Chanel Spring 2012 Collection Swatches and Review

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It is December, a little less than 2 weeks before Christmas, and yes, I am writing a post about Chanel 2012 Spring Makeup Collection.  Personally, I am not quite ready for Spring just yet as I sit here typing with a cozy sweater and a warm cup of cocoa.  However, as a beauty blogger, it is my duty to entice you with what's to come this spring season. Let's get to it shall we?

Chanel's Spring Collection is now trickling into stores such as Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, etc. The collection is also available for purchase on Chanel's website. 

First up are the infamous nail polishes called April, May, and June.  Pictures of these shades have been circling the beauty community for quite a while with lots of excitement for all three.

June is a creamy soft peach with no shimmers. This is a bit sheer compared to the other 2 and it requires 3 coats for full opacity.

May is a bright pink that leans cool but not so cool that it clashes with my warm skin tone. Again, no shimmers and it requires only 1-2 coats.

April is a unique shade that reminds me of a creamy beet red. It also has no shimmers and is my favorite out of the 3. This really requires only 1 coat for opacity but you can add 2 to make the color darker.

Swatches again in darker lighting:

Blush Horizon de Chanel's design was pretty much destroyed by the time I reached the counter.  I did a quick swatch of it and found it as a beautiful soft pink.  For now, I will reserve judgment until my un-touched blush arrives from Chanel this Friday. Eclosion Quad contains 4 soft shades - peachy pink, ivory, light taupe-beige, and brown-plum.  I like each of the colors but was not particularly blown away by the quad as a whole.

Tiger Lily is a golden orange that has very subtle shimmers. In fact, I can hardly detect them on my arm.  I can't quite pull of this shade but I'm sure some of you can.

Rose de Mai is a light pink with a matte texture.   I like the shade but wasn't particularly impressed with it either.

Jasmine is a beige pressed powder with shimmers. When I applied this on my skin, I could not see the shimmers or any differences between before and after.

Here are the blush, quad, eyeshadows, and pressed powder all shown together:

In different lighting:

In bright sunlight:

The collection also has 4 Rouge Coco Lipsticks, 2 Rouge Coco Shines, 3 Glossimers, 1 Rouge Double Intensite, 1 eyeliner, and 2 lip liners.

Rose Topaz Rouge Double Intensite is a medium rose with no shimmers.
Superstition (Rouge Coco) is a beige with subtle gold shimmers. On me, this is a very nude beige that was not very flattering. It looks better topped with one of the shimmery glossimers in this collection.

Charme (Rouge Coco) is a light rose pink with shimmers.  I will do a more thorough review of this once I receive it on Friday.

Paradis (Rouge Coco) is a coral pink that's fun and brightens up the face instantly.  I thought this was the best shade out of the 4 offered.

Destinee (Rouge Coco) was missing from the tester but brought out much later. I didn't get to snap a picture but it swatches/looks very similar to Etole.

Grenat Stylo Yeux Eyeliner is a gorgeous deep garnet/burgundy with very small gold shimmers. Think Ebloui but deeper and more garnet.

Bois de Rose Lip Liner is a medium rosewood.

Rose Corail Lip Liner is a bright coral pink that's quite pretty.

Candeur Rouge Coco Shine is a pastel pink. On my lips, it is super sheer and makes my lips look glossy but pale. This is my least favorite item of the collection.

Flirt Rouge Coco Shine is a beautiful coral. I think it also has a tinge of pink and some very small shimmers. It instantly brightens up my face.

More swatches in bright sunlight shown below.  Note that Flirt looks coral-pink in some light and coral in others.  In the tube, it is coral.

Grenat, Bon Bon and Bagatelle in the bright sunlight are shown below. The SA accidentally put Coral Love in the tester instead of Petillant.  Therefore, I don't have a swatch of Petillant but is is a much lighter, sheerer version of Coral Love with gold and coral shimmers. It reminds me of a coral version of my favorite Glossimer, Waterlily.  Bagatelle is a bright rose pink with gold shimmers. This is the darkest and most opaque shade out of the 3.  Bon Bon is a sheer gloss with pink and gold shimmers.

Grenat and Bagatelle again in different lighting:

Candeur, Flirt, Rose Corail, and Bois de Rose swatches in bright sunlight:

Overall, this is a beautiful collection with lots of pinks and peach/coral shades.  I am a fan of the products because I know Chanel always creates very flattering colors. With that being said, I wasn't particularly blown away by any one item after seeing them in person.  My top picks for now are Paradis lipstick, Grenat eyeliner, April nail polish, Flirt Rouge Coco Shine, and Bagatelle glossimer. As previously stated, I will reserve judgment on the blush until I receive it Friday.  I will also do a more in-depth swatch/review of my top picks in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

What are your picks so far from this collection? Did anything catch your eyes from these swatches?


Girlie Blogger said...

Love seeing all the pretty springy colors. Chanel is definitely ahead of the game.

Rola said...

Lots of pretty pinks. It is nice to see Tiger Lily and June in the bunch. Great swatches.

Polarbelle said...

What is Flirt? Is it a double ended longwear thing? The quad looks fantastic on your skin. I think you need it. I am SO in love with April; it's a gorgeous polish.

organic lipstick said...

I like the quality of this stands for the repute it has made and the repute it has earned.... I like to use more dramatic colors in winter and they have a nice range for the gorgeous hues as well.

Kristie said...

Polarbelle - Hi Shelley! Flirt is the new Rouge Coco Shine in this collection. April is definitely a gorgeous polish.

Jacqueline said...

I like the look of Flirt and Tigerlily (even though I wonder if I'll be able to pull it off). The blush is definitely going into my to buy list. Thanks so much for the great swatches, it helps me to decide what will work for me.

Polarbelle said...

Thanks, Kristie. I saw the information after I posted but I swear I read everything, I really did. Beautiful photos. I immediately called and added Flirt to my order.

Kristie said...

No, you absolutely did! Thanks to your comment, I realized it's not clear what each of the lip products are so I went back and re-labeled them. Thanks Shelley :)

Eileen said...

As always, you do such a comprehensive set of swatches. I've already seen this collection in person, but for those who haven't yet had that opportunity, you've given them a pretty good idea of what it is all about: sunrise springtime colors. I love the combinations of peach and pink with a touch of garnet. And, it's clever how the colors play throughout the collection from blush to quad, to nail colors, to lip colors. Chanel has a very cohesive look this time around.

Now, if only they had scrutinized the ridiculous promo pic before it got out. Whoever did the photoshopping was totally inept, but whoever approved the picture needs their head examined.

Replica said...

Thanks so much for this, great seeing it all together. I think there are quite a few things I want from this collection, I'd better start saving ;)

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

Man, these are not my colours at all. I'm simultaneously relieved and bummed all at once. Looks like it'll be just April for me, with the addition of June possibly.

Alexis the Honey B said...

Thanks for posting this Kristie! SO excited to grab things from the spring line!!!!! I'm already drooling over these!!!

Eden-Avalon said...

What a lovely, soft palette of colors! It's so gentle and ethereal.

Makeup Magpie said...

Such great swatches! I didn't pick up any of the lip items, but Bagatelle looks so pretty in your photos I may have to pay another visit to the Chanel counter :) Flirt & Paradis look lovely as well :)

Nouf said...

Lovely collection <3 I have my eyes on some items. Thanks for swatching it

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