shiny and I have large pores, but I didn't have a problem with the shimmers. I used a mattifying foundation and a powder before applying the blush, and then the shimmers aren't as obvious. Thanks for all of your photos and reviews on this collection!

Anonymous said...

Lovely review and swatches! Thank you!
I am usually scared of shimmer/glitter and this is the main reason I dislike NARS but! I fell in love with Chanel's Orchid rose blush (US version) and it changed everything. It is shimmery, really shimmery - it even has multicoloured microglitters (sounds scary and looks intimidating the first time you swatch it) and it reminds me of this one. So I remember looking at it in broad daylight and thinking I will look really unnatural wearing it but applied with a stippling brush it got me so many compliments for my complexion (note - not makeup or blush but complexion!). And I have to say my skin is super oily and I have acne. Maybe if you apply it with a skunk brush you will be happier with the result? That seems to help me with every blush :)

Noniek said...

Love it, but too expensive

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