La Mer The Moisturizing Lotion Review

Friday, December 2, 2011

La Mer has always been associated with the word "luxury" in the world of skincare. I personally am a fan of La Mer's products. I know there are a lot of questions about the quality of their products and whether or not that matches up with the high price points. I will be doing a series of thorough reviews on La Mer's products, ranging from lip balm and skincare to body moisturizer. These are my personal experiences with the products so please keep in mind that they may or may not work for you.

The first product I will be reviewing in this series is La Mer's Moisturizing Lotion. It retails for $210USD for 1.7 fl oz and can be purchased on La Mer's website, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks, or Bloomingdales.

The Moisturizing Lotion was my very first product introduction to La Mer.  It comes in a thin white bottle and a plastic cap.  This fits nicely in the palm of my hands. It is also very easy to pack along for those who travel often.

Similar to Creme de La Mer, the Moisturing Lotion does contain mineral oil. For those of you who are allergic to mineral oil, please be aware. There are, however, a lot of other ingredients in the Moisturizing Lotion such as the nutrient-rich sea kelp that's in the "miracle broth". I highly suggest reading the ingredients list prior to purchasing so you understand what is in the product. 

The bottle is made of sturdy plastic so it has a nice feel/weight to it.  Unlike Creme de La Mer, the lotion comes with a pump which makes it much more hygienic. The only downside to this packaging is that you cannot tell how much product is left in the bottle.

La Mer has only one set of instructions printed in the back of the bottle. In most cases, people often ignore the instructions in the back or are not told by their SAs at the La Mer counter.  As a person who has used Creme de La Mer, the Moisturizing Lotion, and the Gel Creme, I will say that it is extremely important to follow these instructions. 

When using this product, the first step I take is to press the pump lightly twice to dispense the lotion onto my fingers. 

You really do not need a lot of product when using the Moisturizing Lotion.  One or two pea-sized pumps above are enough to cover the entire face.

As instructed, warm the lotion between your fingers.  For illustration purposes, I did it with my thumb. Normally, I use my fingers from the other hand to warm it up.

This step should take 15-30 seconds before the white lotion turns into a clear liquid consistency as shown below. Once you warm up the lotion, gently press it either all over your face or onto areas that need more moisturizing.  This was the method that I was instructed by the SA and it has worked well every time.  I find that if I do not warm up the lotion and simply rub it all over my face, I am guaranteed to break out every single time. 

Overall, I have purchased the Moisturizing Lotion twice because it works very well for my skin during the harsh, cold winter.  I do not use this every day or during the warm summer months.  As illustrated in this post, I follow the instructions very carefully to get the best results from the product. The lotion works extremely well on the dry patches on my cheeks. It takes only one to two applications to keep my skin soft, glowing, and nicely moisturized.  I do break out from using this if I don't warm up the product or apply it near my sensitive eyebrows. 

Bottom Line: La Mer's Moisturizing Lotion is undoubtedly a splurge skincare item. Its price similar or even lower compared to Chanel's Sublimage, Guerlain's Orchidee, Cle De Peau, SKII, etc. The lotion does a great job of getting rid of stubborn dry patches that other brand's lotions/creams cannot do for my skin. I love the fragrance of the lotion as well.  It is much lighter compared to Creme de La Mer and is much quicker to warm up.  If you have Creme de La Mer, you don't necessarily need the Moisturizing Lotion. The best thing about La Mer products is that you don't need to use a lot but get results almost instantly.  It is well worth the money spent if you're looking for a great moisturizer, but not so much as an anti-aging product.

If you really want to try the product, I recommend visiting a local La Mer counter to ask for a sample. There are some SAs who will refuse to give samples unless you purchase a product. In that case, pump a small amount, warm it up on your fingers, and dab it either onto your neck or inner elbow to test out the lotion.  I'm wary of ebay sellers because some may sell you counterfeit products. Therefore, I don't recommend going that route unless you know that the seller is trustworthy.

For die-hard La Mer lovers, I am sad to share that the prices will increase come Jan 1, 2012.  Below is the new price list thanks to my trusty SA Trish.  If you are interested in purchasing the products prior to the price increase, please contact her at


Creme de la Mer 1 oz.

Creme de la Mer 2 oz.

Creme de la Mer 16.5 oz.

The Moisturizing Gel Cream 2 oz.

The Moisturizing Lotion 1.7 oz.           $210.00
The Oil Absorbing Lotion 1.7 oz.           $210.00
The Radiant Serum 1.0 oz.           $250.00
The Regenerating Serum 1.0 oz.           $250.00
The Lifting Intensifier 0.5 oz.           $155.00
The Lip Balm .32 oz.           $  45,00
The Body Creme 10 oz.           $195.00
The Body Creme (Tube) 6.8 oz.           $130.00

Have you tried the Moisturizing Lotion or any La Mer products? What are some of your experiences?


polarbelle said...

I like yer polish! I started with Creme de la Mer in the creme form and went thru like three jars of that and was so happy when the Lotion came out cuz that's more my style. I've been thru many. I remember, back in the day, it was only $150. *sad moment of rememberance* lol I LOVE the scent, and even more so in the hand cream. I also have the super duper size that they put out a year or so ago, as they pick a product to super size twice a year at a great value. Wonderful review.

Kristie said...

aww thank you. I love Chanel Quartz as well! I'm so glad to find another La Mer scent lover. I love sniffing the cream every time I apply it. I'm sad the price increased so much too. It was only $170 when I purchased it :(

Eden-Avalon said...

I'm JUST NOW barely managing to squeeze 20-30USD out of myself for moisturizer. I can't imagine using THAT MUCH for a creaaaaaaam.

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

I remember being really surprised that the original Creme de la Mer didn't break me out. I had a tiny jar of sample that lasted me practically all winter. So, I can neither justify the price of the products (before & after inflation) nor the inability to finish using them. Great review, though! This is such a mysterious brand to many people out there. :)

Andie said...

I have just started sung this & I love it. I think it will last a long time. I have to say, it really is a miracle product (all the moisturizers). Pretty much the only thing in a long time that evened out my skin tone & balanced my skin (I now have normal skin). I did get sucked in by the moisturizer and have been trying a ton of their products, not sure how many of those ill repurchase however.

Anonymous said...

I heard that la mer will increase price again on August 1st, 2012, really? change again?

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