Chanel Rose Cache Le Vernis Swatches and Review

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chanel Rose Cache is a limited edition nail varnish from Chanel's latest Rouge Allure Velvet Collection.  It retails for $25USD and can be purchased directly from Chanel's website or at your local Chanel counters. There are also 2 other shades released in the collection called Pirate (a jelly red) and Rose Exuberant (a bright pink).  I did not pick those up because they do not have the signature Chanel shimmers.

I find Rose Cache most appealing because it is a soft shade that is very easy to wear. It can be used for work, interviews, weddings, first dates, or even a night on the town.  I am always drawn to soft pink, nude, and beige colors and this is no exception.

In the bottle, Rose Cache is a dusty soft pink that is significantly lighter compared to Morning Rose.

At first glance, the pink shimmers in the bottle are not very noticeable. However, it can be seen if the bottle is tilted in the right angle.

Despite the gorgeous shimmers shown above, Rose Cache failed to deliver the same amount of intensity on the nails.  The formula is rather sheer so it takes 3-4 coats for full opacity.  I can still see visible nail lines with 1-2 coats. Rose Cache did however, glide on smoothly without clumps or streaks.

In direct bright sunlight:

On my nails, you can see a faint hint of shimmer peaking through. With indoor lighting, Rose Cache looks like a simple glossy soft pink without any shimmers.

In darker lighting with flash:

Here are a couple of possible dupes for Rose Cache from my collection of pink nail varnishes.  From the bottle alone, Essie's Innocent looks the most promising but it doesn't have any pink shimmers.

On the nail wheel, Innocent is darker and most pink, Essie Ladylike is cooler toned, Zoya's Pandora is not as pink, Tickle My France-y has more gray undertone, and Skinny Dip'n In Lake Michigan is a nude salmon-beige. Alas,  I don't have an exact dupe for Rose Cache so I'm quite glad I had picked this up. 

The same shades in bright sunlight:

Overall, I'm quite smitten with Rose Cache.  To me, it is a gentle and girly shade that I can wear in any season like a classic Chanel purse. I feel that Rose Cache is the most unique out of the 3 in this collection because of the subtle shimmers. However, I do wish that the shimmers would translate a little bit better on the nails.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a simple yet elegant and chic pink nail varnish, you may want to check out Rose Cache.  It is a bit on the sheerer side so it will take at least 3 coats for full opacity.  I am sure there are similar shades to Rose Cache but nothing quite exactly the same.  When it comes down to these natural types of shades, Chanel always manages to come out on top. It is a must-have? Probably not unless you are drawn to shades like it. It is a nice-to-have? Absolutely!

To see more swatches and comparison, check out TheBeautyLookBook and MakeupMagpie. Both have really beautiful images on this collection.

Will you be picking up Rose Cache? Do you have a similar shade in your collection?


Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

Looks lovely in pictures but it is so not my shade. Got Rouge Carat instead. ;)

polarbelle said...

I love this too. Thought it was a definite must have for me. Beautiful!

İlknur said...

I like it so much :)

PinkOrchids said...

That's a very pretty colour! xX

Summer Loren said...

This is such a pretty natural pink shade x

Lucy said...

I love this shade it's so soft and sexy.

Eden-Avalon said...

I'm not sure I could pull off a shade this pale on its own though I totally see it on a french nail look!

Alexis the Honey B said...

Essie's innocent is so pretty!!! Thanks for the swatches on these, i've been on a nude/pink nail polish kick. Nice break from my all black phase! ;)

BMBhattacharjee said...

I am fortunate to land at your wonderful blog. The soft pink shade represents the sensuous class. You have done perfect justice. Thanks and take care.

ねこちゃん said...

this color is beautiful and exactly what I'm looking for! It looks so natural and elegant! Your soft pink collection is amazing :D

Kristie said...

Liz (Beauty Reductionista)- Great pick Liz. I'm not much of a red polish person so this was great for me :)

polarbelle - I'm falling in love with it too!

İlknur - me too :)

PinkOrchids - It is! Have you picked one up yet?

Summer Loren - sure is!

Lucy - ooh sexy. I agree!

Eden-Avalon - French nail is a great idea. It is a very beautiful nude pink shade.

Alexis the Honey B - But fall/winter is all about black! haha I know what you mean. This reminds me of how much I really like soft pinks.

BMBhattacharjee - thank you for your kind comment. Rose Cache is too beautiful not to capture in a post!

ねこちゃん - Thanks! I am a sucker for soft pinks every time.

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